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  1. Good morning, vintage Bulova... date's right, day's wrong. Can I be bothered to change it??
  2. Citizen 'Eagle 7' first watch I bought - with my first weeks wages! Still running beautifully some 35 years later.
  3. Good morning, Orient Mako mk1 Pepsi a firm favourite...
  4. Thanks chaps, for got about watch gecko.. they're nice (pricey) but look like great quality.
  5. Hi folks, Thinking about an occasional bracelet option for this Seiko land Proxpex. It's a mix of brushed and polished. Any suggestions of style that might suit? I've seen a nice brushed oyster style, but not sure it would look right...
  6. Good morning, Orient Mako mk1 for me...
  7. Good morning, Avi8 auto 'Flyboy' on a nato today...
  8. Good morning, Vintage Roga, swiss 17 jewel today...
  9. Good morning, Seiko 5 sport this morning (old pic)
  10. Good morning, this Seiko Presage this morning...
  11. An old favourite! Orient Mako mk1 (mk2 movement supposed to be better but I find this excellent)..
  12. Good morning, Seiko Prospex today...
  13. Great little 2nd hand buy this. Rugged Timex Expedition quartz, got lots of outside jobs today..
  14. Good morning, an old Bulova auto today and yesterday...
  15. The condition that's in, is remarkable... very handsome watch!
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