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  1. Good morning, an old Bulova auto today and yesterday...
  2. The condition that's in, is remarkable... very handsome watch!
  3. Thanks @WRENCH although the day does wave back and forth, it only changes the date if I don't wind on too much...I admit it, I'm losing my marbles
  4. Hi folks, I am getting a new strap for this old Bulova auto that I haven't worn in some time. What is troubling me is how to set day and date..! It's semi quick set, so will roll over again if wound back and forth from 12 to 9pm if you get me. But both day and date change together and it's driving me mad, think I'm losing it. Is it something obvious, almost too scared to ask?? OK, OK.. it doesn't change the day if I don't wind it on too far... Would anyone believe me if I said it wasn't doing that before..? No, neither would I
  5. Good morning, finally replaced the battery in this old Seiko chronograph..
  6. Good morning, Aevig Corvid this bright sunny morning...
  7. I do remember seeing a thing on youtube that went something like each body has it's own individual magnetic field, that can vary greatly and have strange effects on the environment... It was suggesting that this may be one reason behind some people seeing ghosts. However, I think it was the same channel that had a 'documentary' on the fake moon landings!! Do you see dead people??
  8. Good morning, Roga 17 jewel manual wind today...
  9. Good morning, a real beautiful day here and a beauty of a watch, Seiko Presage. Have a great one...
  10. Good morning, G-Shock DW5600... roll on Friday!
  11. Good morning, Oris big crown pointer date..
  12. It looks absolutely mint, has it been refurbished? A year older than me and I look bloody terrible...
  13. Good morning, Orient Mako this beautiful morning...
  14. Welcome! Loved Anglesey, when we went to a little bay right in the north last year.. stunning! Enjoy the forum..
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