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  1. After being intrigued by Kevs post on the Seiko Executive I went on Ebay and accidently bought this one for £75 . I must say Im thrilled. Very very nice condition, no idea how it works yet, but feels very solid and almost like new. For an old watch it is very nice indeed. Keep them coming Kev.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up..I Think?
  3. If it was born before the other one its "Older" surely? Not being a pedant, just a bit bored at work
  4. top man, thanks for the offer, and giving me confidence I haven't bought a pup
  5. We are booked in for there already. We are on a cruise stopping off overnight, one of the trips is a tour when it’s closed to the public of the hermitage followed by champs and a classical orchestra. I’m hoping we get the chance to see the Peacock clock now. It’s a bit pricey but she’s not a bad old girl. Just looked it it up on google. Good god!
  6. Very interesting , I’m starting to develop an interest in these old seiko Chronos thank you edit Oops. Just been on the bay and bought the bi metal first gen. £75.00. Could get messy this
  7. Nigel Am I correct in thinking you have changed direction, again , with your collection. I was enjoying your forays into the sheiks chromos but you seem to be selling up? Where is the wind taking you?
  8. I’m off to st Petersburg for a couple of days very soon, anyone any experience of watch hunting? Is it worth bothering with , I’ve no idea about prices or brands to hunt down? I’d really like a momentous though. thank you
  9. I’d imagine if he had a million pound watch, it wasnt his only money. I’d also imagine his “friends” will be looking for the watch thief now. I’d also imagine whoever robbed Bernie may have lived to regret it.
  10. Seems a good discount https://www.johnlewis.com/citizen-an3530-52l-men's-chronograph-date-bracelet-strap-watch-silver-blue/p4091283
  11. Amazon prime starts soon. They are normally discounted during this period. I bought one a couple of years ago , but returned it. Can’t think for the life of me why? I really like that. If it was about a grand I’d be smitten. £20 and it might have to be a little purchase
  12. I’m off to st Petersburg for the first time. Any watch bargains to be had there?
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