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  1. Orca on Horween leather strap today
  2. Free diving today with my K2 Mokume Gane on black Isofrane rubber ;)
  3. Mokume Gane on alligator strap, playing with bronze relics
  4. Sorry for my late reply, I was travelling in several countries in Africa with no good Internet at all LoL... I agree with you Nato straps made of natural cotton or hemp ;)
  5. Hello from Musandam (Sultanate of Oman) with orange K2 on orange rubber today
  6. You were reading into my mind, as it is sometimes I was planning to get the D-Blue near 20K USD here in Dubai, and 6-9 months waiting after to have ordered it... But still thinking, to many writings on the dial, and the green DS.. All the the rest is superb.
  7. It is 3 days I am looking for the price and to order it, but contacting Omega I did not get any positive availability of the product for now It seems to be like the Rolex DeepSea 12,000m James Cameron, no availability too... I feel so disappointed and frustrated you cannot believe, they are doing amazing watches, but you cannot buy them... What's the point... So I might be obliged and forced (LoL) to order another H2O... The Kalmar 2 OceanicTime 10 Miles, just 25,300m WR LoL...
  8. Beaver tail again today, with mother of pearl Wish you all a good day!
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