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  1. Awesome movement, it is the Unitas 6497, right?
  2. Orange today In quarantine at the beach with my marsk and some watches ;)
  3. Beautiful, thanks for sharing ;) A such level of precision is really impressive. By the way it sounds easy to CNC gold and platinum LoL...
  4. White Orca, black strap with green neon stitching ;)
  5. Kalmar 2 8000m on "dirty" Vietnam War Military canvas, fully waterproof strap.
  6. Black leather strap with green apple stitching, perfect matching with my mask, I hope the fishes liked it too ;) By the way I destroyed a lot of leather strap going into the sea salt water with them, but this one do not tell me why, is very solid leather, i used it several times for diving, so far it still very good, so some leathers are water resistant (a very very few numbers of leather indeed), the big majorities of leather straps are not good for sea salt water.
  7. Wow... Awesome, I love Carbon
  8. Long time I did not put that large strap 30mm at the lugs side and only 24mm and the buckle side, it is so confortable on the wrist
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