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  1. I have the J version, no real difference over the K but something nice to have a Japan model, plenty of K versions here - http://www.creationwatches.com/products/search/results.html?search_in_description=1&keyword=skx009 Although its imported I have heard cheaper watches like this don't always get hit with customs, very good to deal with Creation..
  2. I love autos but you get one with a dodgy temperamental crown and setting it all time risks messing up the crown thread..
  3. Like many I have had lots of Seiko divers through the years and still have a SKX007J and a Monster but the MM300 is what I have been aspiring too for many years, after a couple of watch sales I think one will be on its way soon, some say they are beasty thick but I think it accentuates the 3D look of the dial.. Actually I'am wearing my Monster now with an MM300 strap and mighty comfy it is..
  4. Hi, Just joined up and it looks a great forum, I own several watches like Seiko's, Kemmner's, Fortis, couple of G-Shocks so plenty here for me to get chatting about. Looking forward to getting involved ;-)
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