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  1. The Bulova movement is 11ALACD Thanks John
  2. Hi Simon, Do you know the KIF upper block jewel Spring Part Number. I have finally lost mine on the watch Iam working on for the umpteenth time and as yet it has not been gracious enough to re appear. Tried looking on Cousins but it has no Bulova movements so I don't know where to try next?. Please can you help. Regards John
  3. Cheers Gimli, For supposedly one of the most popular Enicar watches, especially in China the AR160 seems to have very little info available. Thanks for your help. Regards John
  4. Hi All, Does anyone have the lift angle and beat rate for Enicar AR 160 & 1140 Calibres. thanks for reading this post John
  5. Hi 17 Jewels, Cal not marked on main plate, but to the best of my knowledge it is 51 and has a sub second hand. Sorry for the confusion, I should have said the centre wheel, here are the dimensions: 1. wheel major dia. 8 mm 2. Pinion major dia. 1.65 mm 3. Overall length 5.08 mm 4 Front cannon pinion dia. 0.53 mm 5. Front jewel pin dia. 0.70 mm 6. Back jewel pin dia. 0.60 mm
  6. I have been given a mens Culmina Swiss watch, that is in very good condition cosmetically, but unfortunately one of the hour wheel pinion leaves is broken(Sub second hand format). The caliber is not marked but on the Cousins website there appears to be only 51,53,55,57 what the differences are I do not know. Does anyone know where I might be able to source spares? Thanks for reading this post John
  7. Hi All, I am trying to source a DIAL(Charcoal grey & Orange) for my current project. Existing one is corrosion damaged on the SEIKO logo and has missing letters on the Automatic. Please can anyone recommend a supplier or what course of action might be succesful. Thanks for your help Regards John
  8. Hi, I have recently acquired 2 vintage ladies watches, that I am trying to find information on, parts lists and exploded assy views. 1. Euromatic cased Incabloc/Automatic/21 jewel,(favre-Leuba)marked on back cover is 'Harpoon'. ser.No 52532-1339, but no sign of Cal. number . It also has date ring. Iam particularly interested in the keyless works as i am having problems sorting what goes where 2.Manual wind ser. no 45654-155, I can see no sign of Cal. number. As yet i have not started on this watch as it is working well, I am just preparing the ground for when I need to. Al
  9. Hi, Has anyone got any knowledge or experience of the Greiner Vibrograf A0073 testing machine. What vintage are they how accurate and reliable are they. If you have a manual would it be possible to copy it many thanks for you help regards John
  10. Hi, Please can someone help with reassembly of the clicker and more importantly the spring. Iam at a loss as to how the spring is fitted and how you do it without losing it??.
  11. Looking for Balance assy/ Hairspring for my watch can anyone suggest possible source
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