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  1. Congratulations Alan, great looking watch. Time to buy another watch box mate. Or tell Mrs Karrusel that Xmas is here soon!
  2. Have had a Mercedes GLE for a few years now, it’s very nice to drive and quick enough for a 2 tonne motor. But it isn’t as comfortable on long trips as my old XC90 Volvo. Probably sell up next year when I retire as I don’t really need a motor where we live. Mrs T will keep her car as she can’t retire yet!! Now if I get a lottery win, I’m having that!
  3. I like the look of that Baltic, I would definitely have one of those. The Citizen, mmmah no just boring!
  4. How dare you Sir!!! Snowflake hands are the Devils spawn!
  5. This might be a bit extreme! Just depends how bad your eyes are.
  6. On the wind down to retirement. Roll on March next year!
  7. This was early on! There is now a pillar drill and a bench grinder added in, as well as a 6” vice.
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