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  1. A simple 3 hander, Aevig Corvid. STP 1-11 auto
  2. I've been in printing for the last 30 years, eventually managing, and now it's going to the wall. Because of length of service I'm told I'm well paid for what I do (who knew!) so there's nowhere to go. I'm now studying for AAT accounting exams, completely different but it's a way out!
  3. Changing circumstances have kept me off this forum for a while - and I've missed it!! The reality of having to retrain for a different career at fifty something, is surprisingly scary and I've had little time to think about watches. Still, it's not all doom and gloom but it does focus your perspective! I'm done with buying 200 quid watches, my once 40+ collection is being reduced to one box I'll wear regularly and my mental wish list has been completely torn up. I sold a few, one Presage that I didn't get on with in the flesh (I will replace with another model at some point), and have singled out another 10-15 that are to go. I will keep my small box of vintage and still have my eye on a vintage Omega some time in the future. I'm actually looking forward to formulating a single box of regular wearers but it's cirtainly a change of strategy! ...anyway I wish you all well and hope to be more of a regular on here once more!
  4. Hope this beast doesn't get too heavy while lifting all the pints on a boys Jolly-Up this afternoon... Have a great weekend everyone.
  5. Good morning, grabbed the Bambino before running out the door. Will have to adjust the date on the train... roll on Friday!
  6. Good morning, this old Seiko 5 still has some decent lume...
  7. Good morning, Oris big crown date pointer. Have a good one all...
  8. Welcome, some absolute classics you have there already! Be nice to see them in the 'What are you wearing' sections...
  9. Good morning, Candino quartz today...
  10. Wow, certainly different... but I like it.
  11. A mechanical alarm. Personally I hate a digital watches incessant tinny beeping and these days it's in that pitch I find harder to hear anyway. Poljot and Seiko Bell-matic had great mechanical alarms, am still on the lookout for a nice condition one that I can afford.
  12. Good morning, green really pops this morning on this Seiko Prospex...
  13. Good morning, Vostok for me today too. Have a great weekend...
  14. Mmm.. buy 3, that's a good idea, I'll get on to Cousins. She expects it to be sorted by next week for her Cocktail night with the school mums.. I mean PTA meeting... Cheers
  15. In my defence I was being rushed... but my watch enthusiast credentials with wifey were thrown out of the window when I smashed the glass on her beloved Michael Kors bit of fake bling. Just changed the battery and used a case back press to get it back on... wrong size or misplaced die I guess... bosh. After reassuring her that it was no problem and I'd sort it, I can't get an acurate diameter before I remove the glass. - And being smashed I'm thinking the glass will come out in bits. I have digital calipers, so would measuring the 'aperture' give me an accurate measurement of the glass diameter? Or can someone offer advice of some other way of getting it? Thanks in advance
  16. Ah I see... with all your exquisite offerings, I must have been bedazzled.
  17. Good morning, Aevig Corvid field watch for my trek to the station...
  18. Very good result. I particularly liked that model when it came up on a wruw... Now looking even better! Well done sir.
  19. Good morning, bit of a hair puller this old Rotary...
  20. I think even a foolish person that does no research before buying, should be pretected from misrepresentation.
  21. That's a cop-out by Sotheby's to put it mildly, quite shocking.
  22. I have an older big crown pointer date, and love it, great for many situations too. The 65 is a beauty and would edge it if I was buying... unless I could afford both of course!!
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