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  1. I’ve had three Tag and never had a problem with them, great grab and go watches. Oh I moved the aqua racer because it looked a bit small. But apart from that itwas great. Mrs T has one as well.
  2. Thank you for another great read, it was very informative and covered rocket transport that I had never heard of before now!
  3. As above ^ I prefer the black dial as well, the black and orange just make it really stand out for me.
  4. First eggs from the “chooks” am I still allowed to call them “chooks”? Or are the hens lives matter protesters going to fire bomb the house!!
  5. Mmm what is this walking Thing that you are talking about? We have horseless carriages now you know chaps!
  6. New additions to the household! Arriving Friday.
  7. Mate you need a bigger mask! We can still see part of your face!!
  8. In the fields at the back of our house.
  9. Beat me to it Alan, I was just about to write the same thing! Great minds and all that.
  10. You ok matey? You need anything sent up? I know a few Of the ITU staff up your way I’m sure Big Bruce would help with your bed bath if required! Seriously if you need anything drop me a PM.
  11. Yip, that’s a lovely looking watch, congratulations.
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