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    I assume it’s a 6694 or 6466 and I would suggest a good independent instead or Rolex at about a third of the price
  2. What’s the wording on the policy? If it’s new for old then go into your local Omega retailer and find the similar new model. If they value it as a vintage piece then it will be what it will cost you to go to a dealer and buy one. Hopefully this info hasn’t broken any rules
  3. It doesn’t belong to a line like Seamaster or Genève. Was it Omega who refinished the dial?
  4. I joined sometime in 2016 but can’t actually remember doing so so my introduction it way overdue. I’m a collector in my 30’s with a focus on Omega, Tudor and Rolex. I also collect anything that is unusual. Here are the two that I have been wearing last week. A 1980’s Speedmaster with straight writing back and a 1996 16700.
  5. [quote Welcome, new user. Please say "howdy" in the Introduce Yourself section. If you have some pics of your watch collection, you can join the member as a Gallery Member and upload pics (or use a third party image hosting service). I rather embracingly thought this was on TZ where I post regularly under the same name. It looks like I joined in 2016 but can’t remember doing so! I’ll post in the introduction thread later. Regarding the watch in question it is without doubt a fake. They have taken the inspiration behind the design from a selection of the Omega line up. Cheers
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