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  1. Fiyta have a "spacewatch" that went with Chinese astronauts so that should probably be on your list
  2. I have a few watches with Unitas movements and have owned a few in the past too. The big problem I feel would not be the size but rather how thick the watch is. My Dornbluth as much as I love it is rather thick and even when wearing other watches such as the Tudor GMT that everyone talks about how thick it is its always rather a surprise as to how thick the Dornbluth is. That being said, the Tourby I have doesnt appear so thick perhaps because of the shape of the case and likewise an old Kenmer I had didnt seem so thick. Then it comes to the price. North of 2K in the past Longines have always given us something a little special. Their retrograde watch (One I always regret selling) Was just that. Super accurate, beautiful dial, blued hands, decorated movement that had been modified by Longines what was not to like? I would like this to be a little more special than simply a remake of an old watch being sold to us at 2k. Tissot use Unitas in a couple of their watches that can be found at around 1K I do feel Longines are increasingly pushing their luck and really need to add a little more to justify their prices.
  3. Something very quiet and unassuming
  4. Seiko being overpriced? As the million and one Rolex threads will suggest a watch is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The hardlex sapphire crystal thing has been done to death but I dont remember ever having a problem with a watch with hardlex crystal. I dont go diving off the great barrier reef, trekking through the amazon or backpacking across the serengeti and I doubt the vast majority of watch wearers do either and the most dangerous thing most watches will face is falling on a kitchen floor or hitting a door handle. The argument about the value of Seiko compared to Orient is a fair one. I actually find the Mako to be a better watch than the SKX in almost every aspect and although I have not personally tried on any of the mid priced Orient watches most reviews seem to suggest they are every bit as equal to say the SARB line of Seiko and Presage. Orient seem to have fallen off with dropping the Orient star line and the Royal Orient are like hens teeth to find on these shores. Seiko on the other hand have happily milked that Western cash cow dry with Grand Seiko prices that seem to be going up without a care and customers happy to pay. No million meltdown threads on Grand Seiko price rises, no criticism of Seiko or how they are clearly exploiting the whole "JDM" to overprice their watches to the non Japanese market. Seiko, great watches but their marketing puts many a Swiss company to shame.
  5. Joking aside your right, I always took spares and repairs to mean broke and even if it did work on arrival get it serviced. Personally, I wouldnt buy a quartz watch that was described as that for the reason above. I guess you could just swap out the movement but just seems too much hassle.
  6. Interesting, I always took “Spares and repairs” To basically mean “Knackered, broke, I probably broke it, found it for 50p at a car boot now trying to scrounge £50 on eBay...... “
  7. That’s why I was a bit puzzled looking at some of those Glashutte watches he sells. I had not looked at that section of his website before but a couple of them look a bit odd. The Strela and Poljot stand out but some of the others he is selling were pretty common on eBay about 5 or 10 years ago for peanuts.
  8. Sorry I didn’t quite understand, you bought this from poljot24.de or you believe the one on sale there is a fake?
  9. They are indeed more expensive than I have seen on other sites but then, these look almost like new old stock which is why I thought they may be redials. I did read a few threads on WUS about redial Glashutte watches so thought they may be the same.
  10. Are a lot of those assembled in Germany by Juri? Poljot24 has always been a good source of Russian stuff but the GUB Glashutte watches they sell, are those redials? They seem a bit new, anyone know?
  11. Some will convince themselves it’s the currency price of gold price of orange juice (like in trading places) etc..... The reality is it’s because they can and they know the customer will pay it. Remember that speech by the old CEO of IWC? Everyone moaned about how awful he was and how they wouldn’t buy another IWC the reality is he was just telling the truth and it’s no different from brands from Patek to Tissot. Anyone thinking it isn’t is only fooling themselves. Now if the pre Christmas price of the GI Joe with the Kung fu grip goes up in price then we are in trouble.
  12. From what I have seen of the prices chronomaster seems a little more expensive than buying direct from Steinhart, not really sure why as they are authorised dealers.
  13. Not really, I have heard this before if you are on a waiting list you pay the current price not the one you put your deposit down on. Perhaps not great they sent a letter? Maybe but then every time I bought a watch on order I missed the call and picked up the answer machine message a day late To put the price up while you are still waiting? Yes. I did hear a rumour about a Tudor price rise though maybe just on some popular watches, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the GMT is becoming a bit more available and I’m sure the GMT will be exempt from any price rise (Stop laughing at the back!) Not heard anything about Rolex though and usually if there is even a sniff of a price rise watch forums go into meltdown, bored middle aged men riot in the streets, much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments and then they just sulk for a bit and pay the extra 200 quid.
  14. There are quite a few who have owned a Stowa prodiver, what discount is there on these?
  15. Smiths by a country mile. You are looking for an English watch Smiths are an English movement Garrard use imported Swiss movements (Or Smiths ones). It’s a no brainer.
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