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  1. Only have one watch in my collection with a moon phase indicator, a sorry looking Sekonda, but no idea how to actually correctly set/use the moon display - any tips? Cheers.
  2. Visited Bermondsey Market a few months back. Not the largest, mix of indoor and outdoor stalls but did have a good number of watches, mainly pocket watches, on offer. Didn't see anything that i would say was top quality but did pick up a few tired pocket watches for spares/repair. Stallholders i spoke to were open to a bit of bartering but no absolute bargins bagged. I think the market is held on Friday mornings but worth an hour visit if you are in the area. If you are local, then Spitalfields Market the other side of the Thames on a Thursday also hosts an antiques market with a few watch traders. Research or dont spend loads is my approach - either way i enjoy having a nose now and again round these markets.
  3. My Seiko's - all great watches in my opinion
  4. Thanks Simon2, greatly appreciate the advice.
  5. Hi, Recently bought a Fossil 54 watch but unfortunately the seconds hand has fallen off whilst in the post. "No problem" I thought, i will crack it open and reapply however I cannot figure out how to access the dial face and hands. The back apperture is smaller that the diameter of the dial, so it does drop out through there, but I noted that there is a lip around the edge of the crystal bezel. What i cant figure out is if it is a screw of or pop off bezel and do not want to apply to much force before discovering it was the other way. Any advice on how i can get to the dial face and hands on this? Image below of watch in which you can just see the escaped second hand under the Fossil logo. Thanks for any guidance provided. Cheers
  6. Another quality piece, on someone who clearly shaped much of the future path of watchmaking. Thanks.
  7. Not checked this one in for Mach's consent, so keep it quiet, but not up to the usual high quality of his pieces so he may allow me to continue to have it on lease!
  8. Thanks Daveyboys, I had not seen it advertised before, and was not expecting much as it is presented by Nicholas Parsons, but from your review it sounds worth a watch. Cheers
  9. Just noticed that BBC4 has The Story of Marie Antoinette's Watch on at 10pm on 08/05/17. No idea of quality but TV guide states "the life and work of horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet".
  10. Shame, i was also hoping to win the "most buttons on the side of a watch" contest
  11. Not so fast my friend.... 15 (had to take a shoe off to get there) but accept it might be exempt due to having 5 separate dials.
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