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  1. It was the MM and the wire rimmed glasses that gave it away Full metal jacket is one my favourite films .
  2. Was it Mathew Modine in full metal jacket ?
  3. Thank you , your welcome . I came across this article that seems to explain it better than I ever could . https://www.ablogtowatch.com/tropical-dials-explained-by-a-vintage-watch-restoration-expert/
  4. Now wearing this one this afternoon .
  5. I couldn't agree more . I personally just wouldn't pay that amount of money on a vintage Rolex , even if I had the money , which I don't I have a particular interest in the history of watchmaking and the various innovations / inventions , and the individuals who are important in the history of horology . I could just imagine the collection of vintage watches I could own for a lot less than the money wanted for that particular Rolex . But watch collecting is of course highly subjective .
  6. These "Tropical" dials came about out of a production flaw during the 1950/60s . During this period companies like Rolex used a chemical on the dials to stop the dials from fading little did they know at the time , down the years while these watches were worn a lot and exposed to sunshine that the chemical reacted and turned the dials "tropical" . I believe the term "tropical" comes from the watches that was issued to military serviceman who was stationed abroad and wore the watches in very sunny conditions . So not only do these people with more money than sense pay thousands for a degraded / discoloured dial , they are also paying for a watch that has been well and truly used over the years .
  7. Wearing my vintage Seiko 66-7100 this morning (dated 1970 )
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