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  1. That sounds like an amazing experience, for the food as well as the watch camaraderie. I've only ever seen a few Rolexes, and when I've commented they knew nothing of the specific model they were wearing or anything else about any watches at all. They did, however, clearly know that they were better than me, because I recognized their watches but they didn't recognize mine, or even care to try. I did meet a doctor with a Panerai at a frat party once. He also knew nothing about any other watches, he just knew that Panerai was a hidden gem at the time, because that's what the sales person told him (about 15-20 years ago), she was right.
  2. I've only sold a couple watches here. Most I've just given away. Never had a bad experience in any of it, or otherwise. Even disagreements here are extremely mild. I really appreciate this place and it's patrons. A very unique set of worthy chaps.
  3. Different climates/cultures though, no? My understanding is that, because of youz guysez self defense limitations, you lot are a little more guarded. I definitely don't want things to turn political here, but, like it or not, it is politics at the base of this. However, removing that from the equation and in any regard, the setting was uniquely safe for him, given that he was at my job, in my office with his dad accompanying him, and at ease, knowing full well that I've got my entire career at stake, so... Basically zero threat!
  4. Now that's very cool! I almost hope this guy doesn't recognize any of my user names. I've been pretty much booted from every other forum and group in existence, with very few left behind to remember and miss me. Guess my abrasive nature isn't as appealing as I find it. Lol
  5. So a guy buys a car from my dealership. He comes into my office to do the finance part of things and I immediately notice his VC! I can't lie, I went a little star struck school girl on him. He said he couldn't believe that I could recognize it so quickly with only seeing a glimpse of it for a few seconds. He asked about mine, I showed him my measly micro I was wearing that day and he actually admired it a bit. He even took his off to exchange with me for a few minutes while we discussed them. It was one of the very few times I've encountered another WIS in the wild. Anyway, we talked watches a little, while we did his paperwork. He asked what sites I belonged to and where I buy my watches and I told him about this place and how it's the only bunch that can seem to stomach my brass internet balls. After he left I got a text from him offering me his Marloe he never wears. I thought, what a kind gesture. I didn't want to accept, but he was very insistent and I didn't want to be rude. I told him I'd only take it if he let me buy him a beer and afforded me a discussion about and show and tell of our watches. That was one week ago today and tomorrow we're meeting up. He's bringing a watch roll with some of his stuff and I'm bringing my entire collection. Lol I'll take some pics to share with you lads tomorrow. Here's to hoping he's got more pieces like the VC!
  6. The following is a simple guideline to what I consider a pragmatic, minimalist, yet complete collection. However I decided to make it a challenge for myself to do it with one brand only. I thought it might be a fun twist and interesting to see if anyone else could fit each category into one brand! You can choose your own categories if you'd like, even brand, but don't make it too easy on yourself. So the challenge is to find a Swatch that fits into each category that you would recommend or even own yourself. At least one quartz and mechanical are required, split amongst these categories with a black, a blue and a white/silver dial option: Pilot: New Irony Night Flight (quartz, black) Sporty/diver: Big Bold Chrono Bioceramic Dress: Monthly Drops Unavoidable (auto, silver) Casual/beater: Irony Casual Blue (blue)
  7. Yeah totally, it's a Datejust without the date function. They call it the "Datejust no date", much like the "submariner no date".
  8. It's a fine rule, but it lacks in pragmatism as far as I'm concerned, and I like to pretend that I'm a pragmatist first and foremost. Lol So you see my confliction and why I buy both now.
  9. See that's the thing though, people say this but it's not true. The company was started by a husband and wife who's familial names were Constant and Frederique. In fact the great grandfather of the husband owned a dial making company on the late 1800s/early 1900s. While not a rich "watchmakers" history, it's not what people have been claiming. I think it's easy to assume that, however, given the close proximity of name, but it's not as blatant a ripoff as some might think. Personally I'm not a big fan of their designs. I find most of what they offer to be completely bland in every way.
