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  1. What do you dip your toast in?........weirdo
  2. I sold an old Xbox on eBay recently, bought by some chancer in Albania! Package sent via eBay, next thing I get a email stating that the plug is dangerous/worn and demanding a refund, he even put up a picture of said cable showing the damage. The problem being it was a different colour cable to what I had sent! I contacted eBay with the photos I had taken before posting showing the cable I had sent was black and not grey as in the buyers picture, but they insisted I accepted the item back, I grudgingly sent the postal returns slip, and surprise, suprise. It hasn’t came back! But again I’ve been out of pocket for six weeks whilst this has been ongoing. Plus the cheeky fu***r left me negative feedback!! My first in 15years of using eBay. I will never sell on there again, they really need to clamp down on these scammers.
  3. My one and only “G” great for gardening, car washing etc.
  4. Lovely looking watch, congratulations, it would’ve been my choice of Rolex as well.
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