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  1. Blue navy dial on blue suede strap today
  2. Awesome, I like this mod, going to check that Tempus FB right now, thanks for Sharing
  3. Today testing a new apricot beaver tail strap with minimalist chocolate stitching, I think it match OK with the carbon buckle and bronze tongue ;)
  4. Today wearing my big 8000m on black shark strap Wow, I love your Tauchmeister, the case is gorgeous, if I am not mistaken it is the HEV which is as 9, bezel is super, dial markers and handsets are perfect for scuba diving, real a good "Dive Tools" as I like them Plus it reminds me that I need a Yellow Dial in my Collection ;) Well done, and super nice photos, thank you
  5. K2 Mokume Gane on green forest alligator strap with bronze stitching
  6. Red shark strap today for my big white full lumed K1
  7. The best! Steinhart Chrono on baseball strap ;)
  8. The perfection this bronze CW with blue navy dial Super nice photo by the way
  9. I super like the alligator straps, very solid, strong and robust stuff, but I think I think I prefer the croco it is softer, more comfortable to wear on the wrist, and nice warm touch, I cannot stop to slide my finger on it
  10. Orca vintage today ;)
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