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  1. Hello folks, been a while since I've ventured on to this board. I've got £1,000 to spend, give or take, on a watch and am after some suggestions please. I've got a Bremont Solo Polished White that I currently use for daily wear and this new-to-me watch will replace that. My current thoughts on the new watch are: - I'd rather not have a leather strap, would prefer a bracelet but would consider other materials; - not a white/cream face as that's too similar to the Bremont; - My Bremont has a 43mm case which fits nicely on my wrist so I wouldn't want to go too much sma
  2. Thanks. Didn't smile this much when buying the last mountain or motor bike. :D
  3. Normally I do - my other hobby purchases are motorbikes and mountain bikes and they're usually purchased with less thought.
  4. After nearly four months of deliberation, I've finally taken the plunge and bought my watch - a Bremont Solo. A tad more expensive than my initial budget of £500, made possible by saving some extra dosh with each passing month and an unexpected bonus. I can't post pics just yet unfortunately. I think this will be the first purchase of many, there's just to much choice. Thanks again for all the advice.
  5. I was tempted by this Hamilton on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272477856173?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Guess I should start learning about all the different movements too.
  6. Normally I'm quite laissez faire with things but if I get into something I have a habit of throwing myself in completely. That said, I do recognise this is an area where I could get properly fleeced. A friend in the office has said that buying a timepiece isn't just about exchanging money for a watch, it's more about the journey you take to decide on the correct one. I guess learning to spot fakes and Frankens is part of that journey and the more a read the more I learn with yet more questions to answer. It's good fun thus far and I'm till undecided on my first significant purchase (de
  7. Talking with a few colleagues in the office about watches, one of whom has a Tag and another a vintage Breitling. The guy with the Tag has been chided that his is fake (I think because he bought it on holiday) - all good natured banter but it got me thinking on how, as a newbie, do you spot a fake, especially if buying privately secondhand.
  8. Finally, after more hours than I'd like to admit, I've narrowed my choice down to the following watches: http://www.chronomaster.co.uk/steinhart/watches/divers-watches/steinhart-ocean-vintage-red/t0207+-+sth-10/ http://www.poljot24.de/en/chronograph-aviator-1-sapphire.html The Steinhart is winning. Thank you for all your helpful posts, I'm sure this won't be the last I tap into TWF wisdom.
  9. My grandfather had three Avia watches. I don't remember much about them except liking them so thanks for stirring the memory. Been looking at watches for most of the day. Even though I'm not in a rush to buy (do prices fall in the January sales?) I can't help but be drawn to reading up on them. I tend to do this with hobbies, if something grabs my interest then I kind of immerse myself into it so I may well start asking what appear to be stupid questions a bit later on. One thing I've noticed about eBay is the volume of watches available, particularly from the USA. This Glycine c
  10. I wish. If anything I'm more undecided than when I started (I mean that in a good way and I did ask for suggestions after all). The only narrowing of choices I've made are I prefer a bracelet to leather and I'm nudging towards a watch that isn't a chronograph. Possibly even something that's 38mm. That Tudor is very nice indeed! More to choose from! It's fair to say that I'm swaying away from the Junkers and even the CW. Decisions decisions.......
  11. This is becoming quite addictive already, there are so many I want. I didn't realize it but I already have three watches (all very entry level but a start nonetheless). I keep coming back to the CW and the Poljot, they *seem* to be a little bit more unusual/unheard of. Having said the above, I like the look of that Longines too. Some problems are nice to have. Thank you all for your input, it all helps add to this pleasurable experience.
  12. Good point. I only actually wear closed cuffs about 5% of the time as cuff links get in the way. I'm also a bit of a tart so whatever I buy will be on show. :D Yep, this will be my only watch (certainly for now) and you're right about some of the chronographs looking busy. Hadn't thought/heard about Hamilton so thanks for the steer. I'd certainly consider used, I like the idea of continuing a watch's story, a la Pulp Fiction. One of the hardest things I'm finding about choosing a watch is what is good and what is an over-priced fashion accessory. For example, what cons
  13. I'm a first time poster so my apologies if my post is something you see on a regular basis. I haven't worn a watch in over 13 years and have been one of those annoying people who uses their phone to check the time. My birthday is approaching and my folks want to get me a watch. Budget is £500 for something that would be worn everyday and I'm looking for suggestions please. So far these three watches have caught my eye (apologies, I can't post links just yet): Junkers G38 Power Reserve Automatic - http://www.watchshop.com/mens-junkers-g38-power-reserve-automatic-watch-6960-4-p99977922.
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