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  1. One of the best modern takes on a vintage watch I have seen
  2. Got you, think we were in agreement.
  3. Did you mean to say a Seiko that’s high end and great value for money? Most Grand Seiko watches are at the same price if not more than an Omega, Rolex, Breitling. There is a thread on TZ a few years back where someone had a GS and the batons were a very poor quality metal. I have often wondered why Citizen don’t get the same level of cult following as Seiko when their higher end watches have a better spec than Seiko.
  4. I looked at this brand a while ago and asked for similar advice. The advice I was given was the quality had significantly dropped with them, it’s seems there are better options on the market.
  5. I don’t know about more recent watches but his comment was (abbreviated obviously) that in the past old Heuer watches were reissued with Tag Heuer it would be like putting Tag Porsche or similar so from that point onwards if it was a reissue like the Monza or Autavia it would remain Heuer but all other line ups would retain the Tag Heuer.
  6. It’s already been explained by the previous CEO, old reissue watches that were under Heuer will retain the name new designs will use Tag Heuer.
  7. I agree, looks very plain to me, any better photos?
  8. New set of screwdrivers?
  9. I had been looking at these in the past I think they have a UK dealer, like you say the price put me off a bit I am not sure what it is with micro brands these days but the prices are certainly pushing up to mainstream brand prices. I always thought the point of a micro brand is you are cutting out a lot of the cost of the middle man so you are getting a quality product at less the price. There are a few of the new Seiko 5 series that look very similar to their watches. Post some pictures when it arrives though, look forward to seeing it.
  10. As someone else has said on this thread, a Panerai Radiomir Base I think they are about £3800 retail but can be found under your budget. 45mm iconic design and a good price for dipping your toe into more expensive watches. I think you would have a better chance of retaining your cash on resale than a Breitling also.
  11. For a sec is one Time by me is another
  12. Does someone like watch base have info on the internet regarding the movement?
  13. Looks like he has brought out the white dial speedbird (There was a ladies version at some point) and put the Smiths name on the dial. MK2 have the Hawkinge which is a similar homage to the IWC, Stowa partitio in black or white are also worth a look.
  14. Yes and they frequently have sales. My guess would have been 10% to 15% on an Omega. I personally wouldnt be looking at any Breitling unless it was at least 30% Have a look at Chronext you can get a Breitling with about a grand shaved off retail without bothering to even try.
  15. Nothing wrong with being specific about what you want, you do however need to be careful with what you buy as just because it has Omega or Breitling on the dial doesnt necessarily mean you will not lose money if you buy wrong. Omega watches are 10 to 15% off retail and Breitling considerably more. Some Omega watches like the deville you may take a considerable bath if selling on as they are less popular than the speedmaster or seamaster. Keep in mind also that a Seamaster chronograph is not going to be as popular as the regular seamaster. Breitling drop like a stone tied to a brick and you may struggle to move it on depending on what you buy. Look for sales for both watches and get a steep discount as you can find. Bremont are lovely watches but even up to 30% discount can be found so keep in mind moving that on a buyer would be looking at more than 30% off for a second hand watch. If you intend to keep then none of this is an issue.
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