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  1. I'm sure it's of no surprise to most here, but I absolutely love this thing. Been lusting for one ever since they came out. Alas they are far too large for my taste. Crepes do make very solid and quality timepieces though. Nothing but good has been said about them.
  2. Yes, but don't tell my wife is the obvious answer.
  3. Oh come on, you know you like it. And that's how I got my wife. I'm like a fungus, I grow on ya.
  4. Not really sure what year this is from but I think it belongs here.
  5. Of course I think these watches are ridiculous and goofy in every way possible, but I gotta give them credit where credit is due, at least they stand out from the crowd and did something different. Very 80s looking for sure. Kind of cool in a way, but nothing I'd ever consider.
  6. Everything they do is both crazy and interesting. Nothing they do is worth my money though. Corners cut with interesting but unattractive designs.
  7. I couldn't disagree more. Lol
  8. They advertise a lot here. Very Invicta like a far as I'm concerned. Huge hard pass.
  9. I don't think you understood the point of this at all.
  10. You're both wrong. Power reserves do not belong on any dial unless it's solar.
  11. Lol I call it my guilty pleasure, but I don't really feel guilty for liking it so...
  12. Too far... nah! I'm reading Sunday night about 6pm.
  13. But I've been thinking for a while now to do a, "what would you steal from my collection" thread. The only reason I waited was because I still had some things incoming. But now that I've canceled some orders, I'm down to one incoming so I'll go with what I've got. Pick 5 from my collection you'd want in your own...
  14. It's cool buddy, I did the same thing for many years. Almost bought a couple Lobinni, did buy a Reef Tiger (basically same thing) and several Parnis over the years. That's when I thought I wanted 20 some watches like I have now, and all I want to do now is get back down to 10 watches, but I can't seem to cut anything because everything is so damn perfect to me! But yeah, stay away from the Chinese crap. It will only make you want the good stuff. Like a gateway drug. You'll end up huffing Crack from a composed air can at the end of a dark alley, hot boxing in a dumpster.
  15. I do it when parked. So usually in my driveway, or sometimes a parking lot.
  16. One is vintage and given the movement very unlikely to be serviceable for much longer. The other is oversized, but that's really the only negative I can think of.
  17. So it got pushed back again and I canceled my order. Think I'm done with Kickstarters. I'm in 2 others that I'm heavily considering canceling too. I think I'm upper mid-range and from AD only from now on. So disappointing.
  18. Yes, I actually really like the look and have always wanted a rectangular watch in my collection, however most, I've found, are very thin and thin is not to my liking at all. I prefer at least 10mm thickness/height. No offense taken at all, because I couldn't care less if the two sides of the RR would tell a different time, it would only be by seconds. That literally means nothing to me. The MeisterSinger is just to die for in every way possible so we just have different taste there. Same, I don't mind the odd fitment of the hands on the dial of rectangular watches like the Tank. I appreciate your thoughts, but none have swayed me one way or another. Nah, it's one of the most gorgeous watches I've ever laid eyes on. I love thick thick square case, the prefect sunburst blue metallic dial with subtle touches of red ascents. Truly the best looking blue dial watch I've ever seen. It looks great dressed up or down. It's what I always wanted when looking for a blue dial. No, I do like it, I just don't know if I will love it. It's not like the Monaco or a Speedmaster, which I know I love without question (minus the speedy bracelet, but that's fixable). With this one in more riding the fence. I think I need to go try one on at some point. Which is just another reason I'm thinking I want one. I don't do redundancy. All my watches are quite different from each other.
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