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  1. But he should welcome the development. Today's overpriced lumps will be selling for pennies in the Sue Ryder outlet. Well, almost.
  2. I reckon it will be the ones that are current but now too small. Watches were tiny before my time, and when I was in my youth the goal seemed to be the thinnest possible. As the current fashion for oversized watches must wane, and they can hardly get any larger, it follows that in future the punters will want a smaller watch - but with what will then be cool retro styling. Imagine, if Omega had made 40mm pie pan Constellations back in the day, they would now be wonders to behold.
  3. I learned from the excellent 'History of the English Language ' podcast that in the aftermath of their independence from Britain, the Americans deliberately set about changing the way in which they spell words as a manifestation of their new freedom.
  4. They turned around a warranty repair for me on the jumping date Tudor GMT pretty quickly.
  5. At the risk of pedantry, boy scouts don't wear stripey snake belts when in uniform. Mine was brown leather back in the dark ages, and they haven't changed the look.
  6. Is the real Bond the grey and black or the one with olive and red? The article below suggests the latter. https://grail-watch.com/2018/04/19/the-real-james-bond-watch-strap-resurrected/
  7. Maybe it doesn't look right, or my idea of a Bond is wrong, but I have had one (albeit not a NATO) on this for a long time and I like it.
  8. Very nice watch. I would go for a Watchgecko vintage leather strap - something like these: https://www.watchgecko.com/radstock-vintage-genuine-leather-watch-strap And here is your image. You just needed to put the link into the Insert Image From URL box.
  9. Lord no, especially not with that ghastly footwear... my eyes!
  10. I hate to be off-message, but I think it is daft to dispense with the minute hand. Handsome watch nonetheless.
  11. Does that not suffice? It is a couple of hundred quid. Never going to be much of an investment, but pretty much bound to work and bring you joy. So if you have the cash to spare (God knows how with eight kids) and want it then nothing anyone here may say should deter you.
  12. Here is the watch bought for me in the original poster's birth year, 1986. It was my 18th birthday present from my parents, and I still like it and wear it regularly.
  13. I didn't see your image, but here it is and very nice it looks.
  14. On the basis that you want it to work in 50 years, I think your criteria have to be that it is: (i) brand new now, so you can hang onto the receipt and proof of purchase for authenticity, and it will have as much life left in it as possible; (ii) maintainable, so I'd go for something with a mechanical movement that can be serviced by someone with an oilcan in 50 years, not something that needs a battery that may be obsolete (or whatever the equivalent witchcraft is on solar watches); (iii) adaptable, I'd go for something on a traditional leather strap in a standard width, so it can be replaced with one that fits and your offspring aren't looking round for an odd link or stuck with a stretched bracelet; (iv) of its time, so it looks like a 50 year old watch in 50 years. If I had a WWII watch I'd want it to look like one of the dirty dozen, if I had a 1970s watch I'd want it to look like something from the 70's, so if you are getting it now I'd get something that looks relatively modern now and is likely to age gracefully; and (v) robust, so if you go for gold make it solid and not plate that will wear off, and I'd swerve the matt black option for the same reason, probably better with steel. I'd equally avoid too many complications. So, my suggestion:
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