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  1. Don't bother getting the one I have, its not stitched, its glued!!! Check out watch gecko for NATO's, they are the proper job!!! I've got one on order!! its red and black!
  2. Glad it came in the end @Buuk!! I hope your as happy with it as I am with mine! Its already been complimented today! Did you say you got some NATO's for it?? If so, lets see em!! I panicked abit when I saw the date window on mine was in a different language!! haha!! ENJOY!!
  3. ok! I've replaced batteries before on my two sekonda's but I never have sealed them!! Therefore, I just remember to take it off if I'm using the tap! Do I just need the gasket or do I need to use some silicone grease aswell??
  4. no no! Saved up for it with my money from my part time job. My dad wouldn't of given me a penny for a watch.
  5. My mums in need of a new battery in her Tissot PR50! Watchlab told me they are swatch group certified etc.etc. and the price will be £39.99 Timpsons offered to it for about £15... I've had experience with watchlab but Timpsons is half the price! Thoughts???
  6. My beaters a sekonda which wad a fiver and I wear for work! I think some people can get daily wear and beater mixed up! If you take care its not going to be a beater! What I've noticed with the vintage omegas' is that they've shot up in value over a few years as I think there's growing interest in them but I personally would spend that money on a new watch and when I've gone away, done my homework then I'll get a vintage omega. I've just got the skx009 and it is abut of a chunky monkey and I will definitely take the size into consideration more when buying my next piece!
  7. So, do any of you watch folk out there have any cool pictures of your watches??? Got the DSLR out earlier to photograph the SKX and got carried away with my mates '5' and my record player!!
  8. Its ok dont panic!!! I've found that some of mine work on it!! Thanks for the feedback anyways!!
  9. The Pin is 16mm wide and roughly 1.25mm diameter for the larger part of the bar and just short of 1mm for the smaller part!
  10. I need to start saving for my next watch! Not this hahaha! Thanks for the recommendation I will do! I'll be able to dress it up with a bracelet! That will keep the girlfriend happy!
  11. Trust me, when you get it on your wrist you wont stop looking at it!
  12. For some reason mine has arrived today!! I'll check my emails! Already swapped the strap and took some beauty shots of it!! I'll keep my fingers crossed yours turns up tomorrow!!
  13. NOW THEN! Been out all day back at home and got a call from my housemate saying Postman Pat had been!! This could only mean one thing!! The SKX had arrived!!! So at exactly 7:20PM I arrived back at my Student digs where a DHL parcel lay on my mates shelf in his room (he was keeping it safe till I got back!) And inside the parcel was this!!!! I have to apologies as I couldn't hold on taking a pic of the parcel etc. etc. I've swapped the Bezel over to my NATO which I had got in advance so I didn't have to wear the black rubber strap provided! Its aweso
  14. Mine's just arrived today! Have you got yours yet??
  15. Well thank you very much in advance!!!! I'll give them a quick measure and post them!!!
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