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  1. One I dont think you see very often, new Titoni Cosmo (The dropped the king) blue dial. Love the name, cant help but think of Cosmo from Seinfeld or jamiroquai cosmic girl
  2. Interesting you say this as it seems exactly the same experience as mine (Aside from the wine glass!) Change of the watch strap and the watch is excellent, very accurate and very comfortable to wear. I have had no problems with it.
  3. A very nice all original Universal Geneve Polerouter for today on a Horween Cordovan strap.
  4. Tudor leather straps are indeed poor. Seem to be good quality leather just poorly made.
  5. I have a sub and GMT while the lugs on the sub are a bit thicker than the old version it’s nothing really remarkable. The BB is rather thick but considering how people seem to swoon over the Seiko MM that looks like a metal fruit bowl on the wrist the BB really isn’t a problem to wear.
  6. As an owner of both (and Omega) each are nice in their own way. Rolex by and large have retained a rather conservative line up which is good in that you are not bombarded with endless “limited edition” nonsense like other brands. Tudor seem to be were Rolex can experiment and do things a little different which means both are good in their own right.
  7. Such as the black bay GMT....oh wait!
  8. Seems to be Omega day today, may give this one a wear On a brown Hirsch strap. Not a fan of bracelets or paying daft money for watch straps when Hirsch are just as good (Omega NATO straps are fantastic though!)
  9. Or you can get the original Rolex on C24 for between 15 and 20 grand
  10. I need to dig out my old Stone Island stuff! I am sure I am going to get 2 grand or is that like those usual over inflated ebay prices that never get sold for?
  11. Funny that was the first thing I thought when I read this thread "Have Seagull not been doing a Chinese air force watch for years?" That being said is the above watch not just a PVD MB watch with a Chinese military stamp on it?
  12. From memory Tissot leather watch straps were indeed awful. That being said, for many watches at that price point once purchased the watch strap is usually the first thing to go for me and that includes bracelets or rubber diver straps.
  13. I saw this watch in Geneva though didnt have the chance to try it on. It looked quite large something to keep in mind but just a few things about this and others posted. No cut off numerals, no afterthought date window. Good movement and perfect for a holiday. Whats not to like about it? I mentioned Longines above because there has been some talk over the past few years that Swatch is trying to move Longines into the market Omega once occupied and Omega into the market to compete with the likes of Rolex. If thats the case they need to do something more than look through their heritage line up and reproduce old watches oversized with unnecessary date windows or sub dials out of place. They need to do something a bit more than just slap in any old movement and expect it to compete with other 2K watches. Looking at the seastar and the Certina vintage reissue makes me wonder at the price point of the LLD which seems to be jumping in price at the same pace as the Speedmaster.
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