  10. Nah, I've got the real thing, they're not that impressive honestly. Don't get me wrong, I love it, I truly do, and I'm glad I got it. However, I find this to be true with most things watches, honestly. I wish I hadn't fallen for all the snobbery over the years because the homage stuff really is more than sufficient and worthy. Alas, I'm all snobbed up, so now I appreciate and buy both the real deal and the copy cats. Some might say that's the best of both worlds, I say it's a gigantic waste of money. Lol
  11. Curious where you stand on Constantin Weisz then.
  12. So you're one of those. Well, fair enough, I can't completely disagree with that statement, I just don't hold the same sentiment. I have a Doxa as well as a Seiko clone coming. The major difference is the case of the Seiko is not a ripoff, it's pure Seiko, as is the strap. But yeah, dial, hands, and Bezel are all complete copies of the Doxa.
  13. Where do you rank Frederique Constant? Are they on par with something like Tissot and Hamilton? Or do they deserve more credit than that? Or less?
  14. For those that love that cool cushion case diver look of the classic Doxa, but cannot afford the hefty price tag, what are the alternatives? I've got a Doxa, but also have, on order, a Seiko based mod build known as the Soxa! But now there's something else. The Maranez Samui! They're hard to find now, many are sold out directly, but can be found for under $500 USD on Etsy and eBay.
  15. And Credor which I really loved several examples of. No I'm just talking straight up Seiko I hate. Not what else they own. I'm not exactly a huge Lorus fan either, but I really think this one is smashing, in particular.
  16. If you didn't know by now, I'm very anti Seiko! Probably their biggest hater to ever exist in fact.
  17. All are pictured below, in order. I'd be curious to hear anyone else's additional thoughts or different ideas, but these are my picks based on watches I've owned and/or experienced first hand, as well as my own personal taste, with reasoning behind each pick. I was going to add some honorable mentions, but the reality is that there are hundreds that could fit into that realm and I'm not interesting in listing them all out. Vintage inspired quartz chronograph: $140 Lorus RT351GX9 There are a few in this category, like most offerings from Dan Henry, but for me nothing beats the classic boxy case design and panda dial layout of the Lorus RT351GX9, at almost half the price tag of the others too! Great look and feel, though a terrible folded link bracelet. If you are a "must have bracelet" kind of guy, this isn't a watch for you, unless you've got no arm hair and no taste for modern quality metal. If you like tin foil looking and sounding bracelets, then look no further! But for those of us with taste, this thing looks and feels never better than when it's on a nice cognac leather strap with cream stitching and a subtle 3mm taper to the clasp! Automatic chronograph: $400 Roter Stern "Red Star" chronograph A solid quality Chinese copy of the 7750 is at the heart here, with very nice perlage finish and high beat rate. It comes in a few different color ways, my preference is for the beautiful cream dial variant as pictured below, but there's a nice army green and jet black options as well. There's great color contrasting on each dial with panda-like design, except for the black dial which is all blacked out with red accents. My only dislike was the no click bezel. I've never been a fan of free moving bezels, however I will say that it doesn't move easily, as there's a definitive amount of force and intent required to budge it one way or the other. Also, this isn't a diver, so a free moving bezel isn't detrimental to the design and propose of it (unlike Vostok amphibia which are absurd and antithetical to the concept of a "dive watch", with easily free moving bidirectional bezels and acrylic crystals. Which is why you won't see one listed here). Hard to beat an auto chrono for under $500!!! Vintage inspired automatic diver: $350 Bulova Oceanographer For the case dimensions it wears very reasonable, as the lugs are basically built into the large cushion case, making it appear and wear very reasonable. It's got the classic Doxa diver look with great bezel action and very unique indicies markers. It's a reissue of the old popularized "devil diver", giving it a rich history too! Several color options too choose from make this a must have in any collection as far as I'm concerned. In fact, it's the only on this list that is currently in my collection with no plans of getting rid of ever. Quartz diver: Casio duro I don't think this one needs much for introduction. The reason I chose this over the dozens of other options from the likes of Seiko, Citizen, etc is because of the price tag, and I hate seiko! At under $50, coming in both a