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  1. Thanks Caller, am liking the new Aquis alot PC_Magician great looking Omega, being new to this game not sure i've got the Kahuna's to buy used . Never even considered spending this much dough on a watch, so a bit nervous to be honest. I'm a lot of posts from seeing the classifieds on here and i hear there are plenty of villains on fleabay! Cheers gents Gazbut
  2. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I will continue my research, it good to know that whichever i pick someone else likes them!! Off to Bankslyon in Lancaster to try the Alpina on. Just wish CW wasn't so far away! New to this watch game but can already feel an obsession coming Cheers Gazbut
  3. Hi guys, Would like your opinions on which watch to choose. Alpina diver 300 on bracelet £1300 http://alpinawatches.com/product/seastrong-diver-300-ref-al-525lbn4v6/ Oris Aquis date £1300 http://www.beaverbrooks.co.uk/0010235/Oris-Aquis-Date-Automatic-Mens-Watch/p?gclid=Cj0KEQiA2uDEBRDxurOO77Cp-7kBEiQAOUgKV-AYLLNBWA131gtvSu-EMJotHAsDuNtbqMJuXNmtSEkaAtVR8P8HAQ Or Chris Ward trident pro £725 https://www.christopherward.co.uk/c60-trident-pro-600-207 The Chris Ward is a big saving but please forget the cost. My favourite at the moment is the Oris but would really appreciate your thoughts. Cheers Gazbut
  4. Hi, Quite like oris classic and bc3. Ive got a thin wrist so some look too big on me Thanks Gazbut
  5. Hi all, great forum first post. Im looking to buy myself a good watch for my 50th birthday, it is in 2018 but starting my research early! Ive set a rough budget of up to £1200 and have seen a few tag and oris. Can you guys suggest any othet brands i should look at? Also, going to Florida for my birthday should i wait to buy over there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Gazbut
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