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  1. I'm looking for a watch with the ST19 movement and panda dial but cant find one I like that is still being made! I'm not a fan of the seagull 1963 and the two models I have found are now obsolete (the aramar long beach and the emg gl63) Does anyone know of any other makes that use the movement? Thanks in advance.
  2. 14mm Can't find a panda dial version of this
  3. Evening chaps, I'm facing a slight dilemma. I have a space in my watch box that I would like to fill this year. My criteria has always been auto and Swiss although I do have two exceptions. A seiko that I bought to try modding and Phoibos Wavemaster because I wanted a cheap auto diver to wear in the sea (plus i really love the dial). Now what i want is a vintage looking panda dial chronograph. Not fussed if its panda or reverse panda or a coloured panda. My grail for this watch is the Hamilton Intra Matic but it's way too expensive at the moment. I cant justify the money. Now here is the dilemma. I have found a few options. Do I go Swiss quartz? In which case there is the Christopher Ward C3 Grand Tourer. Good pedigree. I like CW and have two others. Or for a little less money there is the Rotary Les Originals Avenger. Again its Swiss quartz. I have two other Rotary Les Originals autos which are very good quality nice watches. Or do I go hand wound. There is the Aramar Long Beach which uses the Seagul ST19 which although is made in China it is essentially a Swiss Venus 175. (This still sort of counts as Swiss in my eyes). Plus it has a display back which I am a big fan of. Tough decisions. What are peoples thoughts and are there any other brands/watches I should look at? Cheers.
  4. For a long, long time now I've been waiting for my local Lidl to stock their tea boxes and today was my lucky day. A whole tray of them in the middle aisle! So I bought two. So that gave me the perfect excuse for a state of the collection post . So here we go. The brown strap box: The black strap box. Plus a SS bracelet: The only issue is that there are two empty spaces. So I'm off to find two watches to obsess over. Thanks for looking.
  5. This one is new in today and I think might be staying on my wrist for a few days.
  6. Santa (the postman) bought a nice little early Crimbo pressie this morning. It feels like a long time since I bought a new watch (spring time) but I sold one the other day and felt it was only fair to but a new one . So a quick look at new saved searches on ebay and I was in luck. This has been on my wish list for a while and what a beautiful one it is. A Rotary Les Originals Legacy automatic. Sellita sw200 movement and sapphire crystal. I dont like the bracelet so I've put it on a brown leather rally strap for now.
  7. I love my CW watches (I have a C65 auto diver and a C65 trident vintage) but there one thing I wish they had. A display back. Has anyone tried an after market case back? Would one for a Hamilton Khaki fit? It looks like the same size case. Would I ruin my warranty if I take the back off? Cheers
  8. I love the styling of the straton watches but can't get my head around mecha-quartz.
  9. I only have one Rotary. It's automatic and 'swiss' and I've no issues with it yet.
  10. Bit late to the party but here is my contribution. Swiss automatic chronograph at under £500 When it was new. Oh and it's 45 mm.
  11. Fiddly little buggers they are. Hope you've got lots of patience.
  12. Good work buddy. You'll have to do a dial change next.
  13. If it is then thank you. Absolutely loving this watch. From the Christopher Ward website in their sale.
  14. Well I can't quite I managed to grab this. A tad lucky I guess but it arrived today. My second Christopher Ward and grabbed from the sale section at 30% off. The C65 automatic. Beautiful watch with classic styling. I was surprised at how thin the case is.
  15. Mate that looks great. Love a rally strap and love that watch.
  16. Anyone bought one of these yet? I've accumulated some money and I'm deliberating whether to save a bit more and get the C65 auto blue dial or spend it all now on something else. Any reviews/photos would be appreciated. Migzy
  17. There have been a few incommings and outgoings since my last Sotc, so I thought I'd share again. Top left to right. Hamilton Khaki King, Mondaine Big Evo Auto, Phoibos Wavemaster, Ingersoll Bateman Auto and a La Rochelle manual wind Chronograph. Bottom left to right. CW C65 Vintage, Seiko snzh55 FFF mod, Rotary GT Monza Auto and two Swatch Auto Chronographs. As you can see I have two too many. I think the Ingersoll and the white Swatch will go soon. I am on the lookout for another automatic Chronograph though. Sorry for the double post. Not sure what happened
  18. Migzy

    Seiko mods

    Love this. Where did you get the crystal from?
  19. Migzy

    Seiko mods

    Go for it Jaydeep. I love my modded Seiko. It makes the watch way more peraonal. Great fun to do as well. I bought a very cheap Seiko to practice on first and then had a go at the FFF mod.
  20. I think it's very hit and miss. It can give us something different. Some really great innovative designers that think outside the box. Some even go on to establish themselves as full on microbrands. Straton, Autodromo and Phoibos come to mind. Some already established brands just flood the market with the same old designs and loose homages.
  21. Wowzers @Davey P that is a monster! Nice one @JayDeep very generous
  22. Good choice! I have one too. Although I didn't like the rubber strap so put it on a black rally strap with blue stitching. And the 12 o'clock lumed pip fell off lol. Love the watch though.
  23. Love this. I was looking to buy one of these. Is that the black or the blue? Can I see the back please? The swatch auto today.
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