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  1. Your Eberhard is an absolute stunner , Scott . A very nice find This morning i'm wearing this Pulsar .
  2. I am very envious , Alan , that is a truly stunning timepiece . I always thought it was Norfolk st , I really must swot up some more
  3. Some magnificent timepieces there , Alan . Thank you for posting your very interesting post , a display of English watchmaking at its finest . I will have to make a visit when i'm in London next time .
  4. Two complicated mechanisms , both masterpieces of intricate engineering , the Tourbillon and the Carrousel explained .
  5. A cracking looking Casio , very nice indeed . A very nice gesture from you both , well done
  6. Cracking looking vintage Seiko , Nigel , and in great condition too . You must have a nice collection of vintage Seiko watches now . Well done on another fantastic addition .
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