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  1. One thing they haven't saved is forum owners bandwidth with the endless pointless threads and articles about them pro and anti
  2. Try and negotiate at least 20% discount on a sub. Dealers always like a tough negotiator.
  3. As an owner of both Rolex and Tudor I really dont find the two particularly similar. The Rolex feels a lot thinner and not as heavy on the wrist the Tudor while very nice would take a little getting used to if switching from one to another. I would however recommend the black bay as a decent sports watch, they hold a fair amount of their value if bought at the right price and even the old ETA ones seem to be creeping up in price. Breilting have the same in house movement as the new Tudor but at a significantly higher price. While I like a few Breitling watches even at a discount I always feel buying a Breitling is a bit like setting fire to a grand of cash.
  4. Shock horror! Rolex watch being sold at a high price, someone stop the press.
  5. There are a number of Lange watches that dont have the big date complication and pre owned is always the way to go for Lange which in gold would probably put you under the budget of the MG watch and close to the Moser retail price.
  6. Very nice collection, have you considered adding a Lange to your very German collection?
  7. Seems that way, a mate of mine in work had a Hugo Boss watch he sold having owned it for a few years I dont think he lost much on it. Seems to be all in the name and to be fair its a bit like the lower end Tag watches, in spite of the scorn they get on forums they seem to sell well to the general public if priced well.
  8. Joking aside I dont think they are all bad Hugo Boss Gucci etc the problem is they are over priced for what you are getting and you could probably find better with brands like Citizen or Seiko. That being said they seem to fetch decent money on ebay if you are looking to sell on so you are not going to burn too many fivers buying one.
  9. Thats what we need a thread for, real world uses for watches. Chronograph or diver bezel - Egg timer, parking meter 200m Water resistance - Fell in grid when strap broke while drunk Hardened steel - Fell in grid when strap broke while drunk (Grid had water/half eaten kebab and things I would rather not think about so thank God for the Damasko hardened steel!) Grand Seiko high polished watches - Bore people to death in the pub and stops them asking if its your round Anti shock function military watch - Saves watch when you bought that cheap tat of a watch strap you saw on a forum and thought it looked "cool" only to find it left the spring bars exposed and snapped near wrecking your watch "Lume" That lasts the whole night - God alone knows this one, I mean really, dont these people have alarm clocks on the bedside table to tell the time at night?
  10. Yes you can make a whole £100 profit on one if you find it. You may be lucky and get £150. Wait another 30 years and at a push £200
  11. Looks horrible Sorry thought I would save JayDeep the time to type.
  12. Whats useless about a chronograph? You can time how long a lecture is going on if you are at university, how long someone is presenting a matter, how long an egg is boiling or you could always just delude yourself that you are using it to time vehicles going around a racing track but lets face it, you will probably never even bother to use it but it does look good. Pretty much the same as a rotating bezel. Used that a few times to time a boring lecture never used it swimming but then who in their right mind would put some heavy piece of metal on their wrist when they want a dip in the pool or swim at the beach? Oh forget it, yes I often use my chronograph to time my prize race horse, when I am at the motor car rally in Monaco. Often go diving in the south pacific and using my collection of Swiss time pieces to time my diving and then splash on a bit of the old spice and wear my gold no date dress watch to my black tie event in the evening.
  13. Yes I probably would wear it though I do think all gold is a bit OTT. As for boring on the forum there have been plenty of watches posted that could be considered a lot worse than that. Beauty is in the eye and all that.
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