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  1. Aloha , Hey you have a good problem so far,...... But Wait till your problem starts to get .... Like Mine Here. Keep going till ......... " Your problem really gets to be like this one and a lot more ......... ". And Again And Again And Again And Again
  2. Note really all true ...because Seiko did buy out owned this company and this was their Watch products.
  3. Sure they are and many worth the money. And you have a vast variety to choose from in ....... Different Models and Purpose. A Few to see :
  4. Aloha happy, This is a Citizens Aqualand C020 .... The Worlds First Watch ever made with a .....Depth Sensor in in 1986. That is what is called a ....Depth Sensor. Do you see those 4 Springs well they fit into this Movement and dropped into the Case when set all together and used and water hit's the Sensor it activates the Sensor. Springs fit on that Circle on the side in that case When all assembled it looks like this and has 3 - Batteries to it. Aloha , Appreciate it and Thank you. This a better picture of it ........ sabailand
  5. ALOHA , This is my latest fix a Citizens C020 Aqualand. No straps yet but found a Mess. Louis / Longbike
  6. The latest Fix today Citizens C020 on a Mess LongBike
  7. Aloha, Yes that is right and on today on ........ The Yahoo Home Page for announcement of it's return Showing. " Captain Willard is coming home again ".
  8. Aloha , That is a very nice sample NigelP. I got this SNAD08 7T62-OJR0 years ago of a women seller on the Bay for .... $80.00 USD. It still works great hardly is used because I am really not a Gold Watch Guy. I have used it oh maybe about Five times since I have it. I really want a Silver case on if I can get it yet. The Watch came with all ... Three Booklets , Card , Elite Club Card , even the Hang Tag. I almost had it traded for a Silver Black Dial but he changed his mind last minute. Aloha Louis LongBike
  9. Aloha , Just how Big is That One ...?? Louis You know for some reason lately I have noticed that Seiko and Citizens have been kind of CHINTZY ... with their .... Watch Boxes on the really good models. Remember the ... Seiko and Citizens Atomic Watch's and the Aqualand Boxes and those .... Blue Angels and so on that once many came in..... ?? Louis
  10. Aloha Yanto, Many just are not comfortable with that Nick Name on Watch Forums with those that know about it better then most.
  11. Aloha Finally got this last one done and need a Strap for it or Bracelet. ( Started with these and all now completed.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Citizens Aqualand C023 Last Parts Watch : Completed Watch
  12. Aloha Shark Mesh is a good one. Or .....Soft Bonito but ...Dusty Aloha Sir, Very Nice that one ..... lewie .... (P) Hopefully Next on My List Louis / LongBike
  13. You should be looking for one like this or similar to this. A...SUWA or Non-SUWA Depends on just what you want. ( NOTE: Please refrain from calling it a Turtle. This was a a Nick Name given to them by Asian- Philippine People. They are just called Seiko 6309-7040 Diver Watch's that is it. The Turtle is a Revision of these and Different in Originality with the Dial ....X on it. Thank you Louis / LongBike
  14. Aloha , Did you mean the Big Gold Object on it.... ? If so that is the ...Depth Sensor that is the watch system for diving. Lot of people still can not figure that out yet because it looks sort off odd there. This the Sensor They contact those ...Four Dot's on the Board. Then the Whole assembly does into the case. This movement drops into the case and those springs take the ...Pressure to contact the Sensor on the Board. This the Board with the ...Sensor Springs already installed. The Sensor is that on the Right Side , the square Module V224.
  15. Aloha That was a very sneaky shred of Silicone that was on my desk that hitched a ride.....
  16. Aloha, Been a while since my last posting but up again. I got a couple Aqualand C-Series watch's again and did the whole Service thing to them and now thy are up and running. Aloha and thanks for looking, Louis / LongBike First is a ....C020 Sliver that just needed a good service and it is working again and keeping time. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Next is Citizens Aqualand C023 .... Black / Gold
  17. Aloha, I am a Vietnam U.S. Navy VET and we wore just about anything that could keep good time and was Monsoon Safe. The basic Issue watch was just trash to have around for use. Many Special Forces wore Seiko Watch's like the famed .... Seiko 6119-8100 MACV-SOG and others.
  18. Mossad is a very High Tech and Interesting section of the Israeli Intelligence System and very efficient organization. Not to many want to deal with what they do for the Country and Protection of Israel.
  19. Aloha , Friday here today so this for today. Aloha Louis / LongBike
  20. Well actually it has a ...6309-7040 Dial in it but looks like the old 6309 movement was replaced in it. But it is a good score also. Louis
  21. Aloha, I got another watch and this one has a bonus in it. It came with a very good .... 6303 A / with Hacking in it. Got it serviced and going and working great now. Later will change the Insert on it. Aloha Louis / LongBike
  22. When Seiko/ Citizen started to make their watch they use Swiss Movements that were imported to Japan. They re-stamped the movements then made the watchs. They were the ..... 8, 9, 10, ... F - Movements file:///C:/Users/Longbike/Pictures/vintagecitizenmovementtablev6-0secure.pdf Below will explain about these movements used : https://sweep-hand.org/2013/05/07/citizens-first-wrist-watch-movement/ Louis
  23. Aloha gimli, Well here are a few of them for you to see.
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