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  1. Here's an old photo of me when I was about 19 and I rescued a baby pigeon that had fallen from its nest under some railway arches (it got the name 'the Fonz' after the character on the tv programme 'Happy days' because it was so flippin' hard - strutting about and giving strangers a peck or a slap with his wing when it felt like it). He had no feathers on it when I found him, just the yellow down, so I took him home and kept him in a box in my bedroom, fed him and taught him to fly by encouraging him to jump from my wardrobe. Eventually came the day when I decided he had to go back to the wild so I took him out the garden....and he wouldn’t leave me! I used to live in Stratford and drink in a pub about 5 miles from my house in East Ham and I used to drive there with Fonzie on my shoulder. I'd go in and have a drink, people would come up to say hello to Fonz, he'd give them a peck and then, having left my bedroom window open, I’d chuck him up and off he would go and I’d find him in my bedroom when I got home. One night he stayed out and after a while he disappeared for a week then came back with a mate but the mate wouldn’t come in. Eventually he disappeared completely and I like to think he set up home and had a family of his own. Job done. Anyway, here he is.
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