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  1. Longines indeed used to be very highly regarded I have a vintage Longines watch their movements were always well respected. The problem they suffer from is Swatch seems to have made a decision to market them in the same bracket as Tissot, Hamilton and a number of other high street brands with little regard to it's history. It's only now that's starting to change and that has more to do with moving Omega prices up than any consideration for Longines. Rolex continue to produce in house, Omega have their 8500 movement and co axial Longines have little if anything to compete. Someone did mention on another forum the speedmaster has actually gone up more than the submariner in recent years. True or not just look at the price increase of the seamastsr.
  2. There was talk a while ago that Swatch want omega to compete on prices with Rolex and Longinus to occupy the spot vacated by Omega.
  3. Lovely watch and great movement, I almost bought one several years ago when they had an AD over here. I'm not sure they still sell the brown dial version.
  4. Yep, I mean Nomos top of the list Junghans third. I doubt most men never mind women have even heard of either. And of all the Nomos watches not the larger cased Zurich but a 35mm Bauhaus knock off watch. Methinks someone is looking to shift some stock from the store rooms. Both above Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Tag Keep dreaming. As for the Christmas present can you imagine it? ”Well dear, you know you have been asking me for a Rolex or one of those Omega diver thingies or one of those big weird looking Breitling watches with all the sub dials nobody used and the thing around the edge nobody understands?” (rolls eyes) ”You mean a Navitimer?” ”Yeah that’s it (rolls eyes and half listens) ”Well I got you this” (Hands over present to excited chubby middle aged paws of husband who excitedly unwraps Christmas gift dreaming of showing off to his mates down the pub and in his sole destroying office job he hates) Wrapping paper off and there is a Junghans max bill, Nomos or a Reverso. Tears of disappointment mixed with guilt fill up as he thanks her then slumps off to the kitchen for a drink thinking “Christ, it’s only half ten”
  5. By the look of that survey, someone related to the CEO of Nomos. So basically top of the list is a watch Nomos tried to knacker Stowa over? Please Nomos, just stop with the nauseating guff, your fooling nobody.
  6. Can I suggest trying it on or at least viewing it in person first? I thought the speed master racing was quite a nice watch right up until I saw one in Geneva. Those sub dials, it was like a giant blue bottle staring at you on your wrist.
  7. 12 month waiting list and you have buy loads of jewellery from the dealer or less desirable Timex watches to even get on the list.
  8. First Rolex I bought new was a sub, guess they must have an escalator round my way
  9. Watch forum sales corners will be full of them in a few weeks
  10. There are lots of pilots sitting in offices too. I do frequently notice a lot of navy seals, British military, German fighter pilots, Russian deep sea divers and special forces showing off their watches on daily threads too
  11. Work of the devil if you ask me. Actually let me rephrase that, I would never buy a Nomos watch. Can I just point out here, there is no link between runny eggs on a full English and Nomos watches
  12. Nothing wrong with eggs just not runny eggs. Ruins the breakfast, gets into the beans and makes the toast soggy. (Method in my madness)
  13. Forgot to post here. Purchased many years ago from this very forum and then sold a few years later. Fast forward a number of years and its back up for sale again on this very forum so I bought it back!
  14. Ok my unpopular watch opinions Seiko bracelets are junk Grand Seiko watches are horribly overpriced and the obsessive irrational love affair with them makes the Rolex love in look like a cheap date No matter how you paint lipstick on the pig its still a homage watch I dont like Nomos and would probably not buy one I love the Corum bubble watch (If the eye one was a bit smaller I would buy it) Unpopular non watch opinions Runny eggs on a full English is just horrible
  15. Love the first one. Though in spite of me generally being quite conservative I can also at times be mad as a box of frogs (as can sometimes be evidenced by my watch forum comments)
  16. What's the difference? You seem well informed.
  17. I don't like rap music, does that count as an unpopular opinion?
  18. I think that may have been when I first asked for a quote for a centre seconds one so I think the prices have gone up by about £200 I think but yes, you do have to factor in the strength of the Euro etc though I think even when I bought mine the Euro was quite strong. You do have to factor in of course that when you are buying you are paying an initial deposit and then waiting a number of months for it to be built. I think when I got mine I ordered in October and it was ready in June sometime. Thing with a Dornbluth watch its one of those watches you do actually buy to hand down (In my case anyway) So its not something you spend hours worrying about the change of the Euro to the pound.
  19. There cant be too many other watch companies that send you a Christmas card or e-mail to wish you happy Christmas.
  20. Funny you should mention that, I have been in contact with Dornbluth recently over my next purchase. Prices have gone up a bit since my last watch from them but where else do you get a watch of that quality built to your specifications and even photos of the progress of the watch?
  21. He’s thinking about last seasons champions league final, happy memories. Im sure I saw him on queens drive with a Mo Salah shirt on.
  22. Seiko bracelets are dreadful. I found one on a Seiko SARB near fall apart, the ones on a Seiko 5 and the SKX feel like they have been made from tin foil. The prices Seiko sell their watches there has to be some cut back and frankly Seiko bracelets are right up there with the likes of Vostok. Step one. Buy watch Step two. Buy replacement watch strap Step three. Remove Seiko bracelet and avoid future disappointments or damage to watch. Step four. Replace Seiko strap with newly purchased decent one. Step five. Place Seiko bracelet in watch box in case ever plan to sell in future as Seiko owners (in spite of insisting otherwise) are just as blinkered as any other brand snob and will buy/wear it in spite of all good advice not to do so.
  23. To be fair I have owned one for over two years and I couldnt tell you the size of the bracelet
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