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  1. https://g-shock.co.uk/ga-2110su-3aer Available in lots of colours c£110 and customizable.
  2. Very nice indeed. A Tudor that has sensible hands
  3. I wont be greedy so will settle for this Patek Philippe world time although I would prefer one in rose gold. It would only cost the same as 7 months in the care home where my mother has lived in Hertford for 3 years so it's a bargain. https://www.watchfinder.co.uk/Patek Philippe/World Time/5130/1R-001/26177/item/182406?searchId=4d114cf6-aba4-4e41-be2c-4852964d43c9&rank=2 I have seen the Urwerke watches in a shop in Bond St London. Interesting but I was horrified by the prices
  4. You might have difficulty finding a uk dealer that has the one you want in stock I could find a 29er classic anywhere
  5. Money no object - I would buy Big Ben and put it on a low loader to follow me round
  6. Something completely different. Very nice indeed She might let you wear the explorer later....if you have been good.
  7. https://www.watchfinder.co.uk/Meistersinger/Perigraph/BM1007/45582/item/159438?gclid=Cj0KCQjwzYGGBhCTARIsAHdMTQyudfaoi6_XvBS1ks-VjiixWYuAhWYkKY_FPw78wx_WmAVMW9OfVD0aAnxDEALw_wcB I had an 01 with short lugs. The lugs on this paragraph are huge. You might have to get someone to make you a strap If you scroll through the photos on the link, the penultimate one showing the back of the case really shows how big the lugs are on some meistersingers
  8. Have you looked at the photos Avo and Yokel posted of their meistersinger watches. I know they are different models metris and 02 but both look ok to me.
  9. Personally I would go for a one piece strap.
  10. Further to my complaint that seiko quality has gone down hill ie the bezel markings don't line up properly, I took the attached photo and it all looks fine. I can't work out why it doesn't look right in the flesh. Must be my eyes? If I close one eye everything looks ok perfectly lined up.
  11. You were right. I should have bought the Cartier. I am getting bored with the Breitling, lovely watch but not exciting Oh well just have to wait until funds are replenished.
  12. Quality - preowned Calibre de Cartier or Rolex air king.
  13. Gardening for me so it's the seiko today
  14. That is the nicest looking Tudor I have ever seen. Beautifully crisp and elegant. It also isn't plagued with a stubby truncated hour hand. Very nice indeed. Bearing in mind your incoming shipment, if it doesn't get much wrist time I will be happy to help out. Ps stop looking out of the bedroom window. The postman is bound to knock. Does the colour change in different light?
  15. You get all that old bollocks even if you are ordering a coffee and a sticky bun these days. Look forward to the pleasure of getting a fully watch back that looks like new again.
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