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  1. Hope you have a great day , Roy , ATB .
  2. Edox WRC classic open vision today
  3. Thought I would share this Interesting article I have found , on Molnija pocket watches and movements . http://linuxfocus.org/~guido/molnija-pocket-watch/
  4. My latest Citizen , radio controlled world timer (sapphire) CB0020-50E
  5. Wearing my Edox WRC classic open vision today
  6. Would the booklet /warranty card be for the watch and not the movement ? Looking at the type of shock resistance used on the movement , it looks 90s to me . They used a triangular shaped shock resistance in the 80s , star shaped in the 90s . The factory closed down sometime in the noughties .
  7. My choice would be the Union , not only is it a good looking watch IMO , but it also uses a stunning looking movement .
  8. I agree , the ratchet and crown wheels look amazing , very nicely decorated all round . I have owned a couple of watches with the Molnija 3602 and they never looked as good as this one in the Aristo . Congrats pauluspaolo on your new addition , very nice indeed . pauluspaolo . I thought I would just add that the Molnija 3602 in the Aristo as shock protection , so is in fact a 3603 . The movement looks like it was produced in the 90s .
  9. An in depth history of a fascinating military model , the Norwegian Heuer 1550 SG Luftforsvaret . https://www.fratellowatches.com/the-norwegian-heuer-1550-sg-luftforsvaret-an-in-depth-history-of-a-fascinating-military-model/
  10. I decided to keep this one , so i'm wearing it this morning . Swiss made Altanus Geneva pilots watch (Unitas 6497)
  11. Very nice , Jay . The movement looks like a Poljot 3133 . And it is probably the most elaborate engraving I have ever seen on a 3133 . The chrono bridge and balance cock look amazing . All round the movement is nicely decorated . The guilloche carbon fibre dial looks great . A very nice addition to your collection .
  12. Late today , but I've Been wearing my vintage Seiko 66-7100 most of the day
  13. What a fantastic looking military chronograph watch . I have always wanted one of these in my collection but they are over my budget . Lemania comes from the name for lake Geneva , le lac leman in French , It was founded in 1884 by Alfred Lugrin . Lemania are highly respected for their movements , with some of the top brands using them in their watches . These chronographs began to be produced from 1945 and was marked on the back with HS 9 , which signified Hydrographic Survey chronograph . At that time these watches used the Lemania 17 jewel 15 CHT column wheel chronograph calibre
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