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  1. Its interesting that, I have owned CW watches and considered getting a Steinhart in the past. One thing I have noticed with any watch company that is making homage style watches is as soon as they start making additions to the product to put them on par with the brand they are imitating the more the price goes up. Granted not to the price the original brand may be selling but then you have to factor in they are mostly online watch sellers and are not paying a fortune for marketing but still, the more you actually add to the product the more the cost of production goes up. Yes, you can make and sell a nice sub homage or Omega homage for a few hundred quid but start making the necessary additions to that watch to make it of similar quality to the brand you are imitating and watch the price suddenly rise. On Steinhart though, the nicest watches I have seen from that company are their marine officer bronze which looks nothing like a homage of any other brand.
  2. Do you sell beer in a pub in Springfield?
  3. "But you can buy a Seiko. They have models to suit all pockets, and no waiting list." which is what you said so not quite the same thing as your response now is it? And my genuine question was regarding what made the watch in the original post especially good, not sure why you choose to confuse one with the other.
  4. You do realise that Seiko do and have sponsored countless celebrates, sporting events, films and other meaningless events to improve their brand recognition? Considering Seiko are almost entirely in house so have no need to purchase in parts I would say a large chunk of that 5K is going into the CEO's pockets and a a fair bit going towards the latest football team or celebrity they are sponsoring and whats left over to produce the watch. I doubt Seiko fare much better than any other brand. They actually do have waiting lists for new edition watches. They also have countless limited editions at over inflated prices and budget watches mass produced in poorer Asian countries in factories to fill up the company coffers. I happen to like Seiko watches but I am not deluded by some myth that they are somehow different from any other multi billion pound watch company.
  5. You have tried it on, could you not just tell us? Genuine question by the way.
  6. In what way is it perfect or near perfection (Apart from the strap)?
  7. Love the concept of it but couldn’t watch the whole video because of the very annoying person presenting it. When will these people realise to list to sell a watch actually show the watch not you rambling on about it while the watch sits on a table in front of you where the viewer can hardly see it.
  8. I find it rather patronising the whole Rolex thing. For many people an expensive watch may be a retirement watch or a milestone watch (50th, promotion etc) so the idea of buying a watch that is not going to drop in value is always going to be an advantage. I have a couple, the vintage one I have I just spent quite some money getting it serviced but only to look at the current values and I would still be at no loss if I sold it. I think with watches you should probably consider what you actually like and enjoy. I have a few so called higher end watches that I wear and enjoy and I dont really have any intention of selling. I bought them because I like them. I have others that have cost a bit less than that but then again, I enjoy wearing and then a third category that I can buy and sell and enjoy for what they are. These include micro brands, smaller companies, Seiko etc.... I think in this price bracket its safe to buy without really thinking about or worrying about price, loss if resale, value retention etc.... My hobby however is vintage watches. Why bother worrying about the current price or value of a JLC or Breguet compared to a Rolex when you can have a Longines for little money that is beautiful and has a fantastic movement or any number of vintage brands even a vintage Rotary or Accurist. Enjoy what you like I see no reason to sell unless you have really got bored with something or you really dont like it. For me, I just purchased a so called high end watch recently didnt stop me looking for vintage Vostok or Raketa watches though!
  9. I guess the idea that when the new watches from Tudor get released there would suddenly be a mass of GMT available was just wishful thinking. Personally its never really bothered me having to wait a bit if its a watch I wanted but one thing I would say, the Tudor leather strap is pants. Get it on a bracelet and then buy a Hirsch or Toshi strap.
  10. I had the opportunity recently to get a look at one of these close up as I was considering buying one. I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed by the watch it just really did little for me and I suppose it being in a generic case that several other watches in the same line up are in didnt help much either. I think the last world timer started off at around £1200 to £1500 then went down to £995 then could be found in the sales for £600 or there abouts. Not sure I would pay even close to retail considering the price drop that will soon follow when they start to phase it out for a newer version.
  11. Wonder if we will now have to suffer a million threads about Timex withholding sports watches from the public.
  12. One thing they haven't saved is forum owners bandwidth with the endless pointless threads and articles about them pro and anti
  13. Try and negotiate at least 20% discount on a sub. Dealers always like a tough negotiator.
  14. As an owner of both Rolex and Tudor I really dont find the two particularly similar. The Rolex feels a lot thinner and not as heavy on the wrist the Tudor while very nice would take a little getting used to if switching from one to another. I would however recommend the black bay as a decent sports watch, they hold a fair amount of their value if bought at the right price and even the old ETA ones seem to be creeping up in price. Breilting have the same in house movement as the new Tudor but at a significantly higher price. While I like a few Breitling watches even at a discount I always feel buying a Breitling is a bit like setting fire to a grand of cash.
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