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  1. Well, not bought today but ordered today on behalf of my wife for me, a rubber strap for my SMPc for Christmas.
  2. Ah yes, the good old days. Here’s me and some friends at my younger sisters birthday party. Home-made cakes and jelly 'n' Carnation milk. I think that was about it apart from some 'Tree top' orange squash.
  3. Bought some various presents for the wife for Christmas. All wrapped up and in the loft so I’m now all done. If they didn’t have at least 20% off, I didn’t buy 'em!
  4. Steve D UK

    Afternoon Scrabble

    Pish - yes, it's in the dictionary!
  5. Steve D UK

    Afternoon Scrabble

    Eh? How do you get from Post to Toes? Lost.
  6. Just got back from the dentists. £239.90. Ouch!
  7. Not today but yesterday. A 'Pukka' steak 'n' kidney pie and chips while she was out at her yoga class. Some HP sauce and ate it out of the paper too - no washing up. A fiver well spent.
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