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  1. Hand length looks identical to me.
  2. It's just a hypothetical for conversation. Calm down.
  3. Such a great watch!!! Really hope you're feeling well again soon my friend. Best wishes.
  4. Never really wear this, dedicated Beater in blue. This is to die for!!!
  5. Wouldn't know either. I don't do fast food very often, and when I do it's only sandwich shops. Been trying to eat healthier. Except cheat days. Pizza it is!!! Lol
  6. Timex Yacht racer. Very unique. Very cool. Parnis instrument cluster. Don't have a picture anymore but gave it to someone here on the forum a long time ago. Super cool and unique looking watch.
  7. Tudor, Oris and Vario I would steal from you in a heart beat. The rest, there done quality stuff mixed with some generic but decent watches as well. Overall a very nice range.
  8. They haven't done a single watch that's even remotely attractive, as far as I can recall. Bland is putting it far too politely. It's like ordering the best steak made in the best steakhouse around, ordering rare and getting well done. Unpalatable.
  9. First thought for me... R. Paige Unicus https://www.rpaigewatch.com/store/unicus3engraved/
  10. So much more wearable on leather! Think this will be getting much more wrist time now.
  11. I. Don't. Give. A fekk.
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