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  1. Very nice watch which has been an icon for a long time. Kensington Watches have some interesting stock without over the top ticket prices.
  2. By gum @sulie that's what I call a lie in. Not surprised after all your very early am posts
  3. Good luck. I hope the operation goes well.
  4. @ugg the original post photos shows no serarations on bezel between 2 and 4, 8 and 10???
  5. I had one of the modern fuel injected Bonnevilles after many BMW's and Hondas. Oh dear. I did a couple of 100 miles on it and took it back.
  6. Do you by any chance have a samsung tab A tablet. I have a samsung phone and thought that was the one I should get. The only use would be the internet, messages and emails
  7. Now you are a mentor can I ask a horological question? What is your view on Stephen Hawkins theory "the arrow of time". I must say that I find it difficult to comprehend. Or should I wait until you are a grand wizard?
  8. I need to get a tablet. My windows 10 laptop never stops downloading rubbish from Microsoft courtesy of my data allowance. It also keeps asking for passwords which I find irritating.
  9. My local watch shop has all the new watch stock on display in the window but the place where all the preowned are normally displayed is empty and signs in the window saying they have been removed because of the hot weather.
  10. Thank you @yokel I will get my laptop fired up tomorrow and read your experiences.
  11. Thank you for prompting me to look on chrono24. I would never buy from abroad so I clicked on uk dealers on the site and it opens up all their stock to view. Absolutely brilliant. As you will have deduced I am pretty hopeless when it comes to the internet. I have already found a dealer who is selling rolex at more realistic prices
  12. Excellent. I should have typed IWC not VC. The latter is definitely well and truly out of my league.
  13. Thank you for the article which I will read now. In view of the difficulty in buying a new oyster perpetual datejust with it's ridiculous preowned ticket prices, the IWC is making me think again. Trouble is that if I go into watch club "just to look" I now what will happen.
  14. I wish I had thought about resale value more in the past. I see a watch, fall in love with it and then a few months later I get bored with it. I bought a black stainless rolex gmt2 from mappin and web and traded it a month or so later for a JLC master compressor for £1000 less than I paid for it. Every watch I have ever bought has sold for a lot less. I find watches easy to buy and difficult to sell. I dont think your collection is boring in the least but must admit my gaze always ends up top left mmmm absolutely beautiful.
  15. I have seen many 2121 oysterperpetuals on sale at dealers for c£9500. Personally I am not willing to pay the mark up. I would rather buy a Ball injenuer which looks pretty much the same at a fraction of the price ( although the name does remind me of the saying - yesterday I couldnt even spell engineer but now I is one.) I hope the overpriced OP's sit in the dealers windows until the bubble bursts.
  16. Thank you. It appears that I am looking in the wrong places. I usually look at watch club, watchfinder an watches of distinction.
  17. Thanks. I am going to go for the Rolex OP datejust. The IWC is beautiful but I think the novelty would wear off and I bet it would be difficult to move on. I will declare an interest in the rolex and see how I get on. Very disappointing to see so many 2021 unworn rollies in dealers at very inflated prices. Maybe I will buy a private preowned watch. The IWC is £10,500 which in thought wasnt a bad price but if I sold it on later I would probably lose a shed load on it. It's a beautiful watch but I will go for a rolex as a safer option.
  18. It's a beautiful watch. I hope you dont think I am being rude but I dont feel the strap does it justice. Sorry for all the questions but what diameter is the case? Also do you know when the "lugs" were added. Finally, did the watch originally have a front cover? Your watch has sparked a real interest in me that perhaps I should look for a small gold pocket watch and modify it for the wrist. Exciting Ps I am never quite sure what these emojis are supposed to mean. I sent what I thought was a thumbs up to someone which turned out to be a one fingered offensive gesture
  19. Did they give you any indication how long would have to wait? I must say that searching online I am not impressed by the number of 2021 rolex watches that are being offered for sale at way above rrp. People have obviously bought them, left them stickered up and punted them to a dealer unless the dealers are getting them direct. I still wonder if taking a day trip to Geneva would be any more fruitful. It would be handy if there was a swiss based member of TWF who could advise.
  20. Bronze case ? Very nice Another interesting watch I can see the appeal of the camera look.
  21. Heard of them before but never seen one. They look interesting
  22. Thanks. I think you are right. I need to make the sensible choice. Still going to have a peep at the IWC though An option I hadn't considered with all the benefits but discreet.
  23. The 2021 price for the datejust as per the photograph in the original post is £6150.
  24. Yep. You are right the rolex is much more practical and affordable. I wish I had taken your advice last time and bought the calibre de Cartier instead of the breitling superocean. I could have spent all day admiring the beautiful blue cabachon in the crown
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