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  1. White today Wow... This German diver is phenomenal, I love it This neat dial is the perfection, and top class in the bronze case
  2. Visiting Peggy's Cove (Canada Atlantic) with blue navy K1
  3. Sublime I love it Wow... I am speechless with this beauty, well done Sir Photos dedicated to @JayDeep I swapped with the turbine bezel and the SS bracelet, I like the matching with the metal of the dial, really awesome. And so Light with only 241g... LoL...
  4. Just a quick photo of the superb H2O Racing that I got last evening, from a real gentleman from our "thewatchforum" . This watch has got a very special look, 50% will like and 50% (or more) will ate it!! But personally I love it!!!!! OK, I am sure everybody will complain to me: "Oh No... Again a H2O...". Really sorry for that friends, but I like this big chuck of heavy metal, very solid, ETA movement, big handsets, and 3000m water resistant LoL I just need now to win at the Lottery and to get the matching car
  5. Very nice, I like the simplicity of this dial, very neat and class I am really in love with the amazing dial of this CW Some of my home made canvas straps made from US Vietnam War Jeep hood, super solid and 100% water resistant ;) I am a big fan of canvas strap, I need to get a couple of the "Steveo Straps" made from parachute deployment bags of the RAF, they look amazing.
  6. Wow... Super Class that Cartier Absolutely Phenomenal!! This blue dial is awesome, I love it
  7. This watch is pure PERFECTION... I love it Wow... I am speechless...
  8. Thanks my friend, I have some other brands, but they are all right now packed into my suitcase, and no time to unpack all Looking again at your sublime Helson blue turquoise dial, it is really a killer, I love it, really a beauty and scuba diving it should be perfect I am sure, well done man!!
  9. Very nice, I need to order one or two A1
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