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  1. Today I tried the blue/grey nato strap from my SMPc on my Speedmaster ‘57. Not sure whether that combo looks right though. Opinions?
  2. Make a child that makes another child. Yep, first time grandpa here.
  3. I sneezed and a little bit of wee came out.
  4. Series 2 still on iPlayer but try to see series 1 first if you can. 80’s clothes, cars, music and attitudes. Both series on Netflix. All filmed around Essex and the 'dogging' scene in series 1 (absolutely hilarious) was filmed in the car park where we walk our dogs!
  5. Even better as Brian in ‘ White Gold' a comedy series about double glazing salesmen set in eighties Essex.
  6. Found my old passports the other day. Me in my 20's, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Daughter says I look like a mad-eyed murderer in the first two, a bank robber in the third and a prisoner in the last one! Hmm. Or even.....
  7. Keeper - password app Sky View free and Planets- stargazing apps ISS detector - space station app, tells you when it’s coming over Shell fuel app - no cash/queuing required when buying fuel Train and bus timetable apps Voucher code - handy for up to 50% off in most chain restaurants AA app - handy to summons assistance if you break down and track technician en route to you. Also get discounts in many places. Plane and ship tracker - err, tracks ships and planes Too many others to mention.
  8. LoL. After starting this thread, we’ve taken on an allotment. Been sweating cobs over Easter doing stuff. Used up my whole winter collection of stored rainwater, watering my plot. Now having to walk to the communal tap. Need a nice drop of rain now - and a few more rainwater butts!
  9. Not exactly Cockney rhyming slang but there’s some very funny ones on here. NSFW or those of a sensitive nature. http://viz.co.uk/category/rogers-profanisaurus/
  10. Having a clearout today and found my old passports with pictures taken in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s showing me ageing throughout the years. Come on, show yours!
  11. A few corrections as I know them.
  12. Of the two non-digital chronographs I have (Tag Aquaracer and Speedmaster ‘57), I’d have to say my Tag Aquaracer is the better of the two as it measures in 1/10ths of a second.
  13. I’ve heard them referred to as 'Indian Rolex's’ because they are very popular on that continent. A friend of mine has a tinted glass ceramic one and it was commented on several times by waiters when we were on a cruise a few years ago - they spotted it a mile off and were all over him!
  14. I still have mine in the loft. It must be 50+ years old and I last had it working only a few months ago.
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