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  1. Hundred Years Between - Early Zenith pocket chronograph from the 1910s, cal 19''' CH-1 - Zenith Captain Winsor Annual Calendar chronograph from the 2010s, cal El Primero 4054
  2. Wow, nice collection! Congratulation! I also very like Zenith watches and have 14 wristwatches and about 50 pocket watches from Zenith/G.F.J.
  3. Snowfall again JLC Reverso Duo
  4. March 31st, Tuesday: Coronavirus quarantine and damn snowfall
  5. Vintage Girard-Perregaux, 1940s (March 15th - it's snowy again...)
  6. Today with Zenith pocket chronograph, circa 1919, cal CH-1
  7. Unforgettable style of the 1970s. Technos Cougar V, cal ETA 2789.
  8. And LIP. I don't think that Zenith has lost its way.
  9. Zenith Captain Winsor Annual Calendar displays incorrect February 30th. The only drawback of an Annual Calendar watch is that it cannot calculate the number of days in February. On March 1st the watch must be corrected manually.
  10. Vintage Zenith, circa 1954, cal 126, 18K gold case
  11. Vintage Zenith, ca 1957, cal 40, 18K gold case
  12. I doubt it. Amplitude 180° is too low. It could affect accuracy in other positions.
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