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  1. ANyone any experience of this brand. Im quite smitten with this rascal. https://www.richardlegrand.com/product-page/atlanticus-diver-pastel-blue
  2. I thought I was doing well .............It’s never ending isn’t it? I’m afraid yours are a class above mine. You never know though.
  3. Tha hand wound doesn’t have a date and is definitely on the radar
  4. After viewing the forum one night I began to develop a bit of an obsession about German watches at the cheaper end of the market , the Bauhaus style in particular. I ordered this Dugena in an attempt to scratch the itch, unfortunately that didnt work ,although it was very nice and it was duly returned. I then started looking at Junghans and Junkers models, and accidently bought the following. This is lovely in the flesh, the photo does not do it justice , very very clean almost like new and has become a bit of a favourite. Not the best photo for this and it has gone into a draw and will stay there for the forseeable future. It was then I decided to get into the Bauhaus style. The Junkers was secured off the net, quick battery change and it was as good as new. I then went a bit silly and bought both the following. Really nice. Very happy with both. The buying spree may be over........ but I do fancy the Junghans Form C
  5. I’ve forgotten to renew my gallery. I will do it next week. It’s a junghans max bill quartz.
  6. Done it. I opened one end with a knitting needle then pushed the case through with a fork. No damage at all remarkably. No firmly attached to the watch.
  7. Theres nothing to grab. I’ve seen applying a little heat might help.
  8. I’ve recently bought a junghans. It was on a nice strap but came with the original. I have tried to fit the original but the strap has the old hollow spring bar case stuck inside the leather end. How can I remove it without losing my temper and throwing it right across the room? Is there a simple way.......? As as always thank you
  9. It’s the one with the little moustache at the front I’d have Down as a a wrong un I thought eisvogel was a model name? The blue 38 mm Bauhaus iron Annie is a thing of beauty though. I could always put tippex over the name. Tk maxx currently got eisvogel on website for £83. Looks a good buy. Reduced from £215
  10. It’s only words. German Words Junker, Bauhaus , zeppelin. .......... Iron Annie....... yes. I see what you mean...................
  11. Wise words Davey. I agree it’s possibly a marketing disaster over here, maybe world wide its more effective. Get past the name and they are nice looking watches .
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