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  1. Watch only really comes off for shower/bath, apart from that it stays on the wrist. (You never know when her husband is coming home and you need to get out of bed quick!)
  2. Congratulations Alan, great looking watch. Time to buy another watch box mate. Or tell Mrs Karrusel that Xmas is here soon!
  3. Have had a Mercedes GLE for a few years now, it’s very nice to drive and quick enough for a 2 tonne motor. But it isn’t as comfortable on long trips as my old XC90 Volvo. Probably sell up next year when I retire as I don’t really need a motor where we live. Mrs T will keep her car as she can’t retire yet!! Now if I get a lottery win, I’m having that!
  4. I like the look of that Baltic, I would definitely have one of those. The Citizen, mmmah no just boring!
  5. How dare you Sir!!! Snowflake hands are the Devils spawn!
  6. This might be a bit extreme! Just depends how bad your eyes are.
  7. On the wind down to retirement. Roll on March next year!
  8. This was early on! There is now a pillar drill and a bench grinder added in, as well as a 6” vice.
  9. Very nice Alan, a lovely looking timepiece. Congratulations on your purchase.
  10. Mmm doesn’t @Davey P have a Porsche? He really doesn’t have a lot of hair for being a hairdresser though.
  11. Breitling gets my vote, but I am biased I suppose.
  12. Eh...None! Again! No matter how much money I had, none of these would get bought.
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