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  1. That sounds like a good idea. Less chance of frying a quartz movement.
  2. My first thought when I saw the 3 watches to vote for was that the Cartier didn't fit in with any of @JayDeep's previous purchases.
  3. Hope you don't mind me saying, I much prefer the green rubber strap it seems to lighten the overall appearance. The black one looks a bit staid.
  4. I had to swap from phone to tablet to see the little holes. Pretty impressed with your manual dexterity - I realised I was holding my breath while you were picking up one of the hands !! It's great being able to see the watch build progress. Looking forward to the next video
  5. I would go for the Cartier Tank or Santos in XL. They are both in my view beautiful watches and you aren't likely to see anyone else wearing one. I have had my Roadster for about 15 years and have never seen another one. I like the Meistersinger but prefer the more simple single handed watch which is what they are all about without any extra complications. I can't see anything on the Robert Robin which sets it apart from dozens of other watches except the lugs which seem to have been an afterthought.
  6. I agree with @JayDeep your Edox is perfection. The bezel, lugs and case are all shaped to flow beautifully. Never heard of Edox before but very nice indeed.
  7. Now that the market in some watches has moved to a situation where paying more than rrp has become commonplace for a number of makers, how would you insure a watch for what you had actually paid? (Eg Rolex, AP, Patek etc) If you lost the watch or had it stolen how would the insurance company decide what to pay out? I assume rrp minus a % for wear. Funny situation to say the least. I would appreciate your views.
  8. I love my mestersinger watch. 43mm automatic, luminous face and easy to read the time.
  9. I listened to a question and answer session. It was very good and an enjoyable 30 mins. Thanks for the pointer.
  10. Another good video - I wish my hands were as steady as yours.
  11. Is it shockproof? @Thrudge is off to Flamborough Head for the weekend. If you are quick you might catch him before he set off. I am sure he wouldn't mind testing it for you I do wonder why the numbers on the bezel don't line up with anything in particular.?
  12. Flamborough "Head". Mmmmm being a gshock it will probably survive the drop but make sure the tide is going out or it will be a problem retrieving it. Good luck
  13. I subscribe to the JayDeep and Bricey Team. Worth a look, they are like chalk and cheese
  14. Nothing of the sort! Beautiful well proportioned watch at XL. The small version is a different kettle of fish - To me the crown looks too big, the strap is thin (like the one I had on my omega deville prestige coaxial which I changed for a £620 polished bracelet which looks like its made out of tin foil) and the watch isn't what you would call "substantial"
  15. I have been on here since November 2016 and enjoy the friendly banter. I am quite happy for people to post whatever they like. I certainly don't take offence, everyone is entitled to their opinion and most of the digs are fairly tongue in cheek. I don't think your post was swept under the carpet and it gave me food for thought. My conclusion having read a few articles about Hublot is that they probably aren't for me at the moment. I have decided which watch I am going to buy and I will definitely get some flack on here when I get it but its my money to do with what I like. Best wishes Chas
  16. Between this Rolex and your Tudor Glamour, I am split between which I would choose. I would need to try them on.............I could pm you my address. I am quite happy to pay the postage. Both (to me) beautiful watches. That looks brilliant. It has taken the look of of an already nice watch to a new level.
  17. Maybe a secret admirer of Rolex and Hublot watches Bit like the Shakespeare quote:-"The lady doth protest too much, me thinks"
  18. A real stand out watch. Congratulations on your new purchase.
  19. Is there a waiting list? That would obviously affect my decision
  20. I like the fact that Cartier watches are absolutely recognisable and don't look like anything else. Other than Hublot and Panerai I struggle to think of any other except specific models like the Royal Oak.
  21. I think you have summed up the problem with buying a bronze watch, the uncertainty of how it will age and possibly discolour. As an engineer with Clan Line, I saw a fair few impellors/bearings/castings which had been in contact with sea water for years and some faired well while others didn't. Tudor are a well respected manufacturer and no doubt they will have tested corrosion resistance of the alloy they are using. I doubt though that the watch will retain its polished appearance.
  22. Now that is what you call patina and no mistake. What a beauty. When you said you wanted a green/black "watch". Did you mean a green/black "wrist?
  23. Well done. I enjoyed watching your video and look forward to the next one
  24. I gather my Franck Muller conquistador has an eta movement (embellished with a platinum rotor?) I love the watch and it keeps good time. Its 14ct white gold and believe it or not the new leather strap was infused with vanilla. A tad expensive at £500ish and my only regret is that the smell has faded over the years. Best wishes @muppet.com
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