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  1. Seem like a high quality German brand, love the look of them.
  2. Thought I'd lost my Seiko and after looking for ages I'd basically given up. One of those things and fortunately I found it at the bottom of a bag when I wasn't even looking for it.
  3. Wow an incredible amount of work has clearly went into this! Thanks very much
  4. Anything above 42mm is pretty much too big, couldn't imagine wearing a 60mm case
  5. I imagine they're now fairly collectable then? Thanks for some good info.
  6. Seen them in John Lewis if I remember correctly
  7. Quite liked the look of mondaines but seen them in person recently and they just don't do it for me IMO.
  8. Would rather have a few decent watches than one to wear on occasions.
  9. Really confusing reading how others do it but whatever suits isn't it!
  10. Unless it's day date I think you can set it however you like. I like to set the date and then move forward a day to make sure if got it AM or PM if needed.
  11. Gulfman looks amazing! Farrrr too big for my wrists unfortunately.
  12. Wow really good looking Seiko! Will have a look at these, love how it's still a diver with a different face
  13. Originally asked for 10% as I was paying cash and she said she'll take 50 off which was more than what I had asked for
  14. Just bought my new hamilton from them at the weekend. Asked for a discount and gave me 50 quid off!
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