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  1. Thanks Nick, What a reply. I can see you are an avid collector. I now can tell i will have to think my chester silver / Pocket Watch strategy again which is ashame. My first thoughts is to buy an mid 18th century example that is cosmetically good and a later maybe early 20th century working watch. Thanks for your help its much appreciated and it was a great read.
  2. Before i dip my toe in the water can you guys help me with who repairs pocket watches well at a good price and what is a good mechanism to buy? Also are some pocket watches beyond repair when bought?
  3. Like many on here I have a few hobbies 2 of them are collecting watches and collecting Chester silver. I am interested in looking for a Chester Hallmarked silver (import mark included) Quality Watch. It has to be in good condition and working or be able to be repaired at reasonable costs, be able to be serviced at reasonable costs too. It will be part of a silver collection rather than a watch collection; it will be on display as part of a collection so needs to be right, I will only wear it on a few occasions eg weddings etc so very rarely. I do not mind waiting for one to come up I need help with information please, What to look for , what price, what is the mech to choose etc. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Do you mind me asking does your watch have a chester hallmark on it?
  5. Yeas it coming to that time of year. Over the next few weeks i will be on the hunt for a watch, my treat to myself. I am hoping for a Tissot but will be on the look out. Last year Tissot had a sale on so heres hoping.
  6. I've just bought a cheap Seiko for £69 great value. I bought mine from Argos who were having a sale. The thing is these watches will probably last many years if you keep changing the battery.
  7. just got home, I had a look on gnome they didn't have any? Who are the sellers? Looked on ebay cannot work out who are selling genuine Orients as the ones i looked at say new without box. I have imported items from the US before sometimes i have been hit with 40% in total, what is the norm on watches?
  8. Would I have to pay imply costs on that? My Mrs just went past and said how much, that plain one looks nice.
  9. Had a good look today so many to choose from, Wrench Where wre the UK dealers for Orient watches
  10. Had a good look yesterday so many to choose from,, I am going to have another look today.
  11. Thanks Daveyboyz Seiko is a brand I had on my radar to own I will have a look. As you can see I have Bulova and a couple of older watches,. I am very slowly making a collection. I wear my Omega on very special occasions, my Zenith sometimes, the moon watch makes me feel good and the sea king looks good on my wrist I wear that a lot on weekends. I am looking for an everyday watch that will last for many years and can be repaired if needs to be.
  12. I often read the site and enjoy the threads. Well I usually wait until November time to buy a watch though this year I am starting to think I may purchase one now. Why am I thinking of buying a watch now instead of the run up to Christmas, it's because my trusted old Pulsar automatic has broken. I dropped it and we'll the worse thing is it was a present from Mrs pipers when we were just starting out and we were struggling financially. The watch is being kept in my watch box. Now is it the correct time of year to buy ? what I mean by that is are there any good offers , discounts, sales on. Watches I have are omega 1950s Bulova sea king Bulova moon watch. Zenith dress watch and a limit a watch for work. My upper limit is £300 ( though I could go a bit more) I do not mind buying older models though my wife does not like me buying 2nd hand watches because her dad bought 2nd hand and got ripped off, I have a large wrist 8 1/4 inch the sea king looks really nice on my wrist. So I am not sure what to do first off is it the best time to buy? If not when is? I would like an Automatic watch. I do not mind where it is from though it must be by a well known watch manufacturer who has a good reputation reliable, plus if the watch gets a defect it could repaired. I would like advice please
  13. Mine came today, it fits great on my 8" wrist. This is a good watch and great for the money!! I just wanted to say Thanks guys for the heads up !!
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