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  1. After thinking more about this, I think it's more of a both thing. I mean why not? I want to reduce my collection, I really do, but the reality is that there's just so many quality pieces available that I want. So it's both, they are not mutually exclusive.
  2. Not my style at all but love the name "Actus". Like active but a formal Latin version. Just rings nicely in the ears when said aloud.
  3. @sdflkfk0 My thoughts would be for the exact opposite of this, and not just for the devil's advocacy. In-house means only negative things as far as I'm concerned. Less parts availability in the future, more expensive servicing, and longer wait times for servicing. "In-house" seems to have some perceived value in the minds of some collectors, but for me it is utterly valueless. It's a whoopty do kind of thing. I'd much rather make things easier on myself down the road. So my sincere suggestion is to do the same for yourselves. Go with the cheaper option. Don't go inhouse movement.
  4. You choose whatever watch you want but 300 as is.
  5. What would you get? (No saving, investing, etc... Choose a watch!) For me, Nethuns Scuba 500 DUAL-TIME
  6. I think do too, but I still like to see your choices, because sometimes people surprise me. And I enjoy finding those little surprises out. Makes things fun.
  7. Now there are only two watches in existence, you have to choose one or none. Which do you choose?
  8. Another point is that people's tastes change with time. I've gone from only wanting 44-48mm dive watches to loving smaller vintage pieces and even a dress watch or two. I think the only person who never changes is @Daveypwith his gigantic quartz obsession.
  9. Yeah but if we all liked it then it wouldn't bother us a bit to continue to look at it. Just saying... I am the devil's advocate after all.
  10. Yes... Most of my watches. Lol I've been diving with my cousin who is a certified instructor. I've got no gear of my own though. Not really my thing, honestly it wasn't very enjoyable. I like "dive" watches because they're large and gadget like, with rotating and ratcheting pieces and the ability to go in the water without harm should the occasion arise. I'm around water a lot during the summer. It's pretty simple really. I mean, I don't need to be going to a formal event to wear a dress watch either. Watches just tell the time. The aesthetics is all about style and personal taste.
  11. To each their own always applies. No matter how unfortunate that result may be. Lol
  12. Orient Bambino! Can't believe nobody has said this yet! There are like a dozen of them off varying dial colors and metal tones. Very classy and classic. Perfect dress watch!
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