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  1. Very nice, I need to order one or two A1
  2. Lost my flight as I got PCR test Positive before fly Now stuck 2 weeks in Hotel Isolation room... So plenty of time to do Apnea O2 & CO2 Static Tables for breathing exercises LoL...
  3. Beautiful, I love it Magnificent Wow... Amazing this beauty
  4. Blue today Wow... I love this one I hope you are taking this beauty for scuba diving quite often. I very like mesh for diver watches
  5. Wish you a good week-end to all
  6. Totally agree with you, I much prefer exotic straps too But you cannot believe the number of bad comments and messages I am getting for my exotic straps.... Even after explaining that I am buying only with CITIES certificates, I got nasty comments, a lot of people do not like exotic straps on watches and others. Too nice.... I want the same!!!
  7. I had one that I sold, nice watch, but a bit expensive for what is it ;)
  8. Wow.... I love this one
  9. I have made another super solid Canvas strap that I am planning to use into sea water, so the Canvas strap is 100% waterproof. This material is from an old US Military Canvas I got from a Vietnam War US M151 MUTT Jeep hood. The old Canvas is not very soft at all, but super thick and very solid, it took me 5-6 hours for the stitching and killed my fingers and a lot of needles.... LoL... I was not sure about using a 2mm grey colour Kevlar thread for the stitching, but I think the grey thread matches quite OK with the green Canvas colour
  10. Sublime, I love it
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