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  1. Hi all after 7 months and £140 later my dads watch that was issued to him in the raf in the60s has been repaired it has been out of action since the early 70s and although its nothing fancy I thought it would be nice to get it up and running again the watch my dad wore in his 20s is now working some 50 years later
  2. got this yesterday so will be wearing it again today
  3. just received an apeks divers watch today very happy with it
  4. just bought the 1000m with rubber strap hopefully arrive before Christmas spotted it on ebay think it looks great
  5. so ive finally put the watch in for repair at the cost of £140 should take 2 weeks looking forward to see it working again my next problem is the strap I understand that when it was issued to my dad it came with a khaki nato strap looking for ideas should I stay with the nato or try some thing else
  6. very nice I'm very happy with both watches and they were a great price
  7. sorry to hear that mines been working fine since sunday had no problems at all
  8. my pulsar is very reliable also no problems
  9. I have a megia watch and have had no problems with it
  10. I recently bought a sturhling skeleton watch which is very nice quality and very happy with it so my experience of the brand has been a positive one
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