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  1. We went up and saw the King Tut exhibition yesterday. Very interesting.
  2. Steve D UK

    Afternoon Scrabble

    Tock. Had to be!
  3. Today I descaled my Nespresso coffee pod machine.
  4. Not cheap though at £11.3K. https://www.omegawatches.com/en-gb/watch-omega-speedmaster-moonwatch-chronograph-39-7-mm-31130403001001
  5. Open up an extra page on your browser Go to postimages.org (no account needed for this) click on 'choose images’ click on photo library (if using iPad) or wherever your pictures are stored on your PC click on the image you want Click 'done' Wait until it uploads and then click on the blue copy icon to the right of 'Hotlink for forums' it will then say 'copied' paste that into your post and that’s it.
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