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  1. Another jolly jape, was everyone had there own mug for their tea, and no one could use someone else’s cup it just wasn’t on. Anyway, there was this total grumpy prick (can’t remember if it was the same one as in the story above) who used to get on everybody’s tits with his moaning. So one day before tea break we broke into his locker by drilling the pop rivits out of the back of the locker, we then drilled a 2mm hole in the bottom of his mug and filled the hole with candle wax, re riveted the back of the locker and left. Come tea break we made sure everyone was in before grumpy. Now there was a massive urn in the tea room at the far end of the room, that everyone used. We all pretended to be reading the paper whilst watching him fill his mug at the urn, now he only got about five steps away from the urn before the wax melted and his tea dribbled out all over his overall!! He went mental and smashed his mug on the floor, demanding to know who had damaged his cup. Obviously we all denied everything
  2. Definitely send it back mate! FFS it’s only 11:42!!!
  3. I need to set the scene first, @Biker will remember the places I’m on about! At a certain naval base in Scotland in the old days (60s/70s) The toilet blocks in the shithouse was basically a trough with wooden seats on it and a wooden partition between said seats. There was a hole in the wall at either end of the building where the trough entered and exited. The trough had seawater constantly running through it to get rid of all the ****! Well my mate and I being mere nippers at the time had a run in with the base grumpy bast**d! And he gave us hell. So we waited until he went for his morning read of the paper in the bog, we cut a piece of two inch thick cork that was used for insulation to slightly smaller than the width of the trough, we then piled oakum (tarred hemp used for caulking wooden decks) onto the cork. Now the big doors opened outwards, so my mate went in and sneaked a block of wood against the grumpy basta**s door just as I set the oakum alight and floated it down the trough setting his arse on fire!! We then ran like f**k and denied all knowledge of the incident! Oh how we laughed!
  4. Send it back mate, the dates not working!!
  5. Been all over the world, including the unsavoury parts, and never had a problem with the watch I was wearing. Mind you I was carrying this as well!
  6. Teg62x


    It’s ok, not as good as sons, but lots of the same characters in it.
  7. Teg62x


    Picked up shopping for the in-laws as they are both over 75 and the mother in law is on chemotherapy. Delivered shopping to their back door and gave them a wave through the window. went home and had some soup for lunch, (made it last week and froze batches) did some washing and hung the clothes out. Watched an episode of Mayans (American biker thing) took the washing in and played in the meadow with the dogs. made some cheese scones for Mrs T coming home. went for a walk with Mrs after dinner. caught up on TWF!
  8. I’ve used them twice now, and the service has been fantastic on both occasions.
  9. Hope that pheasant was two metres away!
  10. I’ve not really had a watch on the last couple of days, but going to get the in-laws shopping this morning and grabbed “old faithful”
  11. Not my taste either , but it’s your money, if you like it then that’s all that matters.
  12. It looks like it should be In Kabuki theatre!
  13. Looks like she could do with loosing a few pounds anyway!!
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