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  1. Ive just ordered this https://www.christopherward.com/sale/c60-trident-bronze-pro-600/S60-43ADA2-B00B0-VT.html
  2. Birth year Bulova 1961 A good year
  3. Yes. I never thought to go into the other stores nearby. To be honest I was glad to get out of the centre. I was more surprised by think the answers she gave me. She said its been replaced by the avenger. Little difference of about another £1000. Is the the Colt being discontiinued though? I havent read anything if it is? Why do beaverbrooks and the like have them if the Breitling store doesnt? Surreal
  4. I took my life in my hands yesterday and wandered into the Trafford Centre with the sole intention of looking at a Grey Automatic Breitling Colt. I went into the Breitling boutique I couldnt see any so had a chat with the assistant. She told me they dont sell the Colt anymore, they have stopped doing quartz and have had no grey faced watch since last november. When I told her its actually automatic she asked me where I had seen them. On the Breitling website. She said the website is for the World and the UK doesn't always carry the same range. Was I actually part of a reality TV comedy show or was she stating the obvious? I wandered off more confused than ever. ps For those who are thinking of going to the place , dont. It seemed as though the lighting was turned down and the air con was turned off. People wandering around in masks. Not a pleasant environment
  5. Hes a big tall lad.so I went for the bigger one. The Gentleman quartz. Ive told my admn staff if they want any pointers to buy me one ill have this one https://www.chisholmhunter.co.uk/zenith-pilot-tipo-cp-2-brown-chronograph-dial-brown-leather-strap-watch.html Im not sure he could be bothered setting an automatic up either.
  6. Tissot it is!! Ive fancied the Le Locle myself for a while. Id better not get him that one, I might just keep it.
  7. I have a member of staff retiring and obviously I have decided it would be nice if we gave him a watch as a leaving present. He has sports watch he wears which his Son gave him, so I thought it would be nice to get him something he could wear when out with his wife for a meal. If we ever get into that position again. Any suggestions around the £350 mark? Preferably newso it has a nice box/. Also I need to buy it by tomorrow. All advice gratefully received
  8. Thanks for the words . I’ve already got a few older models already smiths, roamer , Favre leuba, bulova but they just sit in a box. I’d never wear them. the Hamilton gets a lot of wear, as would the speedmaster. I’m having a good perusal of the net and learning all the time.
  9. One of the things I love about this watch hobby is I know next to nothing and so I’m constantly surprised at things I stumble across. My wife bought me a hamilton watch for my birthday which is mechanical. I love it. I like winding it up. It takes me back to my boyhood timex watch. It feels different somehow to my other watches. I’m now going to treat myself to a nice watch. Imagine my delight when I found out the omega speedmaster is only hand wound! I realise probably 99% of the forum knew this fact, but I had no idea. Firmly on my list with one eye on the sales. Any other hand wounds I could be looking at?
  10. Surely they will have to start generating sales though to bring the money through the door? I can’t see demand anywhere near what it was before the virus. I may wrong but I’m thinking massive sales.
  11. How do esteemed members of the forum view the next couple of months from a watch buying point of view? I’m after a breitling and w.bruford had one, sadly the wrong colour for me, with 40% off. Are these prices typical for breitling and can we expect to see a blood bath on the high street. I intend going to the Trafford centre boutique , spend a couple of hours trying the different sizes on and then hit them with a cash offer. Are there any bargains flying around at the moment? Strange times we are living through.
  12. £200 from eBay. its a big birthday, Gary. Get two watches. That’s how it starts btw I had mine serviced by longine and it came back looking like new
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