beautiful sunburst blue and black dial option, I don't think one could do any better. That said, this category really is flooded and there is almost no wrong one can do here. So the ocean is yours to sift through, pun intended. I just think that this one especially deserves, and usually gets, the proper nod from almost every collector, and for very good reason! Quartz pilot: Bulova Lunar Pilot $350 I don't think much needs to be said here as this watch speaks for itself! Another reissue from Bulova here, with rich history and a beautiful, timeless design. And that movement, I mean come on, have you watched the sweep of the seconds hand? Oof! Speedmaster eat your heart out, and at a fraction of the cost! High accuracy quartz with an extremely high beat chrono seconds hand is very ill-advised to overlook! Some will complain about size here, but come on, it's not that much bigger than the Moon watch it's designed to look like so really, I find that argument flat. Manual mechanical pilot: $150 Parnis pilot Look, there are dozens of choices to make in this category, with hundreds of options, but when it comes to affordability my first go to is Parnis. The quality is just there, it really is, and with a simple manual wind movement there's not much that can be screwed up. This is a category I really don't much care for myself, but I feel one would be remiss in not experiencing one of these classics, as it really is a pillar of the watch collecting journey. There are several case sizes to choose from, dial layouts and colors as well, most fall within 44-48mm, and they're relatively thin, compared to most on this list, which helps cut down on the perceived size of it. Automatic dress: $120 Orient Bambino I mean, really, who doesn't already know about the Bambino? Beautiful, classic, elegant and simple dress watch design with several different versions, variants and color options to choose from. I'm not at all a dress watch fan, but even these make me think twice about adding one back to my collection. They can be had for anywhere from $85-150 depending on which version, case color, dial option, etc you choose. Manual wind chronograph: $190 Alpha Daytona The always touted ST19 beats at the center of this piece. Derived from the old Swiss Venus manual chronos from yesteryear, these movements are just one of the most beautiful things to see. The Alpha Daytona is of course an homage, and I know I could've chosen other options in this category that aren't homages, like the Seagull 1963 reissue, but I don't like those other options and they're almost double the cost with half the QC as far as I'm concerned, and I know, I've had both! I've never had bad luck with an Alpha, ever. The quality control is just phenomenal here. This particular piece is a really nice rendition with clean finishing and smooth movement and crown actions to boot! There are about a dozen color way options to choose from, in both dial variants and case finishes. Hard to beat bang for buck quality here folks! Automatic GMT: $150 Alpha GMT-Master Yes I know, broken record here and another homage, but what can I say, when it's done right, it's hard to beat! Well, Alpha does things right! My preference here is the "Blueberry" option. They come in a cream or white dial with a beautiful blue (almost bordering on purple) GMT bezel insert. Another solid quality Chinese GMT movement copy, this beating at 21600, but on the smaller dial it's almost impossible to notice the difference. This has the second best jubilee bracelet I've ever worn, runner-up only to my buddies DJ11 I tried for a week! Digital: $25 Casio "Casino Royale" AE1200WHD-1A I'm sure many would like to see a GShock in this category and if that's your thing, then more power to you, but there are already beaters listed above, and, frankly, I don't like GShocks at all. No, for digital it's got to be something more versatile. Something that can be dressed up just as much as it can dressed down. That's the Casio Casino Royale! I've had two and regretted neither. Both I put on a crocodile strap, notched to fit into the small lug span but have a little leather left beyond to flow with the wide case. Three main reason for this being the go to digital is the recognition and respect it gets among watch enthusiasts and the price! At that cost you might as well get a few and dress one up, one down and another to do some modding to. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention before... Great aftermarket support for modding these is available!!!
  18. Shouldn't matter, but why not face up so you can see it when you want to.
  19. Vario Empire https://vario.sg/collections/empire-watch
  20. I've golfed with quartz and mechanical watches in the past, but generally I take them off because otherwise they bother and annoy me.
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