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  1. If you had said "oles" @Bricey would have spotted them oles in a flash. They don't have holes in the Fens or ills for that matter
  2. A wooden watch. I bet its a bugger having to creosote it every few years.
  3. I had a Breitling Avenger 2 which I think was 18mm thick. I clonked it on just about every door frame. Being top heavy it also flopped about on my wrist unless I had it tighter than was comfortable so I sold it.
  4. @Briceydoesn't you know who from the U S of A have a speedy reduced? Hence hands across the pond.
  5. And of course..........hands across the "pond"
  6. Mmmmm Christina Trevanion.
  7. Stick. The speedmaster is a much nicer looking watch than the panda. Speedy is beautiful. The panda dial to me just looks wrong with the Omega logo etc at 3 o'clock.
  8. Quite a chunky beast weighing in at just over 9oz. Hmmmm, I haven't quite got that image in one of your previous posts out of my head yet.
  9. You can't beat elastication..............particularly in the trouser department.
  10. I agree with your comments. I can't think when I looked at someone's watch and thought it looked too small. On the other hand (wrist) I see plenty of examples of overhanging lugs and watches that look far too big. A lot depends on the style of the watch. I tried on a 45.5mm Omega seamaster planet ocean recently and it fitted perfectly on my 7.75 inch flat wrist. I have a 42mm watch though which is all dial and it looks enormous. Maybe we should have an additional couple of sensitively named comment buttons for the daily parade - "portly" and "twiggy" or similar.
  11. @Jet Jetski - fascinating question and I agree with most of the comments made by others. What I need to remember:- Don't buy a watch you haven't tried on. I have admired Panerai watches on other peoples wrist but when I tried one on it just wasn't for me. Don't buy on a whim. I bought a £3k+ watch while wandering round a shopping centre. Got it home and wondered why on earth I had bought it. Wore it half a dozen times and consigned it to storage. Buy the watch you really want. If you can't afford it, don't buy something else thinking it will scratch the itch. Leave it until you find something affordable you really like. Buy with your heart not your head. For months I have been looking at 2 watches that I have tried on. My heart says one but my head says go for the other. Buying both isn't an option and I really can't decide what to do. For expensive watches buy preowned with box and papers.
  12. They are both beautiful watches. Very nice indeed. Well done that man Some absolutely cracking watches coming out today.
  13. One of the straps that @JayDeep used on his meistersinger to close off the lugs to case gap would be perfect.
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