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  1. Any ideas why this day wheel is not lining up with the date, which looks to be correctly aligned with the crown? Surely the day wheel can only sit on the cog in one way? Is there anyway to adjust this? Very odd. It’s and NH36 movement and apparently a correct and official Seiko part for this movement. It’s not that far out but it will annoy the hell out of me!
  2. PRC200 on a rather nice genuine croc strap. Makes it look like a fancy pants JLC or something.
  3. A bucket of steam is also essential.
  4. As in the scope of the project has crept beyond my initial idea. Sorry, probably management speak! I’d suggest putting some time in on YouTube (how to change a watch crystal, how to remove watch hands, full strip downs and rebuilds) and you’ll get an idea of what gear you need.
  5. Something with no day or date so I can enjoy this last day before the madness and stress begins again.
  6. The caseback came from an eBay store called thewatchbureau. It was sand blasted so I polished it down to match the case. Engraving will be done by a pro in Manchester for about £70 if I get brave enough to pull the trigger. Engraving will be inspired by this, which I took from a poster (designed to help the US Airforce identify Japanese fighter aircraft) and edited. I’ve named my mod the Type Zero! Another eBay purchase I think. It’s a Sternkreuz. More info about the history of the Type Zero aircraft here if anyone is interested.
  7. As stated above, be careful of scope creep! This project is getting a little out of hand - I’m waiting for a black kanji day wheel and I’m plucking up the courage to get the recently arrived solid caseback engraved. I don’t even think I’ll wear it, it’s like an exhibition piece and it’s been tonnes of fun to research and put together.
  8. I sent mine back. The lug width is way too wide for such a thin and vintage looking piece. The proportions are wrong in my opinion, something in the design just didn’t feel right. The quality seemed good though and the individual design elements are well executed. The service was great also so even if you wanted to try it on you can always return it for a refund if it’s not the one. I would certainly come back to the brand for the right model at the right price.
  9. Maritime MS-1 for some weekend fun! Happy birthday OP!
  10. Man alive, have you seen the new Citizen calibre 0100? Incredible. Shame about the price. Maybe one for your new quartz collection @JayDeep! Accurate to +/- 1 second per year, the most accurate wristwatch in the world:
  11. The Autavias look nice but please PLEASE can everyone stop making vintage inspired watches in look-at-me sizes!
  12. Another day on the wrist for this desk diver
  13. A late entry but putting this thing on steel has been a huge distraction today. I can’t stop looking at it!
  14. A fine looking watch. Thankfully a little too large for me at 41mm!
  15. I could easily get wrapped up in collecting vintage Seiko tools, clocks, marketing paraphernalia but I don’t even want to open that can of worms!
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