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  1. Of course. The information was absolutely useless.
  2. Definitely not, unless It’s after a night out. I have worn an Apple Watch to track sleep once, no idea why!
  3. Hi Neil. Welcome! Be interesting to see what you have at the moment, any photos?
  4. You guys should watch James from Robin Henry Watches. He’s pretty new to the YouTube Mullarkey but a nice bloke.
  5. Changed up as a new strap landed. Rubber B, super quality.
  6. Classic and the colour of that dial!! Really pops. Enjoy.
  7. Direct off the Timefactors store hopefully. Think they are £360. Each to their own as you say, however I do agree about the shirt!
  8. Due for sale this weekend. Looks a winner to me. At 38mm and 45mm L2L, it could be a fantastic buy. Anyone else hoping to get one Sunday?
  9. Agreed. That is crazy but very unlucky would be waiting that long.
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