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  1. Great looking watch tough to find in working condition. So lucky you are
  2. it seems winding, not automatic, if its automatic then dial should be marked as automatic I have the same watch with me Reference 305467 305776/307382 308491
  3. Share the pictures of the watch on forum it will help a lot if possible also include the machine photos and engrave marks
  4. about vintage they are just cool but try to verify every details of watch carefully before buying (like reference number, machine number, engrave marks etc..)
  5. I have Blue dial with Caliber 2481
  6. Excellent work. ya its lucky you have a spare case otherwise its not possible to restore the exact watch without adding spares into it.
  7. is this can be restored.... the case seems totally damaged in top
  8. Just got Look into my collection got some military watches... Vostok Amphibian Watch Certina Watch but dial is in bad condiiton so sad thinking to repaint any suggestions please feel free to advice
  9. ohhh is this watch usually come with two sets(altimeter and barometer)? or should need to pay extra for both meters
  10. Hi this is me jagdish from wristmenwatches. ohh thats really great to share your experience here..
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