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  1. I am not sure what your experience with law is but I can assure you car theft is a lot higher than theft of watches the overwhelming majority going in burglaries rather than robberies which leads back to the point I was making about vehicles. As for identification, you would have a much better chance identifying a suspect in a robbery than the theft of a vehicle. You may have misunderstood the point I was making about the price of a car, indeed the average car in the UK is about 15k new which was the point I was making. People are happy to put 15k on their driveway without a second thought yet have sleepless nights over wearing a watch in public the vast majority of people would not even look twice at and is not even worth half the price of the car. I do think watch enthusiasts have an over inflated view of their watches, as popular as a brand Rolex is it would draw a blank expression to most of the general public. Its much the same as classic cars, the driver may think they have something special but I can honestly say as someone who has little interest in cars yes it may look nice but it could be worth a grand or fifty grand for all I know or care, thats pretty much how most people feel about the watches we wear. Thats of course not to say that thefts dont happen but they are hardly common. If you were really worried about someone stealing your watch and you thought Rolex would be the most identifiable then you could really cheese off the thief by wearing a Steinhart or Invicta
  2. You sold the broken totally useless movement?
  3. How many car thefts are there compared to watch thefts? Seems odd to me folk are happy to park a 20K car outside their property but are terrified to wear a 5 or 6K watch on their wrist.
  4. Never really thought about it and the only time this has ever been raised is on watch forums. As for the Rolex thing I have worn mine plenty of times I cant recall anybody paying the remotest interest in it perhaps in areas of high crime its an issue but then if I was going out on the ale I probably wouldn't wear an expensive watch though I probably wouldn't wear an expensive bit of jewellery either but then I am going out for a drink not a nice meal with the missus. Seems odd people would be worried about someone looking at their watch I would imagine it would be far easier for someone dodgy to spot what expensive car you are driving than trying to see whats on your wrist.
  5. In that case you can pick up a watch for a tenner in any high street clothes shop (Seeing as you do insist on replying and making a poor attempt at picking apart every comment I write) And "People who do not have a lot of money to spend" Is such a broad definition it has little value. Looking forward to you rushing off to Google the national wage/spend/cost of living just to gain some internet higher ground.....
  6. Any Citizen Eco Drive represents "Value for money" in the so called "Lower end" (Whatever that means) Minimum of 10 year life (No requirement of service or battery change) Good build quality, WR, lume...etc...... https://www.iguanasell.co.uk/collections/watches-primary/products/citizen-promaster-quartz-watch-eco-drive-b877-42-mm-blue-gmt-bj7100-15l £200 on a bracelet GMT, WR............
  7. I don’t remember saying guns were involved in any watch purchase so don’t know where you got that from.
  8. £250 for a basic quartz watch. Few years back the civilian equivalent of the Pulsar G10 was about £40-£50 the Pulsar chronograph was £60. CWC G10s have gone from about £80 to £200 minimum in a few years that’s more than100% mark up! And people have 10 page threads on a Rolex 5% mark up.
  9. U Boat also have a sterling silver watch
  10. Yep sorry about that video, my hammer and chisel had got a bit rusty so had to use the pliers and a blow torch
  11. The blue dial ones are already starting to get flogged at a profit. Problem for anyone looking to rake in the cash with Seiko is they probably have more limited edition watches than their regular sales. When Seiko first started producing those presage enamel watches I think a few folk thought they would sky rocket in price only to find Seiko were churning a different style out every few months. It did make me smile when people thought they would make a few quid on the SARB 33 and 35 only for Seiko to find a few thousand of them behind the sofa and start flogging them again to their far eastern grey dealers.
  12. A common criticism of silver but worn regularly its not really the case. Gold watches likewise become quite dull if left unworn for long periods of time. I believe Dornbluth and Stowa just some examples who use silver dials as you mention.
  13. Actually to find even a vintage sterling silver watch is quite hard (I have two) most are small by modern standards too and when some gold watches got bigger with time (up to 36 and 37mm especially 70s and 80s watches) silver ones tend to be 34 to 36mm) In regards to modern sterling silver there are a few brands, J&T Windmills have a whole range of silver watches. They are one of Rotary's many sub brands and a few years back I got one in the hope of finally finding a modern silver watch. The quality was quite possibly one of the worst I have come across in a watch. I make no exaggeration to say it was like a £50 watch, the silver case lacked any quality the indices on the dial looked like they would fall off in time. The hands everything looked cheap. That being said I have seen some older models that had a solid case back that looked a lot better so perhaps they have started to cheap out on production. Rotary themselves also have a sterling silver watch that is inexpensive. It was easy to find a few years back I havent really looked so I dont know if its still available. Cartier have some vintage watches gold plate over sterling silver. Some are quite nice some are very 70s Italian. My guess also is that looking at a lot of vintage silver watches the cases are very poor quality and badly looked after. Silver pocket watches are a lot better so I dont know if its just the quality and quantity of the silver used or just poorly looked after watches certainly in comparison to gold watches.
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