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  1. White water tubing! I fell out at every single set of rapids, I drank more river than I wanted too. The problem is my brain still thinks I’m 18! My body tells me the truth, I ache all over.
  2. Mmmm not too sure the strap looks “dressy” enough for the watch.
  3. I’d like some in green please! Its for camouflage you see!
  4. I would have bought it too. Get he gorilla glue out!!
  5. But it has none filled in hands!!!
  6. Thanks for the offer mate, but I have a new one arriving today.
  7. no it wasn’t mate, I was just as bad mind you! I went to kick the dogs tennis ball out of the way, I missed, and ran over it with the electric mower, it jammed between the blade and casing and twisted the drive shaft! One knackered mower and one knackered tennis ball.
  8. New flymo, as I killed the last one.
  9. First single was “Snoopy versus the Red Baron” by the Hotshots (1973) album was Slade, I think it was Slade in flame from the movie of the same name. (1974)
  10. I have sent my Citizen pro master to the service centre for the last 15 years! They will email you a price once they have looked at the watch, then check if you want to go ahead with the repairs, if you decide not to go ahead they will return the watch to you. hope this helps,
  11. A new pair of trainers.
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