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  1. It’s the one with the little moustache at the front I’d have Down as a a wrong un I thought eisvogel was a model name? The blue 38 mm Bauhaus iron Annie is a thing of beauty though. I could always put tippex over the name. Tk maxx currently got eisvogel on website for £83. Looks a good buy. Reduced from £215
  2. It’s only words. German Words Junker, Bauhaus , zeppelin. .......... Iron Annie....... yes. I see what you mean...................
  3. Wise words Davey. I agree it’s possibly a marketing disaster over here, maybe world wide its more effective. Get past the name and they are nice looking watches .
  4. I’ve fallen for the whole Bauhaus look and have been searching for a junkers quartz. The iron Annie range has some beautiful 38mm quartz watches which I really fancy, however the name isn’t growing on me? I believe the manufacturers didn’t want to carry on paying the royalties to the junker family for the use of the name, but I’m not sure about iron Annie? Anybody any idea how the name is being received sales wise? Is there likely to be a rebrand again in the future. I do need one though either junkers or iron Annie. It’s driving me nuts. I’ll put it on the shelf with the rest of them then, next to the dugena Chrono I bought to satisfy the itch, and not give it a moments thought. Watches. Bah humbug
  5. Im a bit reluctant to get involved in repair jobs. Ive got a draw full. I may have to buy this one new. I have had to buy something though to "satisfy the itch" and so I have pulled the trigger on this. Seems to have decent write ups , prices seem to be a lot lower than they are in Germany. We shall see just how good. or bad it is. I paid £120 and then the price immediately went up. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dugena-Premium-Quartz-Watch-Leather/dp/B00KDWKRTO/ref=sr_1_8?qid=1566899927&refinements=p_4%3ADugena&s=watch&sr=1-8
  6. Thank you. *fires up chrono24*
  7. Im developing a bit of an obsession with timepieces from the Fatherland. Junghans in particular. Is there any mileage in scouring the continent, web browsing in other words, for bargains? Are there retailers based in Germany , much the same as we have here who discount their stock. Ive tried google , but dont seem to be getting anywhere. Im particularly after a hand wound Max Bill, buy I may just have to bite the bullet and get one from the usual suspects. Sadly my Bauhaus obsession has just coincided with the 100 year anniversary so I imagine it will keep prices firm.
  8. I thought so too............................... so I bought this one instead. https://www.hsjohnson.com/watches-c123/mens-watches-c116/rotary-gb90114-06-gents-two-tone-wristwatch-p4688
  9. Hs Johnson got a nice little sale on at the moment. I believe some forumites are fond of the Les Originales range. I like the look of this for £69.00 https://www.hsjohnson.com/watches-c123/mens-watches-c116/rotary-gb90175-06-mens-legacy-two-tone-wristwatch-p7435
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