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  1. 1960s Gubelin tonight 21 Jewell Eta cal 2472 automatic
  2. Another one from Scott at birthyearwatches, 1967 Zenith with a very unusual red dial, Cal 2542 17 Jewell
  3. Fantastic watch, one of the best Omega have ever made.
  4. 60 years young but feel like a 20 year old, shame that the body can't keep up
  5. Only dress watches for me, have 14 at this present time, 7- omega`s 1 - eterna matic to name a few. always looking for more
  6. Excellent choice sir, enjoy
  7. Delivered today thanks to Dave (draygo).not my usual 1950s purchase. Vostok komandirskie 1965 special edition for the 50th anniversary of supplying watches to the Red army. 2 years old and in new condition.
  8. More presents today. Universal geneve 1940s from my daughter
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