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  1. It's not just watches, everything's more expensive now! You old boys had it too good , now us young uns have to suffer
  2. Unless you're buying an in demand sports rolex then I'd say no high end Swiss watch is 'value for money', that is if your paying rrp. However bought at the right price then yes.
  3. No idea about tch but looks very similar to a Tudor Big Block
  4. Soon to be incoming Limited edition #SpeedyTuesday
  5. I never believed in good karma until I seen the Dalai Lama with a Patek!!!!!
  6. What's with all the morons on eBay?! Along with putting my watch up for sale on SC, I've put it on eBay as well. Within 12 hours I was notified it was sold. Great! No, the guy then emailed me two false emails copying PayPal and eBay saying that payment was pending until there was a delivery code that I sent the watch to Nigeria. Sure enough after I queryied him on the false email address, both from a gmail account I've not heard back. So, relisted the watch again and a day later boom, sold again. Or has it. The usual I'll put payment through when I get home from work ( in very broken English) and shock horror no more to be seen of him. Here's me thinking I had to watch getting scammed buying watches, never mind selling the bloody things! Rant over!
  7. My only limit is the wife! Unfortunately I can't blag a Daytona as being a hundred quid off amazon. Probably my own fault about talking about watches too much!
  8. Take watch off, put in watchbox, go to sleep, simples
  9. My first two were impulse buys. I don't regret them but from now on i'Il be a lot considered on what I purchase. I have my grail list and I'll sticking to it
  10. It's impossible to calculate how many of them you go through in an hour Bond
  11. I'm sure Mr Wilsdorf would be happy to know his creation is getting put to good use Does that include getting the pork scratchings? Yeah I get it now. T=36,000/s
  12. Cheers Dave, think that's where I was getting confused thinking it could do a timed lap, instead of just a 1min/1mile stint. Think I get it now!
  13. yeah that's right. think I was trying to be too complicated in thinking the tachymeter would give me an average speed for a undisclosed distance and or a distance over 1mile/1km. I watched a few vids on youtube (Thanks @LFB) and you can only time upto 1 min, obvious now I say it but not at the time! Anything over that you would revert it to being a stopwatch and do the calculation from there....
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