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  1. I paid extra for my SKX007J with the 21 jewels on the face. It's a 2003 going by the numbers but I bought it new when it was 10 years old already from a Jewellers shop. I bought it because i like it but also being made in Japan but to be fair the ones that use China cases and Asian Seiko movements seem to be as reliable as a friend has one and rates his.
  2. I have tried to find out what the numbers on the back equates to and seems the answer is they mean nothing despite the claim some time back they are contract numbers to a particular authority they are intended. When my watch became non waterproof through changing batteries over the years the seal lets in water after a period of time I contacted MWC enquiring about the contract numbers and a seal kit or any advice they could give. They replied and were not interested or helpful in anyway. I can only comment on my particular watch which has been tough and reliable but wouldn't bother with another I don't think.
  3. I have a MWC G10 with the battery hatch and hexagonal crystal surround which I bought brand new in 2004. It has MWC MILITARY QUARTZ Swiss movt on the face. This is my every day watch for the past 15 years and has been ultra reliable. The battery hatch seal isn't water proofed anymore so have to be careful with water. My watch is a watch that's based on military values and that's all I see and expect from it. Why do people dislike MWC watches so much? Some even spit feathers with discussed!!!!! Your views respected and of interest!!!!
  4. That is a very nice watch. I have recently bought my first Parnis, an Omega inspired model with the miyota movement. I paid slightly more and bought from the factory. It is a really nice watch!!!
  5. I have a Winner Skeleton wind up watch for the last two and a bit years which was bought for me as a Christmas present. I thought I would get 6 months out of it at best. It is used regularly and wound up every day keeping impeccable time without missing a beat!!! This is what I love about Chinese watches, you choose, you enjoy and you take pot luck, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!!!! My Winner is cheap but who cares my son bought it for me so is priceless and still works also enjoyed!!!
  6. I bought a 1980s Citizen divers watch second hand from Japan and got stung for import duties. Worked out an expensive experience and never repeated it since.
  7. Thanks for your replies. I will be following them up!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!
  8. I have had mine for a couple of years now. Bought it over the K as I like Japanese Made and the 21 JEWELS under the Scuba 200m! !!!!! The price for a new one now has gone up alot over the last couple years though. Mine although brand new when I bought it is dated 2003!!!!!!!! Don't think they make them in Japan anymore, it's a Malaysian made movement in a Chinese case as far as I know nowadays?
  9. Hi there everyone!!!!! I love Vostok watches and have owned a few. At the moment I have a 1980s boctok komandirskie bitzaski and a 3 year old Amphibian which I have had a glass back put on but want to change the hands to something bigger in keeping with the watch size. I sent a set of Seiko SKX007 hands and set of Citizen pro master hands to the repairer but neither fit. Please could someone point me in the right direction or any advice appreciated, unlike some of you guys I can't do the work myself but can pass on any tricks to make fit. Thanks in advance!!!!!
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