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  1. Pity the fair is not in London proper ! I'll only be in the city for two days so have to make the most out of it.
  2. Gentlemen, I'll be visiting London in two weeks time and would like to use the opportunity to shop for watches, more specifically used and/or vintage watches. What stores do you find are the most interesting ? I'm not interested in used 'high-end' watches like Rolex etc. Even used I find them too expensive. Besides the used / vintage watches, I'll also be visiting the Seiko store of course Thanks in advance, Wim
  3. Because it's apparently made of Unobtanium: the sarb005 Regrettably very hard to find
  4. I'll echo what the others said: Seiko, Hamilton, Longines, .... are all brands to check out. However, I would strongly encourage you to try the watch of your fancy on before buying !
  5. I thought about that, but wouldn't something that dissolves CA glue also do ugly things with the steel bracelet ?
  6. I don't have a lot of experience in this, but I'd say, always buy second hand but in good condition, if an older model it's better to buy one that has been serviced. The fact is, as soon as you walk out of a store with a new watch, you have already lost a lot of money (mind: less so with the Rolexes you bought). I learned this the hard way: my first watch was a 2,000 EUR Swiss watch of a relatively unknown brand, but of splendid quality. I tried to sell it at 1,000 EUR without success. I got unacceptable bids like 600 EUR - 800 EUR so I decided to keep it. That is absolutely true ... but I don't manage to do that mental yoga. I have a couple of watches of which I though that these were "the" watches to have, and that I would never ever want to sell them. And then 2 months later I decided they're not my thing. I'm seriously annoyed at myself for this.
  7. A result of there being too many people with way too much money ...
  8. I'm afraid that these days it can be hard to spot a fake from a genuine watch, as there fakes out there that really resemble the genuine article. Your last sentence is what's most important imo, do your research and only deal with persons you can trust. Furthermore, when buying an expensive watch, I would personally always do this with a personal meeting, including if possible a visit to a local jeweler or watchmaker.
  9. I just finished to short novels: Devourer by Cixin Liu - the best SF short story I read in years and years ! Pretty straight forward, but funny in a cynical way. This Census Taker by China Mieville. I can't say I enjoyed reading this novella. Very atmospheric and dark, that's about the nicest thing I can say about it. But too many question marks remain, too strange. And yet I read all of it. Weird.
  10. What do you want to spend on it ? Do you want espresso shots, or more regular coffee ? If espresso, I'd go for something like the Rancilio Silvia, a true classic. If regular coffee, I'm entirely charmed by the manual devices like the Hario V60. And do not forget, as any coffee enthusiast will tell you, a decent coffee grinder is more important for a good result than the machine.
  11. I'm probably a minority here, but I'm pretty tolerant on people buying fake watches as long as it is not sold as a genuine one and as long as they don't pretend it's a genuine one. Some absolutely want a Rolex because of the status thing, but they cannot afford one. Well, let them have their fake rolex if it makes them happy! It's not as if Rolex will sell one watch less because of all the existing fakes. The criminal aspect ... yes, that I do have an issue with. As to China: I normally buy my books but recently I pirated a series of books by a Chinese writer. After all, they do it all the time. My way to get even
  12. It's the unelected PM that will have to arrange the transition, but it was basically already decided upon through the referendum. There wasn't really a decent way of getting back from that was there ? What I don't get is that such a huge change coudl be decided upon by a simple majority. And yes, back to watches ;)
  13. But gentlemen, you'll be independent again! No longer beholden to the evil that is Mordor Brussels! Rule Brittania !!
  14. Service, as I have no interest in tinkering with the mechanisms myself. And ... size. I prefer my watches at least 40mm diameter.
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