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  1. Just an update. Well, it had settled down to a 'regular' -10s per day. Today, a postage paid, insured, padded package arrived from Omega. I completed the form and included my warranty card. I stated that it was losing between 10 and 16 seconds per day and I’ve always had great trouble turning the bezel but as I’m not a diver it didn’t bother me too much but as it was going back, I mentioned it on the form. I removed the strap and found that the bezel turned as smooth as silk. I then realised that by grasping the bezel at 6 and 12 o’clock and lifting slightly it turned smoothly. Oops! Been doing it wrong since I’ve had it, trying to turn it by holding it at 9 and 3 and pinching the case!
  2. Steve D UK

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    Fart. (Couldn’t resist)
  3. Thanks Cyclops Update: A few days ago I competed a contact form on the Omega website and I just received this reply. At least if lockdown goes on past June when my warranty expires, I’ve registered my fault. Hi Steven, Thank you for your email and I hope you are well? You can send your OMEGA watch direct to our service centre for examination. If you would like me to arrange pre-paid fully insured packaging for you, please provide the address you would like this sent to along with a convenient daytime contact number. Please be aware that as our offices are currently closed due to Covid-19, this will not be despatched until we have reopened. Kind Regards James Gilbert Customer Service Advisor The Swatch Group (UK) Limited
  4. I’ve asked this on the Omega forum but not had a response so far so I’ll ask it here: I have a SMPc 300M diver that I bought new in 2018. The warranty card is dated 06/2018. When I first got it it was running 1-2 seconds fast per day which wasn't a problem as I could just pull the crown out for a second or two, push it back in and job done. Lately though, it’s running approximately 14-15 seconds per day slow. I’m sure that must be outside the accuracy limits.A couple of questions: what should the accuracy be on this watch and how would I go about getting it looked at being as all the dealers/boutiques are closed due to lockdown?
  5. He’s back on now and still wearing it. I think it’s this one. Just wish he'd keep his flipping arm still.
  6. .....on Daily kitchen live on BBC1 right now? Is it an Omega?
  7. Going to be past 5 mil in about 15 mins time.
  8. His aim was to raise £1,000 for the NHS before his 100th birthday. Just look how he's doing!!!!! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tomswalkforthenhs
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