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  1. I've read a lot of negative reviews on the Yema and I much prefer the hands of the Detroit. As well as the finishing of it. Plus it's from the US. I want a French watch, but maybe not this one. Once Yema gets their stuff together perhaps. Or a ZRC maybe? Hmmmm now that's got potential. If only they didn't do the blue in titanium only.
  2. As much as I lean toward the Tsao, I just cannot do that AliExpress sounding brand. I told the owner that as well. We had a nice discussion, I expressed my views and he was cool and understanding. Makes me want to support him, but I just can't do it by buying one of his watches. Can you imagine... Q: "What is that watch?" A: "It's a... Zscho? A Tao? A Sao? A Tao? A .. ah fkkk it it's a watch with a bland logo that really is nice but had terrible branding." Nope, no thanks. Next! I'm curious what your take us on the Detroit? You chose the Yema, but it's that because you d
  3. Don't care. My watch my money. Nothing I can't read, end of story. And there's nothing wrong with that at all
  4. So far in my GMT hunt I'm between a few... 1. Detroit Watch Company 2. Tsao Baltimore 3. Yema I'm worried the Detroit is too Seamsteresque. It's also just another Swiss made watch among the billions of them. I love that it's blue sunburst with orange, rather than the average red accents. Tsao, I hate the brand name, sounds like something from AliExpress, also looks very Nautilus/Royal Oak-esque. However that fumed dial is to die for and the case design is also! Also blue with orange!!! Sandwich dial is phenomenal as well. All positive but that damn name. Could you get
  5. You find the perfect watch. You can afford it and will . It comes in quartz, solar, manual and auto. All movements are top tier. Which do you choose? For me, manual.
  6. Well, remember, I come from the US, we don't see either of those here ever. So too me they are. But I wouldn't have a clue what they produce.
  7. Tried one, hate foreign languages on the dial, especially ones that look like a 4 year old drew the characters. I know I should say no offense to those of that language, but I don't care. I'm sure English looks similar to them. So it's a fair retort to say it in return. All I can say is I want to be able to read what's on my watch and there's zero wrong with that. End of story. Full stop.
  8. I see why it's forgettable. Raymond Weil epitomized forgettable to me. Blah designs, and blend in looks overall. Not at all a fan. Quality time pieces, which makes it so sad that they lack in the design realm so much. All I see from them is trying way too hard and failing miserable, or not even trying at all and likewise.
  9. Lol I don't think you guys are getting it. I don't want old movements or old cases all patina'd up. I want new, but vintage inspired. It's like reading comprehension across the pond is very lacking. Lol
  10. Yeah I went through a similar thought process. Initial gut reaction was wow that's a lot, but then it all just started to blend together perfectly as I looked at it. Now I'm worried FedEx lost it because it was supposed to be here Monday then suddenly teaching said it's pending scheduling.
  11. Yes, CW is a microbrand. Bremont as well.
  12. I've had a couple of watches with the classic Molnija manual. Really like the movement, that one especially is decorated well. The dial is a bit plain for my style, but I'm not mad at it at all, looks clean. Something I might consider myself. Nice acquisition!
  13. Not at all my style, nor would I agree with this statement/assessment. You're thinking of Jacob and Co cartoon looking crap. Rappers can't get enough of that garbage looking stuff. Like diamond riddled Breitlings and Rollies. No thanks. I don't wear gold chains around my neck or gold tooth caps. I'm actually very classic in my style, but I like my wardrobe to stand out in the small ways... shoes, watch and belt. Those are always colorful, contrasting to the larger pieces of clothing, and matching each other. A sort of subtle vibrance. The rest is plain old jeans, chinos or slacks with a c
  14. I said vintage inspired, not scuffed up to have a faux patina. I don't like patina at all. I want my watches to look new without question. Not quite that easy or simple. As I pointed out earlier, older watches tend to run smaller and today's movements tend to run bigger.
  15. I don't trust old movements really, I just don't. I want to, but I can't. They are mechanical, just like a car (used to be). I've had old watches that I bought, claimed to be recently serviced and running perfect, had to have serviced upon arrival, they are usually a few hundred to double that. So what really matters is what watch you're buying. Is it worth that on the market or to you. To me, definitively no! To the market, I don't care. I don't sell watches, I give them away or keep them. So maybe that's where the disconnect is here. I see you talking about a $4000 Omega, but I'm not. I woul
  16. I've decided to get rid of a couple blue dial watches. Ready to replace one with a GMT. Again, no Mercedes hands or oyster like bracelet. Under $2000 thanks
  17. I hear you but I think the opposite. I'm not interest in buying something outdated that parts are no longer being produced for. That's built in obsolescence, no thanks. Or buying used something that you can still gets parts for but had already seen a couple hundred thousand miles and maybe had another hundred left at best. I'd much rather buy new using common parts and new parts. Sorry I work in car industry, I know reality of these things, you never buy used, always a bad idea. Set up for failure so to speak. If you've got the money you buy new.
  18. Well, I'm assuming, since he said to spare, that I've already spent other money on such things...
  19. I have, not really impressed or into. I guess I'm going for something less seen, microbrand like that would fit the bill.
  20. Fair enough, because what you're not a fan of us exactly what I'm looking for. Lol
  21. Well that wasn't helpful at all. Lol but okay, cool. I get it completely.
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