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  1. Good morning, AVI-8 auto flyboy, with that lovely textured dial...
  2. Good morning, an oldie now but a goodie. Mako mk1
  3. Good morning, Seiko Prospex for me. Enjoy Friday...
  4. Good morning. Presage today.. roll on Friday...
  5. Good morning, this is where it all started for me in 1987. Citizen 'eagle-7'
  6. Good morning, Phoibos Wave Master.
  7. Good morning, old RW from my 40th..
  8. Beautiful morning, SKX007...
  9. Hi all, I was watching some rubbish over the weekend when an advert for Sekonda caught my eye, a new model 'Midnight Blue'. The ad clearly showed that the second hand was sweeping, although this is a quartz watch, model 1634. Is this some ultra high frequency 'precisionist type-thing' going on here (not likly for £70).. or is some computer trickery going on! Any ideas? The ad is easily found on the internet but here's a link if it works
  10. Good morning, Little Russian job this morning...
  11. Just looked on Ebay - between £195 and £245 wonder how much they were from Timex.
  12. Good morning, Orient Mako with it's super comfortable bracelet is still a go-to regular for me..
  13. That bronze looks to be going a lovely colour
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