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  1. I respect GS, but wouldn't spend that kind of money on something that says Seiko on it. Omega is probably the best luxury brand out there as far as I'm concerned. Rolex is far overpriced for what they are and I just cannot get on board with them because of it.
  2. I find it all pretty much hogwash. Batteries drain when not in use as well. Movements are designed to move and services are required by time.
  3. You have 1 nice watch (blue), 1 decent watch (white), and 3 beaters. So it's time you get a decent black dial watch. What about a Hamilton khaki?
  4. Hoping to find a nice quality quartz watch for around $1000. No digital. 40-42mm preferred but I'm open. Something unique in design or function a plus!
  5. Resurrected brand I'm guessing. I swear I've seen that name on several 70s/80s watches over the years.
  6. I think they're decent watches. I'm not a fan of their basic designed and overall generic look, but they seem nice and I can only recall ever hearing good things about them.
  7. That's not even close to an accurate assessment or analogy. And it's very curious that you'd want to paint it that way. I don't find the watches offensive at all, that was your inadequate word choice. I actually don't find anything offensive about any inanimate object, especially those I haven't spent my money on, because to do so would be mentally bankrupt. In fact, all indications, based on watch specs and user reviews, would lead me to believe that they're very good quality timepieces. I simply don't like their designs at all. Boring would be putting it politely. But that's okay, becau
  8. It's the 36mm thing that makes this so difficult. I cannot think of a single men's watch that small.
  9. I've never heard anything negative about them, in fact quite the opposite. Haven't had any personal experience to relay since I really don't like them at all.
  10. Some really terrible looking watches there in those links. But to the point of the post, I would never buy something that wasn't full disclosure about what it is, what's inside and where it's made. Especially if there's no general contact information.
  11. I just picked up one in the red dial, standard 3 hander with base Seiko movement. Gotta admit, it's way overpriced for what it offers. Terrible finishing, vertical brushing that doesn't look brushed at all. It's so coarse it looks like it was just stamped out of a pice of steel and used as is. The dial is gorgeous, that gradient red with gold tone indicies and hands look great. However the hour hand alignment is slightly off and when the minute hand hits 12 the hour hand shows about 5 minutes till. Surprising enough that doesn't really bother me that much, not as much as the horrible finish.
  12. Yes they are very... Doxa. There's really no other way to put it. I do agree with a previous post about how they wear very top heavy.
  13. Nah they look like cheap Chinese fashion junk to me. Like AliExpress stuff trying to hard.
  14. Here's the thing, and the reason I bought one even with the pricetag. It is the quintessential dive watch. I'm sorry, but when Jacques Cousteau wears your watch for his profession by choice, not just on the weekends for photo shoots... Enough said! Plus Dirk Pitt is a far superior and more believable character than James bond.
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