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  1. Steve D UK

    DIY haircuts.

    I’m getting due for a haircut now. My wife trained as a hairdresser about 15 years ago, qualified and then didn’t bother. She still has all the stuff so she’s going to do mine for me soon. I offered to return the favour but I got a two-word answer. Second word was 'off'!
  2. As I said earlier, I asked my insurance company and I have just received this response: Dear SteveWe have referred to our Underwriting team and they say the policy covers you for the voluntary work as long as there is no payment for it and you are not using blue lights.Kind regards Toby Customer Services So, I’m good to go. Just waiting to hear back from them. Taking longer than I thought - I thought I’d hear pretty quick as I supplied my current enhanced DBS certificate. Come on NHS, I’m ready, willing and able!
  3. Don’t know. Funnily enough, I received my insurance certificate a few hours ago from the AA and it excludes food and courier delivery. I have emailed them to ask how much extra it would be to cover me doing voluntary NHS work. As soon as I know I’ll report back.
  4. Cyclists and motorcyclists. Off work? Stuck indoors? Getting bored? Same here so what I’ve just done is signed up to be one of those NHS volunteers. Collecting and delivering food and meds for those stuck indoors and unable to get out. Gets me out of the house, on my bike and doing something useful in these worrying times. Might be just the job for those getting bored at home! https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS
  5. Here’s mine with a standard Omega spring bar for comparison. Perhaps I need a set of those pliers.
  6. That’s what I have. Just too big to go in this bracelet though.
  7. ..for the bracelet on my wife’s watch? It’s a Longines Master 25mm and it needs a proper clean in my ultrasonic cleaner as it keeps leaving big oily marks on her wrist! I have a strap removal tool (I think it’s Bergeon 6767) and have changed many straps/bracelets on my watches but it’s just too big for this watch. I tried dangling the strap in the ultrasonic cleaner as deep as I could and it cleaned it well - apart from the very end links around the spring bar area which is where the marks are coming from. Any idea's?
  8. It’s a genuine 20mm Omega strap tapering to 18mm with an Omega deployant clasp. I have an Omega nato as well as the original bracelet. I’ve never had a springbar come out. As someone else has said, it could be that the backpack strap caught it as I swung it on my back.
  9. Lucky, lucky, lucky day for me today. I was over Westfield Stratford collecting a new pair of boots that had been changed under warranty and I popped in Waitrose to get a few bits - pasta and rice etc. Anyway, I paid for them at the self service checkout, put them in my backpack and went to leave. As I did, the security guard blocked my way and stopped me. "Look sir", he said and pointed to the checkout I was on. My bloody SMPc 300 was on it!!! The spring bar had come out of the head and it had dropped off. Luckily just outside the store was the Omega boutique and they fitted it back together for me. Strap was new at Christmas and it’s a genuine Omega strap too with new spring bars. Excuse the poor quality picture.
  10. Plenty of free newspapers at most train stations.
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