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  1. Always wore on the left until about 2 months ago, when I decided to wear on the right because I wanted to be able to admire my watches while driving
  2. I was actually looking at the C9 Big Day Date before Christmas so that is. Dry tempting, extremely rare that I wear a dress watch though. I'd have jumped st the chance of a half price Trident if the 43s weren't out of stock
  3. Slightly over budget but completely agree with Steinhart. Beautiful, well made watches. Mine was £347 I believe. There's a lot of very good Seiko watches in that price bracket too, like the Monster or the SKX007/009
  4. Ordered one, thanks Debenhams charge £2 for c&c though. Disgusting, really.
  5. I second (third, fourth?) the Steinhart suggestion. Had my Ocean One Vintage for 2 weeks and I love it . Another watch I really like is the Seiko Sea Urchin which is insanely cheap.
  6. I like it. What's wrong with Parnis?
  7. Not normally a fan of Chronos but I really like that Longines
  8. Haha I love my Monster it all ended well in the end anyway I managed to bodge the pins in by bending them slightly . Not ideal but the bracelet is functional again at least!
  9. That is beautiful! This has just inspired me to purchase a perlon strap. What is the watch?
  10. Trying the Monster out on rubber today. It's going back on the bracelet shortly
  11. Yep, I would never part with this. I do actually really like it and it was my go-to for years, not something I'd wear often now but it will always hold a special place in my collection
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