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  1. If I had to pick, the unfussy Montblanc although I would hesitate to buy a watch from a pen maker, especially because my pen from them wasn't that great. And don't like the way the date window clips the number VI. The Union as runner up. The Muele has a sad face and the B+M has a pointless hole in the face.
  2. There was a raffle on this forum for one of these a while back. I thought it rather handsome, and vintage-looking without pretending to be something it is not.
  3. That sounds right to me - like a pre-registered car...
  4. Some gents outfitters try to charge that to hem trousers, but for a watch I think you should decline with thanks.
  5. https://parkersjewellers.co.uk/shop/omega-seamaster-gold-cap-automatic-5/ Might need a bit of a haggle or topping up but this is a nice looking example imho. Gold is the new steel.
  6. http://roamer-watches.info/ may interest you.
  7. I know little about this one except that I inherited it from my father, it still works and keeps perfect time, and I like it. Which is pretty much all one would ever need to know.
  8. Register with something like Justsnipe. It will automatically submit your bid a couple of seconds before the auction closes. Then bid as much as you would be willing to pay. Nobody has chance to bid more in reaction so you avoid a bidding war. Generally I also put in an early bid too if there are no bidders, to avoid the sale being pulled.
  9. The strap should align with, if not match, the colour of your shoes and belt.
  10. Are you sure you really want to sell the watch that your grandfather bequeathed to you? If you hated him or need the cash for food then crack on, but I would otherwise wear it and remember him, if only once or twice a year. It will be irreplaceable once it has gone.
  11. Swapped the bracelet for a Watchgecko sailcloth strap, which I have to say is very nice to wear.
  12. If you are coming from a G-shock and thinking of spending £3500 on something different but are not sure what you want, I'd say buy something like this Seiko ssc147 for £145 (in the sale at Creation Watches) and see if you get on with it. If you do like it then you'll have a pretty indestructible spare for when you don't want to risk your nice watch; and if you don't you'll be able to sell it on or give it away without taking too much of a bath. You might also go wild and maybe buy a similarly cheap diver (say a Seiko SKX007) and dress watch (Orient perhaps) for contrast, wear them
  13. Gosh yes they are alike aren't they. Here's mine.
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