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  1. Rare Georges Favre-Jacot (Zenith) men's wrist watch for the Russian market; Made in July 1917, shortly before the Russian Communist revolution - it's one of the last watches of the Zenith manufacture for the Russian Empire. Caliber 15'''-36; Case diameter 39 mm; Enamelled dial. The same model was described in the Manfred Rösler's book, p.162.
  2. Zenith pocket watch for the Polish army, made by Zenith's subsidiary in Besançon (France) just before WW2, cal. 18-28-3-P. ('M.S.Wojsk' means 'Ministry of Military Affairs' of Poland)
  3. Baume et Mercier, quartz, 18 Ct gold case, 2 hands
  4. Zenith DH wrist watches for the German army in WW2. At the beginning of WW2 Zenith made DH wrist watches in stainless steel cases. But at the end of WW2 Zenith used less expensive chrome-plated cases.
  5. Vintage Russian SVET watch, mid-1970s, cal 2609
  6. Vintage Poljot in a gold case, 1977, cal 2616 1H
  7. Vintage Watra, France, circa 1970, cal Lorsa 238
  8. I've bought several watches during the lockdown. All are wintage. Some of them: Rare Georges Favre-Jacot (Zenith) original wrist watch from 1917, made during WW1 for the Russian market just before Russian Commuinst revilution. Early Zenith in-house chronograph CH-1 with full scale Tachimeter. And so on.
  9. Very accurate vintage Zenith, 1947, cal 106-50-6, case diameter 31.5 mm, stainless steel,
  10. Hundred Years Between - Early Zenith pocket chronograph from the 1910s, cal 19''' CH-1 - Zenith Captain Winsor Annual Calendar chronograph from the 2010s, cal El Primero 4054
  11. Wow, nice collection! Congratulation! I also very like Zenith watches and have 14 wristwatches and about 50 pocket watches from Zenith/G.F.J.
  12. Snowfall again JLC Reverso Duo
  13. March 31st, Tuesday: Coronavirus quarantine and damn snowfall
  14. Vintage Girard-Perregaux, 1940s (March 15th - it's snowy again...)
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