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  1. I absolutely love that case! The entire profile is to die for!!!
  2. Christopher Ward makes some nice dress stuff.
  3. I think it's absurd that someone could be so inactive that a few shakes or twists to get it started isn't enough to keep it running accurately throughout the daily wear. Within a couple hours of wear it should be fully wound. If you're on bed rest or handicapped then I suggest quartz as a better route to go. That said, yes a brand new automatic does need a break in, just like all things mechanical. I also advise you getting out more and being active, if you can. Maybe just talk with your hands more, like Italians. "A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest is a lazy sack of lard." Think that was like first Corinthians or something...
  4. SMP vote here as well. I love the Snowflake Tudor hands much more than the skeletonized SMP, but the case shape and bracelet of the SMP is damn near perfect, and those skeletonized hands are just part of the iconic package that is the Omega SMP. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either, at all. So happy hunting and definitely try them both on if you can.
  5. Yes, this, always, where you can. I'm very confident that once you've seen each on your wrist you'll know the right choice.
  6. You know, I don't know if anyone actually answered your question. Yes, the watch is a fine quality watch. It's Swiss made with a decent Swiss movement. It's overpriced and looks like absolute trash, but it's your money and wrist that will be wearing it. So put simply, yes it's a fine watch that should last you just fine. I will still recommend many many many other options, almost any, but given your taste I wouldn't like anything you chose, personally. What about Movado? Recognizable name quality stuff.
  7. Don't do it. You can find better and still recognizable watches for less. Trust me! If you want something impressive to younger groups go with Nixon even, before you go with Gucci.
  8. Very nice looking, both, but also very redundant looking. Still I'm sure you'll be happy with them as they're very nice watches!
  9. That's just lazy. Give it a shot, come on, give it a try at least Kev!
  10. Some really great and some really funny entries so far. I'm going to leave this for a week then make my decision. So you've got until next Wednesday guys. Lol indeed, but you mistake what you assume to be my taste in watches for what my willingness to pay for watches is. Don't worry, most of the guys on here so the same. Even though I make it very clear pretty much every day on here.
  11. Really really dig this one. What's the model?
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