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  1. Beaver tail again today, with mother of pearl Wish you all a good day!
  2. The best his Tudor, nothing better Just for my curiosity, this is particular reason you are putting the bezel upside-down?
  3. Blue-Metal today Superb photos, thanks for sharing Nice watch too ;)
  4. Today no work, so diving, so casual Lewis strap relaxing at home LoL... Wish you all a Nice Day ;)
  5. I just had a look at it, very nice web site Thanks for sharing.
  6. Bronze Orca on desert-safari strap.
  7. Superb green dial Awesome, I love it
  8. Grey dial for me, case and strap swapping today
  9. Beautiful your A1 brass, I like it And perfect matching with this srtap if I am not mistaken it is the "para strap" made of solid parachute deployment bag? I am a big fan of "Steveostraps", I recommended it to all my friends, really super straps a a super price and excellent quality
  10. Orca 2000m on genuine Cobra strap
  11. Hehe, you were no far ;) I am wearing Okley Carbon with Iridium prescription glasses
  12. Trying a new croco strap, I think it is not too bad ;)
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