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  1. I don't think these were replicas, copies of or homages to anything specific. And whilst at one level a generic retro three hander, I do think they had something a little unusual about them in a nice way.
  2. No, no, no. This would look much better with smart or casual wear, you could flip it over if fearful of damaging it, and take it off if you go swimming.
  3. Back this morning from the nice people at the Seiko Service Centre,who relieved me of £110 for the pleasure.
  4. I think getting something classic that you can wear when you are as old as the rest of us is a great idea. But it would be JayDeep's alternative for me. Unusual, legible, stylish and a more widely recognised brand. .
  5. Thank you. I wondered whether pedantry would be inappropriate, but am pleased that I am not alone. Oh, and Baltic.
  6. Decent enough of them to allow you the discount retrospectively.
  7. Dreyfuss 1953, £385 with 5% further discount at Dipples
  8. Would be too big for me. Before you shell out several thousand on a real one, I would buy a crappy homage and wear it for a couple of weeks. Then if you find it far too big to get in your cuff, or keep bashing it into furniture, you can reconsider with minimal loss. And you will have a crappy homage for gardening etc.
  9. Better for the changed strap. Now if you could also swap the bezel, face and hands, it could become quite lovely.
  10. Quite possibly, it is far from my comfort zone. It would just be a shame if a kindly gesture backfired. Sounds like the plan has been shelved, which is sad but I think sensible.
  11. Lovely idea, but you may need to be authorised by the FCA under the Payment Services Regulations 2017, or need to jump through hoops to avoid facilitating money laundering. I'd have thought the better option would be to approach a few professional escrow agents and work out whether any would operate such an arrangement and perhaps want to advertise on the site or sponsor the section.
  12. Thank you everyone. I will send it to the seiko centre as Alxbly suggested. Hacking and hand winding would be lovely but I think I will keep it as God intended.
  13. My SKX013 has started to run slowly on an intermittent basis. Sometimes it seems to be fine, but then it will suddenly be 20 minutes slow. The sensible options seem to be: Have it serviced; or Have a new movement fitted. I could never build Airfix models without getting glue allover the windscreen and gumming up the axles so the wheels didn't turn, and therefore don't trust myself to take the back off, let alone get it back on in a way that preserves the waterproofing. Is it likely to be more cost-effective just to have a new movement slotted in? And if so would it be better to ask the mechanic to source a replacement or to try to source one myself first for him to install? Or is the cost of either disproportionate such that I would be better just sourcing a new watch? I like the watch but it has no sentimental value.
  14. As has been said, you have a statutory right to cancel, and to return the watch for a refund. Their terms apparently say that you can reject by email, which it seems you have done, and that they will collect. Your credit card company is liable to see that you get your refund. Take it up with them.
  15. But he should welcome the development. Today's overpriced lumps will be selling for pennies in the Sue Ryder outlet. Well, almost.
  16. I reckon it will be the ones that are current but now too small. Watches were tiny before my time, and when I was in my youth the goal seemed to be the thinnest possible. As the current fashion for oversized watches must wane, and they can hardly get any larger, it follows that in future the punters will want a smaller watch - but with what will then be cool retro styling. Imagine, if Omega had made 40mm pie pan Constellations back in the day, they would now be wonders to behold.
  17. I learned from the excellent 'History of the English Language ' podcast that in the aftermath of their independence from Britain, the Americans deliberately set about changing the way in which they spell words as a manifestation of their new freedom.
  18. They turned around a warranty repair for me on the jumping date Tudor GMT pretty quickly.
  19. At the risk of pedantry, boy scouts don't wear stripey snake belts when in uniform. Mine was brown leather back in the dark ages, and they haven't changed the look.
  20. Is the real Bond the grey and black or the one with olive and red? The article below suggests the latter. https://grail-watch.com/2018/04/19/the-real-james-bond-watch-strap-resurrected/
  21. Maybe it doesn't look right, or my idea of a Bond is wrong, but I have had one (albeit not a NATO) on this for a long time and I like it.
  22. Very nice watch. I would go for a Watchgecko vintage leather strap - something like these: https://www.watchgecko.com/radstock-vintage-genuine-leather-watch-strap And here is your image. You just needed to put the link into the Insert Image From URL box.
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