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  1. Haven't bought it yet, but am heavily considering so...
  2. Oh Omega... what are you doing!?!!! Hell no! Breitling or Omega? Hard, heavy and heated pass!
  3. This without question for me! There are a few that are good, but this is next level!!!! I'd buy one for sure!
  4. Like black, but it's just so generic looking, with a very black bay color scheme. The blue, on the other hand, is not your typical navy blue and really pops with the orange accent. I say blue for the win!
  5. Anyone check these out yet? I've recently been trying to find myself a square watch for my collection. I just cannot get into the JLC reverso at all, and for how little I'll wear it I couldn't justify spending more than a Grand on one anyway, so that and Cartier are out the window. Today while surfing YouTube I stumbled across a review video of a Bulova Sinatra automatic, wasn't square but had that vintage vibe to it that I like so I checked it out and came to find that there is also a square option. It is quartz, unfortunately, but I'm not so sure I'm completely put off by that. Or at least, not put off enough. There are a few different color combos, but I really dig this one... a bit small, but what a stunner! 30mm wide, 36mm tall.
  6. Monaco and EMG look great. Jaw dropping stuff here!!!
  7. One of the best dials I've ever seen!
  8. Now this is a thread! I'll agree with some of that, but here's my specified lineup... First, if @yokeldoesn't include a case back shot of his daily wear, then I don't feel like I can even begin my day and might need to call in sick. Second, if @Briceyhasn't started a new post about a micro brand, a bunch of eBay tat, or some vintage Diver, I'm not sure this place is even real any more. Third, I need me an @it'salivejim Rolex to remind me what I should be getting next, even though I get distracted with the below $3k realm way to frequently. Forth, and even though it's not daily, I really really need to see @antjrice with an Autavia Chrono shot! Super jealous of that!!!! After that, the @mach 0.0013137and @rafy1I agree with completely! Rafys dedication to one brand is inspiring and his straps are on another level always!!! It's actually amazing to see what he can do with a simple strap and bezel change on a watch to make it look entirely different than it did last week. Oh, and of course, something from @Always"watching"!!! His detailed history of things is just so cool to see.
  9. Yeah sorry to the black bay fanbois, but this thing is a million times better!!!!
  10. Overseas chronograph, Master Control Calender, & Speedy. Couple good runners up, but those 3 without question are the tops.
  11. Perfect that's what I want. I've got a couple watches I want to donate but instead of me just doing free give aways I'd like them to make this place some money. Thanks Roy! I'll choose the ones soon and reach out.
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