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  1. Good morning (just), Phoibos wavemaster today...
  2. I dress down every day but.. lately I've been wearing some vintage wrist wear. Trying some new straps for a new lease of life. Today, ERC, German, little else known. Long live the golden oldies!
  3. That's real pretty looking thing
  4. Good morning, Sea-Gull 19 jewel hand wound..
  5. Good morning, Sturmanskie (?) Gagarin commemorative...
  6. Good morning, Phoibos wavemaster, not had an airing for a while.. I want this watch, still see a few about but pricey. Lovely thing..
  7. Good morning, Vostock Amphibia today as the rain has returned!!
  8. Back to my running so a shout out to the Skmei, survived all sorts of abuse and bad weather this year.. Tonight I will be counting down on my Seiko Presage. Happy new year all!
  9. Same as yesterday for me, trust everyone had a great day!
  10. Good morning, Orient Mako v1 still a lovely thing..
  11. What a day. Hope it starts slowing down for Christmas!! This is what I'm wearing..
  12. I do like a field watch! But the big red crown.. I know why it's the way it is, but I'm just not sure about it.
  13. Good morning, gorgeous Seiko Presage today...
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