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  1. Okay, I'll wind it every day for the next few days or so before testing the power reserve. As I said, I'm perfectly happy with any PR greater than 24 hours and am fine as long as it's not a sign of a faulty movement. I must say, this forum is cracking! Every time I've come here for advice, I've gotten so much help and quickly. No snarkiness too. It really helps new collectors grow into the hobby.
  2. Good day! Last week I bought a brand-new Nomos Club 701. I've tested the power reserve twice and each time it lasts about 38 hours. On Nomos' website it makes two contradictory claims about this watch. 1) The PR is up to 43 hours, and 2) The watch has a PR of at least 43 hours. If it's up to 43 hours, then perhaps I'm okay. If it's at least 43 hours, then something's wrong. I've wound it just like they say: until there is obvious resistance. Question: is this a sign that something is wrong? Personally, I don't care if the PR is a bit lower than the ideal. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks. I think you're right. I probably am being paranoid. Good thing about Nomos is that you can easily justify servicing it because they do it at such an affordable price.
  4. I’m considering getting a Nomos with the in-house Alpha movement. I love the look of the watch and the manual-wind movement is a huge plus for me. My only reservations have to do with the long-term serviceability of it. Nomos is a fairly small (albeit popular) company. I like that it’s an in-house movement, but am hesitant about a small company producing an in-house. My concern has to do with parts availability down the road. I understand that the alpha is based on an ETA Peseux movement, but is it so different that most of the important parts (i.e the ones likely to break) are not interchangeable? If anyone is confused by my question, I basically just want the thing to be able to run well after several decades. I'm not picky about original parts, etc.
  5. I'm still trying to figure out what size watch I prefer. People often debate on big vs. small watches, but I think I've come to the conclusion that both are good. I saw a gentleman on the train the other day wearing what looked to be a 30mm and it looked spiffy on him. For me it just depends on the watch, though my 7.5 incher clearly is shaped better for a smaller watch. My upper limit is an SKX and I believe this 34mm OP is my lower limit. One point in favour of unisex watches is that I have something to hand-down to my daughter. Yes, I am really impressed with their casing on the OPs. Even the smaller ones look beefy.
  6. Interesting response. My wrist is 19cm or 7.5 inches. And the piece? Well that's the Rolex OP 34mm. After all the talk about 34mm watches being too small I was amazed at how good this looked on my wrist and I'm glad the majority of the responses confirm this. Thank you all very much!
  7. Gentlemen, I require your opinion about the size of this watch. I will say neither how big my wrist is nor how big the watch is. Thank you very much and apologies if the pic appears too large.
  8. The fact that the 62MAS reissue is close to €4000 euros and only in a very limited supply is one of the biggest betrayals in history. It's worse than that Spartan who betrayed the 300 at the gates of Thermonopoly. I would have gladly worn that thing on my wrist as my crowning piece, and esteemed it at the level of Sub and Speedie. I love the smaller size.
  9. Yeah, I agree. My theory, they needed to make this thing more modern looking, so they naturally made it bigger. After that they ran out of ideas, so they just decided the hour hand must also change. I would have preferred a more conservative hour hand. This one is a bit too aggressive.
  10. Thank you for your quick response. Most of the responses seem to support this, and you are right, I am kind of wanting to get it new if not just to save myself the hassle of having to order it from central or southern Europe, and try learn the service history. I am buying the watch with the firm intention of never flipping it, but I guess it's more reasonable to wait some months before deciding whether I should sell the bracelet or box. Yes, the Pontiff is my guilty pleasure. Oddly enough he almost ruined the Speedie for me. I also don't care so much about the watches history. It ticks several major boxes for me, e.g. Hesalite, domed crystal, manual-wind only, timeless, etc. And very importantly IT'S THE ONLY WATCH THAT BOTH MY AND I AGREE ON!!!
  11. Gentlemen, I am about to close in on my first luxury watch. After months of saving and thinking it over, it looks like I'll be getting a Speedie Pro Moonwatch AKA The Man on the Fudging Moon!!!11!. First question: should I get it used or new? A used one is about €2500 (bracelet, probably no box/papers, about 10 years old) while I was able to find a new one for €3100 (bracelet, box and papers). The main benefit with a new one is that it won't need to be serviced straight away. Obviously it would be nice to own a piece that I am certain has never been worn while in the throes of an unrelenting diarrhea session, but I understand such piece of mind is not always feasible. Second question: Should I sell the bracelet and/or box? I'm not really a bracelet guy, and I assume there are some decent after-market options out there. Plus, it would help me off-set the cost. While I have no track-record, I believe that I am not a flipper at heart and I do intend to keep this one.
  12. This is the first review of the 62MAS modern-interpretations that I've seen. I've been very curious and surprised at how nice they look. They have that bling that ceramic divers have. Also IMO they look a lot more faithful to the 62MAS than I thought they would. If I'm not mistaken these should hit Europe around November.
  13. NO, not in a Land Rover. He seemed to have ditched it. Wasn't it a rental? Shouldn't he have at least let someone know that it's in the middle of nowhere? It's cool though, because he rockin his Prospex!
  14. To those who haven't seen them, they will make you want to buy the watch and head out into the unknown. Very tasteful.
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