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  1. The wandering hours complication gets its name from the passage of a number showing the hour, across an arc marked out in minutes; it takes one hour for the number to cross the arc, and as it disappears on the far right, the next hour rotates into position at the far left. just in case anyone else was confused by the wandering hand complication mentioned
  2. Interesting, thanks for the post. I like it but would need to see one in the flesh. Apologies but I didn't understand what he meant with "wandering hours complication". It looked reasonably well made and it's nice to see something different for a change. I suppose we would be hit with 20% import duty and shipping costs which would take it to £1000ish.
  3. Breit-not-bling 42mm superocean today. Not sure why but I can't seem to gel with this watch. I can't think of anything wrong with it but it doesn't stir my cockles!
  4. I can just imagine glancing at that watch and thinking "it's nearly 20 to 10 I had better get a move on to make my 10am dental appointment".
  5. Love the calculator. Lots of non linear scales - proper engineering and mathematical skills despite having to make them in his spare room. "In 1908—Harold began commercial production of circular calculators in a spare room of the Fowler house in Sale which was converted into a shop." (Courtesy of wikipedia)
  6. I quite like it. Very industrial looking. It would have been good to see some decent photos.
  7. The Rolex situation is certainly not improving. Unless you happen to have a tame AD, the chances of buying at rrp looks impossible. I fancy a submariner or a sea dweller. The rrp of the sub with date is £7300 which is not unreasonable. Today I have seen a 2021 unworn submariner at a grey market dealer in Guildford for £12000. It just kills it stone dead for me.
  8. Rarely see a modern Rolex on anything other than a stainless steel bracelet. I think the black rubber (?) strap you have on your submariner looks absolutely brilliant. It's perfect and really compliments the watch. Is it a Rolex or aftermarket strap?
  9. Me thinks maybe a bit of leg pulling going on here so, mindful of your delicate condition beware @bricey
  10. Need to put some tea or coffee in that cup. Nice watch though.
  11. Thank you. Amazes me how these things were developed and produced. My sister has one that is about the size of a can of beans made by Carl Zeiss that she found in a hedge.
  12. Apologies for being nosey but in the first photograph there is a cylindrical object that looks like a calculator/comptometer. I hope you don't think me rude but what is it?
  13. Thank you. I will have a look in the morning.
  14. https://oracleoftime.com/eone-bradley-watch-review/ This must qualify. I had one and ended up giving it to the RNIB.
  15. I am going to be looking at every watch to spot none linear scales. The joys of being an obsessive. I remember log scales on slide rules which were invented in the 1600's and allowed fairly accurate calculations to be carried out in seconds.
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