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    D4TTD watch images started 26/05/2019
  2. @Roy, I'm really sorry Roy. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to add an instgram link without all the hashtag rubbish. It's the only way I post images cause I'm a bit old and a bit pants. If you can tell me how to do it I'd be greatful... don't want to have to stop posting
  3. Sorry Roy, dint know it was an issue. I only set up the Instagram account so I could post to the forum when I joined. Also didn't realise I could remove some of the text from the image! Live and learn mon capitan
  4. Late Sunday lunch at lovely local with the family
  5. First strap change in a very long time for the Saphire Sandwich Have great weekend guys n gals
  6. Dress watch for a trip to the office
  7. Black GMT Master II Ceramic today
  8. Still think this one of the most beautiful watches I've ever seen. The Speedmaster Professional.
  9. SKX007 and a full English. Boom.
  10. Black GMT Master II Ceramic today
  11. I know right. Damned savage... I've already given myself a stern talking to, in front of the children, let there be no place to hide for that type. If it persists I'll have no alternative but to pen a strongly worded letter. But you know what, it felt so naughty.
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