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  1. Russian watches suck for lume! But they're only beat by Chinese for garbage lume.
  2. Exactly!!! Thank you! I agree with this for the most part.
  3. Alright fellas, the entry time has come to it's close. There are some really great entries in here, most of which I have, at one point, considered buying, but many I didn't because something wasn't quite right. There are three contenders right now that I'm deliberating between. This will be much harder than I thought and, honestly, I may wind up with a couple watches to replace the donations because of the awesome entries. I think I've found my new way to find a new watch to buy every time! Lol I'll let you know who the winner is once I've made my selection. The top 3 are pictured here! N
  4. Originally this came on an oyster style bracelet, which I like, but this watch just didn't look right on it to me. So I replaced it with this jubilee!!! Which do you prefer?
  5. I may well be warped, but I'm not a liar.
  6. Great collection without a doubt, but I could easily get rid of 3 of them... 5,9,10 look like women's watches and gold is for guidos.
  7. No blue is my favorite dial color. Trust me, there are a lot of watches posted here that I would buy. It will be difficult deciding which I'd want the most. Alright guys, today is the last day to get your bids in.
  8. No actually, like the opposite. Brexit was the solution I would've come up with. I consider Brexit exactly what I would represent. It was against the grain. It was contrary to the norm.
  9. You know me too well, too soon. Lol I've always considered myself a contrary man, and yes proudly so. Just the vanity in me. I don't do it for spite or to be difficult, but the first major lesson I remember learning about life was that when something is generally accepted or agreed upon by the masses, it's usually, detrimentally wrong. So it's my nature to dig deeper, to consider and to present the opposing alternative. But, with watches, I'm just on my own timeline, that's all. Still trying to figure out how to end it so I can stop hemorrhaging money. Lol
  10. 1. Jubilee 2. President 3. Oyster Although none are spread by large margins, as I do like these all. However never, ever, ever mesh. It's so hideous.
  11. Not a fan, looks rather bland and innocuous to me.
  12. It seems the most common bracelets are oyster, jubilee, presidential and mesh. Which is your favorite? And outside the vote, which is your least? Or, how do you rank them all?
  13. I absolutely love that case! The entire profile is to die for!!!
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