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  1. IVe had access to these sales before but Ive stopped getting emails from them. Is there just a web link i can use to get on? And............................Im in
  2. I’ve a number of automatics but have no idea whatsoever about how to use a winder to best accommodate them. Do people buy one winder and rotate all the collection? Does it run 24 hours a day. ? Shall I not bother and just set whichever I feel like wearing? Always learning.
  3. Why did you have to mention the breguet? Oh dear ............
  4. Daughters playing cricket so nothing too exciting.
  5. I met a client who was sporting the Kermit variant of the submariner. Green bezel black face. He is involved in the murky world of car finance and had a contact who sorted him out with the occasional time piece. No idea what he paid for it. Would this be a standard submariner ? I saw some in the Trafford centre around the £13k mark yesterday. Are people really paying massive premiums for simply a different colour scheme? The hulk. Green and green was also for sale. Same sort of figures.
  6. Still wow. However the initial wow was based on 60% off. I’m getting a breitling next year. Nothing else. Just a breitling. navitimer or super ocean chrono. Not decided yet. I shall have to visit the breitling shop in the Trafford centre and have a good couple of hours of trying on. I take all that back. 40% off a colt. WOW. Good deal.
  7. Just order one myself for an inox. Not sure how it will look but we will see.
  8. Thanks but too far. I’m oop north. I shall confine my searching to keyboard only
  9. Anyone seen any bargains knocking about on these? I think I need one. Well a hamilton mechancial actually but I "love " these.
  10. ANyone any experience of this brand. Im quite smitten with this rascal. https://www.richardlegrand.com/product-page/atlanticus-diver-pastel-blue
  11. I thought I was doing well .............It’s never ending isn’t it? I’m afraid yours are a class above mine. You never know though.
  12. Tha hand wound doesn’t have a date and is definitely on the radar
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