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  1. I have had the pocket watch for years now and to be honest, I have had a few pocket watches since but that one is going nowhere, that and a key wind one that I have still get used from time to time. I am very sorry to hear about the original owner though. Yes I do remember when you were selling off some of your stuff from your Masonic times I also bought a sterling silver fob from you too.
  2. Looks like a Hanhart or Tutima chronograph. A cheaper option may be the Buran chronograph. I had one years ago with the 3133 movement in it, I think they were about £120 back then last I looked they were around £250 now.
  3. Where are you looking to find an original vintage of either? The design on the first looks the best to be honest the Omega looks very dated.
  4. Yes what do Tutima know about watches with their own in house Glashutte movements or Hanhart with their history By that blue chip Zenith and enjoy the two grand bath you are about to take
  5. I have a G Shock which in theory could be considered a beater but to be honest I hardly wear it. The argument that most give that it makes a good travel watch kind of got hit when I noticed in many places the only people who wore plastic digital watches were kids. Have to say if I was doing something which would end up with a watch being damaged I would just take the watch off.
  6. I get an email for Glycine about once a week. Just subscribe to them..
  7. Have you considered other brands like Hanhart or Tutima Saxon one?
  8. They have been around for years they have brands like Glycine, Muhle, Seiko in regular sales as well as leather goods, electrical etc... Only issue is you may have to pay VAT on import but even that inclusive the price may still be cheaper than the UK. Watch itself looks quite big on your wrist OP but I assume thats just the angle of the photo? They do seem to be nice watches the Miyota movement is the go to movement these days and having had one in the basic Laco pilots watch they seem to be pretty good (If sounding rather industrial when in use) How do you find the overall quality of the watch so far?
  9. There have been quite a few comments on forums where people have suddenly "Had the call" from a dealer to tell them their watch they had previously been told would be months to wait for has suddenly arrived. The majority of them have said thanks but no thanks. I think in times like these people have better things to worry about than a new watch. Companies can indeed put their prices up, people actually buying is a different matter.
  10. Are Raymond Weil ever not on sale?
  11. Undone watches can be purchased at time by me the one above can be found for £250 and there is currently a 15% discount
  12. You missed a Hamilton pocket watch with box and papers you sold me many years ago (Still have it)
  13. Always liked the look of Undone watches but I think there is import tax on them? Which puts the price up quite a bit. I was watching a youtube review of this watch which was very good and the reviewer pointed out a few things which put me off, the crystal, the movement being the main two and he is right, factor in import tax and I think a new Seiko 5 comes in a lot better value. Shame really as if it were the same price as the new Seiko 5 I would probably buy one.
  14. I see someone desperate to sell an old RLT has also been wearing a speedmaster today
  15. Very similar to the Ollech Wajs ocean master. Is it Ok to hate you right now?
  16. That actually looks really nice on a leather strap
  17. If you ever consider selling the RLT.......... I have wanted one of them for years! Stowa Partitio black dial. Probably one of the least loved of all the Stowa watches and I honestly have no idea why. Lovely easy to read dial the lume is fantastic and starts to glow as the light fades during the day. Long hands making the time easy to read, nothing to fault with it.
  18. Someone mentioned JLC and VC being good investments, as a brand they can be found at up to and above 10% discount, good luck finding the same on a Rolex these days even for an OP or a datejust which used to be an easy 5%. So yes, you can argue semantics if you like but those are the realities of life.
  19. Probably the submariner followed by the GMT as said above. Daytona is fairly new to the game and due to people getting duped into the whole waiting list/double your money pyramid scam over the past few years. The aquanaut is another over inflated watch price that I can see dropping off soon. A few years ago I asked about an aquanaut and was told I could pick one up in 3 months no waiting list, nothing. JLC can be had 10% pretty much anywhere so are hardly good investments likewise VC.
  20. I may be more useful if you say which Omega constellation you want.
  21. You do know this company are well known for their erotic limited edition watches right?
  22. RLT watch limited to only 20 pieces I believe. There is a bit of a back story to this watch. This was one of the first watches I purchased from this forum must be about 10 years ago now, I sold it a few years later not expecting to ever see it again. Fast forward a few years and there it is again for sale so I buy it again. Its lovely copper dial and case are very unusual and really do stand out in the summer. An ETA movement with RLT engraved on the rotor. Its currently on a blue Christopher Ward strap. I dont know if its still there but there was a youtube video on the making of the dial.
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