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  1. I tried to DM you Simon as you would always be my first point to contact however direct message didn't seem to be an option. If I can post the watch to you I will happily.
  2. Afternoon Folks, Not been on for a good while. Hope everyone is well. So, today I changed the battery on my Tag Heuer Series 2000 but there is still no life in it. Any ideas? It's never been serviced and up until it stopped working it was running spot on and keeping excellent time.
  3. Pre-owned omega speedmaster. There really is little argument on this surely
  4. Obviously there has been an increase in the popularity of display back of recent but it just seems obvious that the heart of a quality mechanical watch should be displayed. I'm surprised retro fit display backs haven't become more popular
  5. Love this post. A product of its time no doubt but absolutely great.
  6. I'm tempted, pay pal guarantee and after all it's only 40 quid
  7. Personally I always think a dress watch should be square/rectangular. I'd go pre-owned.
  8. I think I'd be looking for a speed master. I think a good example from the 70's with the right level of visible ageing is just about as perfect as a watch gets. Alternatively a Rolex submariner as per your previous post is a really good shout.
  9. Yes this seems to add up with what he says, some dealers telling him their waiting list was closed completely. You'd have to think that surely should they want to, Rolex could up production. I'd buy both myself, bit of rotation.
  10. Hi All, Been away for a bit but really needed to get views on my friends situation after asking my advice. So a mate of mine, not a close mate but a mate non the less has been seeking advice of late on a potential purchase. He's 30, decent job and seems to be doing well and obviously wants to treat himself. Originally he asked me my thoughts on a Tag Heuer Monaco. Now I like the Monaco and told him as much, iconic watch and gave him some pointers where to buy and discounts to expect. Some weeks later he's decided he wants a Submariner instead. Now this is where I'm quoting purely on figures he's given me. So he's been told that the current waiting list at gold smiths is two years He says he can pick up a 2018 model on the used market but in unworn condition for £8500. Seems excessive considering a retail of circa £6k but maybe that's the price of a que jump. He asked my thoughts. My advice was if he really wanted a sub then look for a pre ceramic model dating to the mid 2000 and maybe pick one up for under £5k? Alternatively go for a Tudor and something like a speed master pre owned for the same price which would be my choice. Whats people's thoughts. I'm gob smacked at the two year waiting time tbh
  11. Post us a pic mate, I missed the update
  12. All in all I think any seiko 5 is pretty much the best bang for buck timepiece out there.
  13. Marginally Jonny. However as aposed to perusing watch paraphernalia I have now been looking at kitchen catalogues and looking in bathroom showrooms. Me n the wife are taking little trip to southport towards the end of the month though and if my memory serves me correctly then I seem to remeber a few good watch dealers. May still be able to pick up that speedy I'm aching for.
  14. Chrome plating is in my opinion a deal killer. Its awful. As apposed to other solid alloys it gets worse with age. The flaking and pitting that comes with chrome plate is awful. I've only ever owned one, a sicura GMT which I sold after a few months
  15. Andy Dufrane. Yep I thought the same
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