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  1. General consensus with the JDM watches is tough it out.. self regulate, or pay a local watchmaker.. or in the case of the MM300, there is a guy in the states who is an expert on them......
  2. yep.. I saw that too the SBDC033 was described as "japanses" version :-) :-)
  3. In my view? No, as Sky and Creation are very well established, but, still they ship JDM watches to countries that Seiko has never authorised them to do so.. it's a difficult touchy subject.., as, I have bought watches from both Creation and sky.. never had a problem, except with sky, had a quality issue, but paid a local watch repairman to sort it...
  4. this one was located at the address stated above,, (china) and would take upwards of 10 days to ship... I pressed the dealer to say IF he could provide me with RM Tracked 48 Hour delivery.. the answer came back as stated.. delivery was 10 days.. "MOST PROBABLY" from china.
  5. Agree with you, this is what you have to go through if you want a JDM watch. "funding" -- well what with all this "ISIS" carp going about lately, with reference to manufacturers claiming grey imports fund all sorts of nasty things.. just not sure....
  6. Yep.. I just got that feeling.. mind you.. the price of the blumo was outstanding.. but, origins aside, I just didn't know what my money possibly would be funding.. it was that more than anything that made me hesitate....
  7. Actually, Creation and sky are most definitely NOT "authorised" dealers for JDM watches.. as the name would suggest, JDM means JAP domestic Market.. Not worldwide.. Seiko Never authorised the worldwide distribution of any JDM watch. therefore there are no "authorised" Seiko JDM dealers.. that is why on Creation and Sky's website they "claim" NOT to be able to deliver Seiko Prospex, and the other JDM watches to the EU, states etc..... But,, they do..... Authorised as a Seiko dealer.. maybe,, certainly NOT for JDM variants....
  8. Re: citywide-online_uk just my view here.. was looking for a Blumo last week and came across citywide on the bay.. price seemed good but I looked more at the wording of the ad.. for an extra £10 they "claim" to offer 48 Hour royal mail tracked delivery. So, I contacted the seller and asked if this was available.. answer came back as:, Delivery Time: Royal Mail : 7-10 days / PNL : 7-14 days / DPD : 3-5 days / DHL : 3-5 days After the payment has been fully recieved, please allow 3 working days for processing your order. So I did some more digging.. address is: *im *hoi Rm526,5/F,Corporation Park, default Shatin Hong Kong watch would have been sent from this address, and I WOULD have been liable for any import tax. rather than claiming this seller sells fakes, it would appear that this seller "probably" sells grey imports, returns, seconds, and reboxes them, as A1 condition, as, irony would have it the "genuine" JDM Seiko blumo has made in japan or just "Japan" on the dial. but the picture of the blumo from this seller was marked as Movt Japan.. so this watch was originally destined for the USA market... warranty, for the best part is not worth squat.. so.. at the price this seller wanted, plus any probable import duty made me think twice.....
  9. Nice price for a master 2000 LE in blue... But I suspect that as these are being shipped from the US, so this price would likely be Plus the import tax/duty?
  10. Pure Class, Welcome To :rltb: , Magnet. Where do you go from this?? A DSD Perhaps :ph34r: Wear in good Health Regards, Graham.
  11. Welcome to the Forum - penman, :rltb: :rltb: I do believe this type of "watch" to be be a Fugly creation, sent to murky the otherwise clear waters of watchmaking craftmanship. Hope this helps, Regards, Graham.
  12. Cheers Chris, :) :) - Although I only wear it under my padded jacket :ph34r: :ph34r: :lol: :lol: wouldn't want to mark it now would I??
  13. Personally I'd go for the Honda.-Two of my friends bought the older type Honda Accords (Y-reg petrol) and swear by them. Just keep them well serviced. Now both are high mileage and going well. I was influenced enough to buy a new '04 Civic Type R which has bee the most reliable car of mine to date.My limited experience of the Honda 2.2 litre diesel confirms reports that this is a terrific engine. That's my twopence worth-hope it helps. Now, the Type R, that'll be the lesser spotted NOT boring variety... :lol: :lol: Very Nice ;) Regards, Graham.
  14. Here's My little Alfa, Cheap as chips, and loads of fun.. Regards, Graham.
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