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  1. Oh, I've gone through that customs crap with several watches before. This is not the case. It took the seller getting on it to makes it happen, now the watch will be here tomorrow. Let's all pray it comes in one piece and safe and sound.
  2. Dressy, listen to @yokel, add grand Seiko, call it good.
  3. You totally missed the point of this thread.
  4. I always considered them the same but I think that makes sense.
  5. I've read a lot of negative reviews on the Yema and I much prefer the hands of the Detroit. As well as the finishing of it. Plus it's from the US. I want a French watch, but maybe not this one. Once Yema gets their stuff together perhaps. Or a ZRC maybe? Hmmmm now that's got potential. If only they didn't do the blue in titanium only.
  6. As much as I lean toward the Tsao, I just cannot do that AliExpress sounding brand. I told the owner that as well. We had a nice discussion, I expressed my views and he was cool and understanding. Makes me want to support him, but I just can't do it by buying one of his watches. Can you imagine... Q: "What is that watch?" A: "It's a... Zscho? A Tao? A Sao? A Tao? A .. ah fkkk it it's a watch with a bland logo that really is nice but had terrible branding." Nope, no thanks. Next! I'm curious what your take us on the Detroit? You chose the Yema, but it's that because you d
  7. Don't care. My watch my money. Nothing I can't read, end of story. And there's nothing wrong with that at all
  8. So far in my GMT hunt I'm between a few... 1. Detroit Watch Company 2. Tsao Baltimore 3. Yema I'm worried the Detroit is too Seamsteresque. It's also just another Swiss made watch among the billions of them. I love that it's blue sunburst with orange, rather than the average red accents. Tsao, I hate the brand name, sounds like something from AliExpress, also looks very Nautilus/Royal Oak-esque. However that fumed dial is to die for and the case design is also! Also blue with orange!!! Sandwich dial is phenomenal as well. All positive but that damn name. Could you get
  9. You find the perfect watch. You can afford it and will . It comes in quartz, solar, manual and auto. All movements are top tier. Which do you choose? For me, manual.
  10. Well, remember, I come from the US, we don't see either of those here ever. So too me they are. But I wouldn't have a clue what they produce.
  11. Tried one, hate foreign languages on the dial, especially ones that look like a 4 year old drew the characters. I know I should say no offense to those of that language, but I don't care. I'm sure English looks similar to them. So it's a fair retort to say it in return. All I can say is I want to be able to read what's on my watch and there's zero wrong with that. End of story. Full stop.
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