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  1. Stowa, Sinn, Ollech Wajs, Seiko presage, Titoni, Strela, Raketa, Bruno Sohne, Muhle Glashutte,
  2. I always wanted to purchase a Ruhle dive watch with their "in house" quartz movement. They went to using cheap Russian movements a few years back no idea what state the company is in now
  3. There is a fascinating non controversial thread on another forum about the origin of the watch brand Bremont.
  4. Are the brand Titoni not popular in India? Also West End Watch Co? Two brand worth looking out for.
  5. Is this the one that went on TZUK? There was one there for a very good price.
  6. My sons G10 did this can’t remember for how long perhaps a month or so. Combination of father and son too lazy to change a battery
  7. If it’s anything like Lip another french brand I honestly think you are buying for nostalgia more than anything else. I had one the quality was ok but felt very micro brand in build and I suspect it’s a lot of Asian parts shipped in and final build in France.
  8. Did they not have a sale recently? I think a few folk here bought one of their watches, the quality was not great.
  9. I have owned a number of vintage watches including Rolex and Tudor. In comparison to other vintage watches I have owned (IWC, Omega, Accurist, Longines, UG, Seiko, Citizen and numerous others) my own observations are as follows. The Rolex 6694 had a very good and substantial crown and winding, case was good, dial extremely well made, the cyclopes a good addition for reading the date. The bracelet was too small anyway as on most vintage watches and similar to most nothing remarkable. The Tudor I had was basically a date just two tone case with Tudor branding. Like the 6694 excellent watch I found to be faultless. Some of the comments about poor quality I can only assume others have purchased a knackered watch. In comparison to other brands, UG have a very good case and even their gold plate is very thick and isnt likely to chip or fade like some modern junk. Omega are a bit hit and miss and many here have Dennison cases so they could be cased up in 9ct gold. In comparison some Omega watches cases dont feel as substantial as the Rolex ones though like Longines, they movements in quite a few are great quality and easy to service. IWC I found to be nothing remarkable but the workhorse movement is well known and long lasting. The main issue of contention is the price. Vintage Rolex are around 3 or 4 times the price of say Omega or Longines. Tudor probably double the price. Does the price justify paying? I dont think so however, I did find the Rolex to be a step up from many vintage Omega just probably not 3 or 4 times a step up. IWC vintage likewise dont come cheap (Though dont seem to attract the irrational hysteria that Rolex do) and likewise the steep increase may not be justified. Regarding modern Rolex. I fail to see a modern steel sports Rolex as tarted up in any way unless you see some bling factor in a steel watch with a black or green dial? Rolex have always had a dress watch line up in the date just and Cellini and there are plenty of gold and two tone of both so there is nothing remarkable there. Sorry all I see is lots of resentment over a watch some folk cant get and just cant move on and get something else. Almost like cant get the pretty girl and while can get someone else its just not the same so have to do and say anything to put the pretty girl down.
  10. It’s not £400 it’s made by the same people and the only differences are the movement and the logo on the dial. There are a few Asian micro brands that do the exact same watch obviously with a different logo but basically the same thing. Its not a Smiths Everest either the original Everest is a different watch but as you say it’s your money so buy what you like.
  11. Have you ever bought a Zeno watch? Last one I purchased was sent with the paperwork timing it’s accuracy and regulation.
  12. I agree with your last comment I can see a sale at some point in the near future or at the very least them selling off a large portion and bring only minority owners. I guess the logo we all like best will be the one we saw first. Seeing how they have evolved has always been interesting I remember once suggesting they use 0% finance to shift some of their more expensive watches when they were on the second logo and going for the whole “luxury market” thing. You would have thought I suggested giving away free kittens with every watch the way certain folk reacted only for them to announce 0% only a couple of years later! I was tempted to buy another in the sale but it seems every CW I have bought I have sold so that tells me they will never be a permanent watch in my collection.
  13. I think £395 and it was 38mm only
  14. Basically just that, i was surprised myself to hear it as personally I dont like the second logo. From what I remember the question was regarding the logo changes and the response was that sales had gone up after every one. Funny enough they did mention something about the demographics of their customers, cant remember the exact statistics but its probably on the CW forum website. Each to their own I suppose,
  15. Yes, they have. According to the actual owners at the last GTG. Sorry but I will take what they say over internet if, maybe, but, perhaps........
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