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  1. People go on about millennials and their attitude of self entitlement but there are lots of middle aged men out there who seem to have a “I want and I want it now” attitude so grey dealers are taking advantage of this and charging accordingly.
  2. I thought 3K was the standard price over here for that watch from most grey dealers. Swisswatchesdirect Chrono24UK Chronext Even on eBay it seems to be pretty common there.
  3. I have owned about 5 of them and sold them all. I think I just got worn down by the endless sales, logo meltdowns and changes in direction. They are nice watches and nobody should be put off buying really if you like what you see but unfortunately like many British brands the scatter gun approach to marketing just makes me give up on them.
  4. So when you paid for the service and got the watch back you didn't get a receipt of what work was done?
  5. Just reading through your original thread, you bought the IWC for a grand under what they were going for pre owned on ebay. You had a problem with the movement and instead of either getting your money back or paying (As you said) £500 and sending it to IWC to be looked at you kept taking it back to a shop that you thought was dubious in the first place and a watch repair man who stated was Rolex and Omega certified but not IWC. You dropped the watch several times to get the movement going and then when you finally sent it to IWC wonder why they charged you so much for a full movement and case replacement. Is that pretty much what happened?
  6. I have used Duncan for several watch services, he will always send photographs of the entire service process which includes stripping the watch down completely for a full clean. He is also very knowledgeable on Seiko watches so a vintage Seiko will definitely be in safe hands.
  7. One of the best modern takes on a vintage watch I have seen
  8. Got you, think we were in agreement.
  9. Did you mean to say a Seiko that’s high end and great value for money? Most Grand Seiko watches are at the same price if not more than an Omega, Rolex, Breitling. There is a thread on TZ a few years back where someone had a GS and the batons were a very poor quality metal. I have often wondered why Citizen don’t get the same level of cult following as Seiko when their higher end watches have a better spec than Seiko.
  10. I don’t know about more recent watches but his comment was (abbreviated obviously) that in the past old Heuer watches were reissued with Tag Heuer it would be like putting Tag Porsche or similar so from that point onwards if it was a reissue like the Monza or Autavia it would remain Heuer but all other line ups would retain the Tag Heuer.
  11. It’s already been explained by the previous CEO, old reissue watches that were under Heuer will retain the name new designs will use Tag Heuer.
  12. I agree, looks very plain to me, any better photos?
  13. I had been looking at these in the past I think they have a UK dealer, like you say the price put me off a bit I am not sure what it is with micro brands these days but the prices are certainly pushing up to mainstream brand prices. I always thought the point of a micro brand is you are cutting out a lot of the cost of the middle man so you are getting a quality product at less the price. There are a few of the new Seiko 5 series that look very similar to their watches. Post some pictures when it arrives though, look forward to seeing it.
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