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  1. Stunning, looks great on Jubilee. Been contemplating one of these for a while.
  2. I have the older model and had chance to conpare that to the newer (larger edition). The new dial, Sapphire and bracelet really enhance the overall quality. Sure the 36mm will be even better. Super pick up!
  3. Thanks. I must say I find it nothing but legible. Possibly more than some of my other watches. The countdown bezel is also very useful for timing my attempts at cooking! Very nice indeed.
  4. Decent lunch break it was too. Unbelievable quality for the money really.
  5. I am on the fence between these two. For the money an SKX is very hard to beat really!
  6. Hi all, I joined the forum a couple of years ago. Not exactly an epic poster then, so I thought I might reintroduce my self (& my current watches). Me, well I live up north, just outside of Manchester. I have 3 kids, who other than watches, work and the odd pint, are my main hobby! Here are my current watches Omega Speedmaster Pro - Needs no introduction really and having owned a 145.022 prior to this, a firm favourite of mine. Sinn 104 - A great versatile, strap monster! A lot of watch for the money and good water resistance to boot! Rolex 114270 - Another classic. Although initially I was concerned about the size, I love it! Smiths Everest - My wedding watch, a mainstay for me. Sinn 656 - Another great watch. Solid build quality and a bit of a beater for me really. Here it is next to my U1 (sold earlier this year). G-Shock GW-M5610 - For any impending zombie apocalypse or to set the time on my other ;) SKX013 - Another no explanation required I suppose. Having owned the 007, I prefer this due to my wrist size. To be honest, It’s probably the only watch you ever need! And lastly, just purchased a GS SBGR089 - Fancied something more dressy and this looked awesome in the flesh (stolen photo)! Anyway, look forward to joining in again. Hopefully I won’t have any app related issues this time. Gavin
  7. Sinn city! Have a great weekend.
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