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  1. My luminox stopped so I took the battery out. Unfortunately I now can't find the battery. Can anyone please tell me which replacement battery I should get thanks Chas
  2. I am amazed no one has snapped it up. I wish i had bought it instead of the omega deville coaxial I have just got. Really beautiful watch
  3. Watch club off bond street I have traded with them twice without a problem.
  4. I was amazed that he did it all with tweezers. Incredibly steady hands and something I couldn't do
  5. Thanks - interesting Like the video that follows - how to service a Rolex at home
  6. Yes definitely a bluish redish orange.
  7. How uncomplicated is that? Changing the time when the clock goes on. I gave my gshock away as I couldn't work out how to change the time or work out when was high tide in Iceland etc
  8. Most automatics have a reserve greater than 24 hours if they have been fully wound. 90% of my watches for the last 50 years have been automatic and now of them has ever stopped overnight. It might be that your watch is running dry and needs a good service and lube
  9. Both very nice watches but my choice would be the omega as I think it would be easier to trade/sell when you but a Rolex submariner. The Tudor I think would have a smaller market to people who know the quality of the brand. The breitling superoceans resale value would disappoint. Nice watch better bought second hand so someone else has taken the hit. But..........try both and buy with your heart. Once on your wrist you will know which one "ticks" all the boxes.
  10. I bet if you buy the Graham you will love it until the novelty wears off and then will regret buying it.
  11. I dont mind admitting that if I am spending a few £k I definitely am a watch brand snob. One reason being the resale value
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