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  1. Yes i believe the watch to be ok last time i posted a submariner and a lot of people came out saying i would not touch it with a barge pole and it turned out to be real and a brilliant deal at that. i would check the movement and seriel number before purchasing anything i only buy an item if i am atleast 100% confident . i have only purchased submariners in the past so i have only partial experience with datejusts and i am learning. i believe the dial to be fake and wanted to confirm this with you lot for my education i have learnt that many have aftermarket dials especially when it comes to the diamond dot .
  2. Hi all hope everyone ok in this sweltering heat i feel like a melting chocolate bar. Anyway. I am currently looking at purchasing a datejust bi metal i have one i maybe collecting on the weekend with roman numerals. But would really like one with diamond dot eventually but a must is a original dial unless it was silly cheap i could not say no to. What are peoples thoughts on this i know its not the clearest picture but it does not seem the dial is factory rolex the lettering does not seem perfect even though he thinks it is. Am i right that it should have the small illuminous dots and smaller square collets/setting for the stones also the seconds dashes inbetween?
  3. Morning all for my 50th post i am asking what is your favourite watch today ???? I will start mine is definetly hublot i know hardly any background on them but i love the style One i really like and can not afford is
  4. 14060 Submariner non date 12 links 127g
  5. Submariner has to be the most famous and recognised surely
  6. Thats ok i know porshe is supercar prices for parts i may buy one 1day and sell it the week after to say i had one it wouldnt be the first. My uncle had a new boxster s in black in 2005 i think great car lovely noise . How do you find it fuel wise ? Yeh s2000 is great if people ask me how you describe it i say luke a mini f1 racing car. I did have 350z which was very nice to had a premium feel and nit a bad cabin.
  7. This is always a funny question to ask and does not matter what the answer is simply because its what you like not anyone else. Personally i dont like it same opinion as above digits are too big not my style its military style and suits people who like them. But i am 30 years old maybe that makes a difference to what i like compared to others. What i like others will hate.. If you like it who cares love and enjoy
  8. Could be worse it could be yodel
  9. Nice . And very clean This is very true if its a very light polish it can be next to nothing but a heavy polish i would expect it could take upto 0.2 0.3 of maybe
  10. Can i just say your all showing your age with all the classic cars popping up Reason why i have never had a boxster i feel for you as its not a cheap fix but is a very common issue. I fancied a boxster loads of times but this reason scared me off apparently it were a lot better after 2006 but could still happen. Lucky 8 years i say whats the mileage I think thats when i bought a s2000 instead. 9000 rpm and all you had to worry about was keeping the oil topped up.
  11. Hi congratulations on purchase. Was the customs charge a lot? Everytime i have used usa i ask to note down item cost under 15 pound as you have no customs charge then but then its not gauranteed at a certain amount
  12. Yes of course you still want to do a full check but weight is definetly a good source.
  13. I think its a good idea to start a page for people to post weights of there watches if possible as one of the main signs i think for checking if something is genuine is definetly the weight being correct as most fakes would struggle and would take to much work to get right (not stating that the weight is a 100% guarantee) but after doing your other checks this will be a big help if you can not get the backs off.. Unless i stand corrected but thats one point i use when looking or buying. Also not much information around on exact weights for different models like date vs non date. One weight with bracelet and number of links. One just of watch face so without the bracelet / strap My first question is does anyone know the exact weight of a 14060 non date.
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