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  1. Came today, a replacement for my old one. Light stopped working after 5 years. Gone for the tough solar, lets see how long this one lasts. Liking the negative display looks all tactical. Debating whether to get the bull bars and nato mod...
  2. I have liked the initial post but to say its snobbery is probably too far. I find that personally Vintage does get touted about by those who know about watches on a deep level, and I have heard people tell me that my collection needs a vintage piece and all that. But for me I have not seen a vintage piece and though wow I want that. If i ever do I will grab one. but until then I will remain impassive to the whole issue.
  3. I hate to see a Seamaster on anything else, the bracelet is mandatory and should never be taken off. It makes it look razzle dazzle all the time, but then again thats what the Seamaster is, its a razzle dazzle watch No change since yesterday, so no new picture, still in the honeymoon period (with full locked hotel room door and breakfast in bed stage in effect)
  4. Its the Squale official strap. Yes, the blue really shiones and looks amazing. Gives the watch box and whole new look...There are offical rubber straps you can get but i think the tan looks great with blue I should have said the Youtube watch community. Before I bought the watch i watches a lot of videos and Squale really takes a kicking from all sides. Dont know why cause the quality is there and the movement is muck like other ETA's.
  5. got this a couple days ago. love it. Was hesitant before buying it due to the watch communities apparent dislike of Squale, but it a lovely watch
  6. the only thing that comes to mind i how annoying i find it when i see people wearing watches way up their arm. i know we all hacve different bodies and for some it works out better below the wrist knuckle, but i absolutely hate it.
  7. I just sold my last seiko - skx007. i will only have a watch box with 6 in at any one time (plus a g shock on my desk). There can be only 6! I was therefore thinking of selling my bronze steinhart and getting a sumo although i am wearing the steinhart a lot recently. Has a conversation with weasel about this and he said, you do not have a watch collection without a seiko. I am inclined to agree with him although i dont have one at the minute. I am not a grand seiko type of lad, i suppose i like a couple of the MM300 series but i cant buy 'another' monster and sell it. ???? HHHmmmmm what seiko to get?
  8. Full hand shot...for some perspective. I like wearing a leather strap for work as you dont get the clatter of the metal smashing off the desk all day...
  9. I recently bought the quartz version of the CW and enjoyed it for a bit. The seconds hand annoyed me quite a lot as it did not hit the indices bang on so I sold it. Recently seen this for £390 (not on the steel) but i loved the look of it. Havent worn it much although i am sure I will in future... I have to say that the quality is absolutely superb and far beats most of my mid range pieces. Very high quality for the price.
  10. Chairman Mao is hilarious (in some respects). Who else would abolish 5 time zones in China and set the time where he was standing....haha
  11. My favourite work watch, slim profile and the colours always work well with a shirt. May be a watch obsessive trait linked to an inherent anxiety, but I always feel naked without a dive watch on. I always find it sad that i can only wear one watch a day leaving the rest of my little beauties all alone...
  12. 'But its very rare these days'...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha I suppose you have got better with age
  13. Decided to go with a t shirt today and this goes great, really low wrist profile, the thinnest watch i have
  14. Thanks, i think i am already bonding with it. I think a Steinhart is of one of those watches you just have to buy at some point in your horological journey
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