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  1. Having had an nine month break from photography I'm now getting the enthusiasm to get out there again with the camera. On this trip I stayed local to home in Felixstowe & went down to Landguard point near the docks. It was a good trip & encouraged me to want to go out more. Comments welcome. 2.5 secs at f/16 IMG_1717 by Tom Harvey, on Flickr 30 secs at f/8 IMG_1814 by Tom Harvey, on Flickr 13 secs at f/16 IMG_1806 by Tom Harvey, on Flickr 2.5 secs at f/16 IMG_1805 by Tom Harvey, on Flickr 180 secs at f/8 IMG_1821 by Tom Harvey, on Flickr 0.6 secs at f/16 IMG_1685 by Tom Harvey, on Flickr 0.4 secs at f/16 IMG_1693 by Tom Harvey, on Flickr Thanks for looking
  2. Thanks Simon I'll keep you in mind. can you tell me anything about the watch? cheers
  3. image3 by Tom Harvey, on Flickr image2 by Tom Harvey, on Flickr
  4. I've been going through some of my mums things that have been assed on to me by my stepdad & have found a pocket watch. It's not in great shape to be honest as it's got lent of scratches & minor dents on it, but it does run. I believe it belonged to my grandfather & I would like to try to get it repaired. Whether I do it or it's sent to a pro. I already have an old smiths watch that was his which I cleaned up & replaced the crystal, so it would be nice to do the same with this one. I don't really know much about it & don't seem to be able to be able to find much out about it either. It has Swiss stamp inside & k&c as well as hallmarks. Any advice, info, value etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tom Sorry will post pics asap, Photobucket is being a pain!
  5. My Mrs really likes this one. This one she's not so keen on. She says this one looks like it comes from one of those machines at the seaside with the plastic balls in it! Theres no hope!
  6. I have to wind & set my Chinese cheapos about 3 times a day anyway so I'll only have two decent watches extra to change
  7. I have 3 main interests really. Cars & Landscape photography followed by watches. I'm a member of Piston heads & used to do shows & runs with them when I had my V6 Golf but that has long gone now. At this moment in time money doesn't really allow for what I'd like to do car wise & as for photography having started a new job with longer hours & having a 6 week old baby now I just don't have the time or energy for it. Watches have become quite a happy medium as I can tinker away when I get a spare 15mins & the sheer price range of watches means there's something for everyone. I have a list of watches I'd love to own one day but that depends on money. I am however happy tinkering with much more modest timepieces. I was going to sell all my photographic gear but having sold one of the lenses I just couldn't do it. I'm hoping at some point I'll be able to get back to it. A couple of my images. Dovercourt Lighthouse, Essex Port of Felixstowe, Suffolk Cheers T
  8. Cheapo eBay auto this morning & Certina DS Action now, probably back to the cheapo later!
  9. Good old drop of silicone would do the trick I reckon!
  10. Personally I would keep saving & go for the Tudor. If I had the money I'd be getting a red bezel BB.
  11. Got to say I do love a bit of Lego technic!
  12. DIAMONDS!!! She loves them & will literally spend time staring at them. I get the "why do you need/want another watch?" Often. "Ahem" apparently the same consept doesn't apply to diamonds!!
  13. Conquest for me today have a good day everyone!
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